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All You Need to Know About Andar Bahar | Rules, Tips, and Tricks

The literal meaning of ‘Andar Bahar’ is ‘Inside and Outside’. Different regions of India have different names for this pure-chance game. It is said to have originated in the southern Indian city of Bengaluru and is known as ‘Mangatha’ in the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. Some people claim that the game is more than a hundred years old and is highly popular in India, both in the south and north.

The reason for the extreme popularity lies in the simplicity of the game. The rules are easy to understand, can be played with any number of players and all you need is a deck of cards. It is highly addictive with players playing this game for hours together. But at the same time, a single game does not last for more than 4-5 minutes.

General Rules To Play Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar Rules

All you need to play this card game is a deck of 52 cards. There are a dealer and several players. The players do nothing except for betting the left side or the right side, and then watch the dealer dealing the cards. Traditionally, they sit in a circle around the dealer.

  • The dealer shuffles the deck of cards thoroughly and picks a card from the middle.
  • Before the starting of the game, the players have to bet on either Andar (Left side) or Bahar (Right side).
  • Depending on the color of the middle card, the order of dealing the cards go. For example, if the middle card is red, the first card is drawn on the right (Bahar) and the second on the left (Andar), and so on. If the middle card is black, the first card is placed on the left (Andar) and the following card on the right (Bahar), and so on.
  • The dealer alternately deals the card on the right and left until the card of a similar rank to the first dealt card appears on any of the sides. If this happens, the round ends, and the wagers are paid out.

Depending on where the game is played, the first card is called the ‘house card’, ‘joker’ or ‘trump card’, although the latter two names have other meanings in card games.

How are the Payouts in Andar Bahar Like?

Payouts in Andar Bahar

The payout procedure and rules vary with different online casinos. It is recommended to go through them thoroughly before you start playing the game. There is, of course, a commission charged on the payout which goes to the casino. 

The payouts depend on the side of the first card (after the house card) is dealt. If the card was dealt with the left and the winning card also appeared to the left, the payout is 90%. If the winning card appears on the opposite side, the payout is 100%. 

If the first card is dealt with the right, here are the payouts for some common values of bets:

  • For a bet of INR 100, if the winning card appears on the same side of the first drawn card, the payout is INR 190. On the different side, the payout is INR 200. 
  • For a bet of INR 500, if the winning card appears on the same side of the first drawn card, the payout is INR 950. On the different side, the payout is INR 1000. 
  • For a bet of INR 1000, if the winning card appears on the same side of the first drawn card, the payout is INR 1900. On the different side, the payout is INR 2000. 
  • For a bet of INR 2000, if the winning card appears on the same side of the first drawn card, the payout is INR 3800. On the different side, the payout is INR 4000. 
  • For a bet of INR 5000, if the winning card appears on the same side of the first drawn card, the payout is INR 9500. On the different side, the payout is INR 10000. 

Andar Bahar Strategies, Tips, and Tricks

Andar Bahar Tips

DisclaimerAndar Bahar is a game of pure chance. Although some players have their styles of playing, none of them gives a higher mathematical chance of winning the bet. So, choose a strategy or a style of play that suits you the best. 

The Hot or Cold Strategy

Some players use the hot and cold strategy while choosing the side to bet on. In simple terms, the hot strategy is choosing the side that has seen the most amount of wins recently on the table, since they believe it is on a winning streak.

The cold strategy is placing their bet on the side that has won the least in the recent games on the table, with a hope that a win will come to that side soon.

Note that these strategies are simply based on gut feeling and there is no mathematical advantage of choosing either strategy. You can see the latest winners on most online casinos, with ‘Andar’ marked with a red dot and ‘Bahar’ marked with a blue dot.

The Martingale Strategy

Some players also use the Martingale strategy that is common in other card games as well. The strategy simply involves doubling the bet for the next round, every time you lose the bet. And every time you win the bet, you return to the starting amount. 

Note that the starting bet will depend on the total money you will want to spend. If you have a high starting bet, they can become huge with each round if you double it after losing the bet. Therefore, if you want to employ this strategy, it is better to have small bets at the starting.

Again note that this is just a style of play and provides no mathematical advantage of winning.

Playing Andar Bahar Online in India

Playing Andar Bahar Online in India

Multiple online casinos in India offer different variations of Andar Bahar in India. While choosing the online casinos, consider their popularity, the variation of Andar Bahar they are offering, the payout rules, the reviews, and the bonuses they provide.

Here are some of the online casino providers in India:

  • Royal Palace 777 offers many tables for playing Andar Bahar live. You can play on the low-stakes table if you do not have experience in playing the game, else, a high-stakes table. They also have a lot of promotions running around Andar Bahar. 
  • 1xBet is another great online casino to play Andar Bahar in. They have a variety of online casino games for which they offer live tables. It has exciting promotions frequently for their games and a good sign-up bonus as well.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling

Andar Bahar is a great game but is addictive. So, make sure you have your gameplan right before commencing play. First, decide on the budget you have to spend for the game and always spend only the amount you would not mind losing at all.

Another important tip – Do not attach yourself emotionally to this game. If you do, you might end up making impulsive decisions which potentially can make you depressed and lose a lot of money. Consider Andar Bahar as just a relaxation / recreational activity.


All in all, Andar Bahar is a great game, simple to understand, and fun to play with friends and people online! Read the rules of the game, have a game plan, talk to people who regularly play Andar Bahar live or online, and have a good time playing!



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