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A Foolproof Guide To Online Games

Guide To Online Games: Playing games on the internet has always remained a favorite option for everyone to pass their time and relish entertainment. This is the reason online gaming is becoming so popular. And why not? Because each age group is now involved in gaming and spends most of the time there. There are innumerable games available on the internet that everyone can play. But if you want to be involved in online gaming you must consider knowing first how to play with safety and then dive into it. The section below is a guide to online gaming.

What are the necessities to play online games?

There are some prerequisites you need to play an online game. Here are basic requirements to enjoy the online game:

  • A Smartphone or a tablet:

If you are a smartphone user you already have your gaming machine in your hand. Powerful processors, enormous displays and huge amounts of apps can be stored on Apple, Android or Windows handsets. In today’s time, there are various smartphones especially for gaming like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Sony Xperia Z3 and LG3 that are best at their performance. You can also use your other smartphones and iPhones and they too can give you a good gaming experience.

  • PCs or Laptops:

Looking forward to a thrilling gaming experience you might want to replace your smartphones with a computer or laptop. To run the latest big action games at their best quality and ensure that you have a realistic gaming experience you need to buy a computer that has an intel i7 4790 processor and has enough memory storage like 16 GB. 

You must ensure your windows are updated and you have the newest version to smoothly run the game. You don’t need to play games, you need to spend a huge sum on the computer. If you can settle down with low-quality graphics you can easily cut down the charge. Go to the PC seller and tell your demands what your PC should have and he will give the best in your budget.


  • A gaming console:

A console is the most preferred gaming equipment till now. As it is cheap compared to PCs and no extra graphic settings are required. It is just ready to play once you get it you don’t need to worry about any hardware compatibility issues. The latest models of consoles in the market are Xbox and PlayStation 4 and both are almost similar. Also, PS4 is a good option in terms of graphics. You must do some search and ask your friends and choose the best one to play with.

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Which games should you play online? Guide To Online Games

games should you play online - Guide To Online Games

Lots and lots of amazing games online surely make a person baffled about what to play and what not to? Is it the problem with you too? No worries here is a list of games you must give a try when you want to play online.

  • Action games:

You can always do some action on your gaming device by choosing to play an action game. This game is dependent on reflex actions of players, eye coordination and reaction time. This gaming genre is said to dominate most in the gaming industry and developers are looking forward to making some innovations that could further make action games interesting. This game triggers an adrenaline rush giving a player a feeling of joy and happiness.

  • Adventure games:

Adventure gaming is a game genre that is available widely on all gaming platforms. These games are generally based on reflex-based gameplay, collecting items, solving puzzles and exploring the environment. This genre is loved by each age group. These games have a great storyline that is packed up with lots of action that transforms players into an adventurous environment. Many action-adventure games were also developed that we’re super famous.

  • Battle Royale Games:

This genre was just introduced two years back and has now become the best selling game genres across the gaming population. Fortnite and PUBG are the two most popular Battle Royale games that had major success in a short time. 1 billion USD are generated by Fortnite every year only by in-app purchases. This genre has made a market of 20 billion USD that is a huge sum.

  • RP Games:

Games like Battletech, Dungeons and Dragons, and star wars fall are renowned as the best games in the genre of the Role-Playing game. These games provide players with rich 3-D experience and text-based console gaming. This game is based on a fantasy world where the fictional character is controlled by the player and this character goes to quest. Its success has encouraged developers to make advancements in this genre.

  • Simulation Games:

The simulation Games genre is getting immense popularity these days. This game simulates real-world activities and allows unlimited actions in the game. This game allows you to select a character and then construct a city and manage it as per your choice. This genre is collecting huge revenue each year due to its freedom of action that is not seen in every game.

  • FPP Games:

The First-Person shooter game is weapon-based combat and a shooting game that is played from the first person’s perspective. Here the game is seen through the eyes of a fictional character. Advanced 3D and VR graphics have made this genre the most favoured among players across the globe.

How to start playing games online?

how to start playing online game - Guide To Online Games

To play online games you just need a broadband or a router for connectivity. Choose the provider wisely as the internet speed matters while you play online games. If you are ready with your broadband or router you just need to plugin directly your PC or consoles to it. Also, you can opt for a wireless connection but a wired connection gives stable and good internet speed. Now you are ready to play games online. Go to the game on the browser or the downloaded game and play it but if you are new follow the guide and there you are lost in the world of gaming.

How to play online games with safety?

In this competitive world, people tend to compete with each other in games too. This nature gives rise to crimes on a gaming platform and that is playing a game with sportsmanship is important. Here are few tips on how to play the safe game:

  • If you are a parent and your child wants to play an online game find out a game that is appropriate according to their age and also they must find it interesting.
  • Play a game with your close friends and family with whom you have a good relationship.
  • If you are playing with someone else be aware that he or she might not be a predator and is a genuine person.
  • Never share your personal information of any kind on any gaming platform as anonymous people could harm you using it.
  • Be aware when you are paying any sort of fees or cost on online gaming through any card or app.
  • Parents must inform their child about harassment and bullying so if it takes place the child could inform them and actions can be taken.
  • Parents must check security settings and ensure that their child does not come in contact with any sensitive content.
  • Make a timetable for what time and when you are going to play games and follow it accordingly. Take breaks in between your play session.
  • Develop a nature of not getting angry when you lose as lack of sportsmanship in-game can lead to crime.
  • Be aware when you download any plugins or mods through online games as they are not always safe.

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Does online gaming provide you with any learning?

Yes, absolutely gaming is one of the most effective ways to learn. For a small child, you can choose games related to alphabets, numbers and rhymes that could make them learn with enjoyment. Learning means by playing construction games you will not directly become an engineer or by playing clinic games you will not be a doctor but these games will impart you some skills and knowledge.

Most of the games today are directly linked to the real-life experiences that make us understand how to react. Also, many games that need picking up something increase our attention to detail. Operating multiple functions in the online game increases coordination and much more learning these games has to offer us. So why not play these games in our free time and learn with them.

Which online mobile games can you play in quarantine?

Popular mobile games like Ludo King, Clash of Clans, and call of duty can be played during the quarantine period. These games are easily available on the app store and play store both and are interesting to play. Few other games that are available on the play store and app store like Temple Run 2, Planet vs Zombie, Two Dots, Scrabble Go and Among Us are also worth a try.


The online gaming world is a big one with innumerable games to try out and experience immense joy. Surely play online games in your free time with all necessary equipment and precautions.

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