5 Unexpected Uses Of Online Games


Online games are always viewed with negative vision in India. Although this is not completely wrong because there are many risks associated with online games. While these games could adversely affect your child they could also be more useful than thought. 

These games have their own benefits that can be used to develop your child’s personality. Proving the fact that every coin has two sides, online games have two sides. It is your choice which side you choose. Be conscious while playing an online game to reap its benefits.

Why do children have immense love for gaming?


We all know gaming gives a feeling of immense joy and pleasure that soothes our minds and heart. It is a fun way to socialize, spend time, nurture skills, and learn teamwork. They extremely love games as they can choose what character they want, they can choose pieces of equipment for their character and decide how to fight. These all decisions are exciting and heart-warming for them. 

Today games like Fortnite and Pubg are so popular and have numerous players as these are a place where children can socialize while having fun. Different people from different age groups love different games that make them happy. A small child is happy while playing games on rhymes, while a bit younger child will play candy crush and the teen and adult will find happiness playing Pubg. Although these games are much beneficial but have some potential risks associated with them as they are played online.

Risks associated with online gaming:

  • The risk of being bullied and harassed in online games is a prominent one. In today’s time, almost 65% percent of players have suffered harassment through online games. Don’t stop your child from playing instead make them aware of it so they could inform you if they suffer this.
  • Risks of viruses and malware will always remain if you play an online game. Many people do not run antivirus while they play online games as they think the speed of the game might slow down. Games like Pubg make use of aimbots that are power-packed with malware and viruses which people playing usually aren’t aware of. Always run an antivirus scan after downloading the game.
  • There is always the danger of your account being taken over. Yes, hackers and crackers can easily crack your password to get into your account and

take over it. This could cause a problem as your account might be misused by them. Do not click on any phishing link on any game site because it could help hackers in scamming you. Also, enable two-step verifications if possible

  • These games are online and your child may come across vulnerable content that must not be viewed by them. This content may divert their mind and spoil their thinking process. Make sure you are present when your child is playing a game online and ensure that the site they are playing on is safe and risk-free.
  • Online games have a service of chat rooms that are both beneficial and harmful. Your child can socialise too but this socialisation can harm your child at times. The risk of predators online is common these days. These predators can manipulate your child believing they are only for them and sexually exploiting them. Make your child aware of these predators and explain to them to not fall for them.
  • Playing online games needs the creation of an account using information. This information can help scammers as they can get into other social accounts of players using basic information from the gaming site. These scammers collect all information and can cause harm to your child. Never give your correct information on any site and do not create an account on the gaming site with your name.

Playing online games doesn’t only have risks and dangers but when played with certain precautions and limitations it is much more beneficial than thought. Yes, online games can be useful to your child in innumerable ways.

Unexpected uses of online games:

Yes, the online game that you think is just a couch potato that is not true. If played wisely these games can be useful in many unexpected ways. The modern era needs a modern solution and there come online games. Here below are surprising uses of online games:

1) It can be used to develop early learning skills in young children:

As we all know teaching a young child is always a hectic affair. A child always needs entertainment while studying to learn better. With teachers and parent’s guidance, an online game can improve the reading skills of a child. Some games that teach rhymes, alphabets and numbers are used in the nursery to make the child interested in the learning process. Also, a child playing online games can experience physical play due to some intense features that lead to their growth. It develops the thinking skills of a child at a very young age and helps it to cope up with developments taking place.

2) It can be useful to develop skills for your future career:

The more complex games a person plays the more strategic he/she becomes. Yes, it is true it makes a person’s nature tactical that is the main skill to develop the career. These games also teach how to analyse the risks and rewards of a particular thing and how to react to it. All of these skills are in much need in the real world. Analytical skills, strategic skills and problem-solving find much more useful in career development. As with online gaming, you can easily connect with anyone over the world. It improves your ability to maintain relationships with others and develops communication skills. It also helps in learning about different perspectives and different cultures.

3) Useful to develop multitasking skills:

While playing a game you need to control multiple features at a single time to effectively play it. Many games require you to pick up items while fighting with other players to enhance the ability of a person to give attention to every detail. It makes a person quickly react to any situation. Explorations have shown that playing this category of the game can enhance and develop multitasking skills. Also while playing a game if you ask your child to do something he/she does it along with the game as multitasking. It also develops the motor skills of a child at a young age. Prefer games that need various operations at a time.

4) It is useful in improving memory, increases brain speed and concentration: 

A game that needs lots of strategy and tactics to win and is immersive needs a great concentration to remember information. This gives rise to good memory power and improved concentration. Playing these types of games regularly can improve the speed of the brain and can make long term and short term memory better. Also, games are the imagination of players that make them concentrate on it and make them strive hard to win it. These online games not only focus on brain speed but also improves memory retention.

5) It is useful to develop teamwork skills:

Children when playing a multiplayer game develop several skills and of them is teamwork skill. While playing a child becomes either a leader and leads the whole group or works as a group member and finds and apply ways to make their team win. The shared experience can be the right way to learn from each other while working in a group. These multiple player games also develop the confidence of a child. These games also nurture the social skills of a child and teach them to maintain relationships. For special children i.e., children with disabilities multiplayer games can be a great way to socialise and find new friends.

How to keep your child safe while playing an online game?

  • Regularly monitor and check what your child is doing on consoles and PCs.
  • Play video games regularly with your child. No worries if you are not a gamer ask your child to teach you.
  • Share your experiences with your child and alert them about them.
  • Have good communication with your child so they can come to you in case any problem arises.
  • Before handing over the PCs and consoles have a healthy conversation about the risks involved and make them prepared.
  • Limit the time of them playing online games and make them play while you are present.
  • Make your child play games that are beneficial to them from a learning point of view.
  • Tell your child not to leak any information to the unknown player.
  • Have antivirus on your PCs and run it every time you play the games.


Online games have two sides that are harmful and beneficial. The choice is purely yours how you make use of it. There are many eye-popping uses of games that we don’t even know and some of them are mentioned above. Surely these benefits might have convinced you to let your child play it but in a safe manner.