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15 Myths Uncovered About Online Gaming

Online gaming these days is the major source of entertainment for all generations. People prefer gaming in their free time to overcome stress and feel fresh. But online gaming is also one of the most misunderstood forms of having fun. Several myths are associated with online gaming that could restrict players from having fun. If you want to clear these myths from your mind read them till the end.

Why are so many myths associated with online games?

Online gaming is always viewed as being harmful to children and people who haven’t yet tried it feel that it is useless and a waste of time. Also, people who see gamers get an impression in mind that they are always stuck on the screen and isolated from society. Online gaming is thought to be harmful to social life, education and health. Inexperienced people and lack of knowledge lead to the formation of myths. We must remember all these things are just hoaxes and are not to be believed.

Uncovered myths about online gaming:

Here below are the uncovered myths associated with online gaming that needs to be busted to make online gaming a wonderful experience.

#Myth 1: Online gaming makes your behaviour more violent.

Violent and aggressive nature is the most common worry for all the online gamers playing shooting games like Pubg and Call of Duty. This misconception is worldwide but has no base that proves it correct. Instead, it has been proved through research that these games and aggressive behaviour have a very weak link. A study was conducted and published in Molecular Psychiatry that asked people to play violent games, non-violent games and no games at all for two months every day. At the end of the study using an array of modes, it was found out violent video games have no side effects on a person’s behaviour.

#Myth 2:Online gaming can socially isolate a person.

This myth comes from a child sitting in his room and having don’t his headphones and playing games for hours. This scenario leads to a misconception that the child is isolating itself and maintaining a distance from social life. That’s not true, games like multiplayer ones can instead increase socialisation as you can contact people worldwide. Chatting while you play is a great way to socialise. This type of socialization can improve your child’s ability to behave with any people around you. Online games are much better in terms of socialisation than we think.

#Myth 3:Playing online games leads to addiction.

This is the most prominent myth that haunts parents that their child will be addicted to online gaming. There are conflicts between scientific evidence of online gaming being addictive but no decision has been made yet. People always see that he/she is just playing online games rather than involving in any physical activity but this is not the reason we can consider it addictive as online gaming is not inherently harmful. All though if anyone is addicted to games it will last for only a week or short period and therefore it must not be a worrying factor.

#Myth 4:Online gaming is just a waste of precious time.

Being a myth it is heard by everyone playing online games from their elders. It is said by everyone that make better use of your time and don’t run after online games. Why playing these waste games when you can move out of the house and do physical activities, is the most heard interrogation by gamers. But these people are unaware that gaming can transfer you to a fantasy world where you are the centre of the story. Reading books can make you feel sad but playing games can give you a sense of guilt for your actions. Rather than a waste of time, games are a beautiful way to explore your emotions of love and loss.

#Myth 5:Online games are just all about entertainment.

Online gaming is just seen as a source of entertainment and nothing more. This is purely a myth as games lead to better understanding and also at many levels it is used for education. Games are also used by researchers to collect data while at the other end people are playing and enjoying it. Games can teach you real-world skills like planning, strategic behaviour and multi-tasking.

#Myth 6:Online gaming is only done by unemployed people and housewives. The majority of online gamers are aged between 8 to 12. Also, aged people nowadays prefer online gaming as time passes and there is a steep increase in the number of them playing online games. Online gaming is becoming a mainstream activity for people these days and this myth is completely hoaxed. However unemployed people and housewives play these games but don’t even make a majority of users. Online gaming is for all ages and anyone can play it.

#Myth 7:Online gaming can only be done on consoles.

There is no harm in playing games on consoles like Xbox where you can play games with your family but the gaming world is not all about it. Almost 510 million people play online games which is much more than consoles sold and this proves that there is a huge number of people who don’t play games on consoles. Many console games are now available online and therefore you don’t need consoles anymore.

#Myth 8:Online gaming is not for girls.

Online gaming is just thought to be for boys which is not at all fair. No game is gender-biased and girls can play all the games. Many games on the internet are just all about girls and where girls compete with each other. Lots of games on horses, dressing and cooking are especially for girls where you can see how engaging girls are. And it is a fact that girls love to play racing and dressing games.

#Myth 9:To play online games you need a fast broadband connection.

It is not necessary to have a fast speed broadband connection to play online games. You can easily play when the internet speed is fair and enjoy the same fun. You can enjoy online games on your mobile data too with an awesome experience. Take this myth out of your brain and experience online gaming.

#Myth 10:Online games can only be played through apps.

It is not true now, it was priorly believed that the future of gaming is apps. Developers needed to develop different apps for different phones as there was no alternative to make it available on the browser. But now due to HTML5, it has become possible to make games that run on all browsers and all phones.

#Myth 11:Online gaming is not appropriate for kids.

Online games are appropriate for all ages but the genre might differ. There are various games for kids which help them develop and have fun. In nurseries, many online games are used to teach rhymes, numbers and alphabets. This is just a misconception and not a truth.

#Myth 12:Online gaming does not require much thinking.

Playing modern games is not a childish affair; instead, they are way too complex and lays stress on the thinking process. These games help you think out of the box, identify failure factors and help you make strategies. You must have an extreme command of language to decode information and create a strategy and here you need creative thinking skills.

#Myth 13:Gamification and Game-based learnings are one and the same.

Term Gamification has recently gained immense popularity and is not the same as GBL. Game-based learning is an application of gaming in learning while gamification is taking concepts out from the gaming and applying them in a non-gaming context.

#Myth 14:Online gaming is leading to increasing cybercrime.

This myth is not completely false, but online games are not giving rise to cybercrime instead there are many crimes committed on online gaming sites. Online gaming platforms always believe in healthy competition and do not support any crime. This is purely a  person’s mind-set and has no relation with online gaming. A feeling of sportsmanship is a must when you play any game rather be online or offline and if a person has lack of it then it can give rise to crime.

#Myth 15:Online gaming is all about shooting games.

This isn’t true at all, numerous genres of online games are available on the internet. There are different games on the online platform for different players. Games like dressing, cooking, racing, adventure and actions and many more are available online that could soothe and satisfy a player. Although people prefer playing shooting games more but online gaming world is not limited to it and has a vast genre of games.


With the increasing popularity of online gaming, myths related to it are also developing. You must not believe this myth as they are completely a hoax and have no sense in it. Busting these myths has become very important to make people clear of the benefits of online gaming.

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