Are you excited to play Hearts Card Game?

Hearts Card Game
Hearts Card Game

Are you excited to play Hearts Cards Game – the most popular card game online? You can play our Hearts Card game with people from all continents waiting for you.

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Hearts is a card game, in which the player’s aim is to avoid moves that contain hearts. The late 20th century included a version of Hearts in which every personal computer was running the Windows operating system. This version of hearts became the standard with the proliferation of computers and, later, computer software for playing hearts over the Internet. 

Hearts Card Game
Hearts Card Game

What is a Hearts card game?

Hearts or Black lady is a popular tricky card game for four players. The game is unique because it is a stealth-type game: players avoid winning penalty cards in a trick, usually by avoiding winning the trick outright.

The card game Hearts became popular in Spain around 1750. In this game, you can get penalty points as awards for each trick, with additional points for capturing J♥ or Q♥. Over time, other penalty cards were added to the reversal. And around 1850, the game gave way to a simpler version of hearts, where each heart was worth 1 point. Q was introduced in a version called Black Maria, then known as the classic Hearts game, and soon after that, the idea of ​​”shooting the moon” was introduced to the game to add depth to the gameplay. Passing cards, breaking hearts, two hearts are the latest additions.

Four players each get 13 cards at a time from an ordinary 52-card deck. After the first deal, each player chooses three cards and passes them to the player on the left and then passes them to the right-hand neighbor along with all three.  In the second deal, three cards are dealt likewise to the right, in the third, they are dealt with the player sitting opposite, and in the fourth, there is no pass, and each person must play the card. This four-deal cycle then repeats itself. The eventual winner is the player with the lowest penalty score when one or more players reach 100 penalty points.  A penalty is imposed at the rate of one point for each heart. Thus, there are 26 punishment points in each undertaking.

Hearts Card Game
Hearts Card Game

Types of Heart Card Games

Hearts is a game of skill and surprising subtlety, both in choosing three discs (it’s usually unwise to pass penalty cards) and in arranging to win “clean” moves, with a view to losing the edge at the most advantageous time.  In. The skill also decides when to “shoot” and play cooperatively when it is clear that someone else has decided to do so.

Auction heart

The auctioned heart version first appears in an 1897 edition of Foster’s Complete Hoyle. It is a game for four players, although five or six can “make up the table .”Its specialty is that after this deal, players may have to bid to announce the imposition of fines.


BlackJack appeared simultaneously as Black Lady, with both alternate names as the more common name Dil Ki Baat. As the name suggests, Discard Hearts first introduced the concept of discarding hearts. It is the same with the original Black Lady game, but with Jack of Spades as the penalty card, which has a value of 10 “hearts” (i.e., points).

Black Lady

Black Lady appeared in 1909 has since become the most popular version in the United States, overtaking Hearts to become a sport in its own right. It is often and confusingly called Hearts, at least not in computer gaming versions. However, its distinguishing feature is that the Queen of Spades, the Black Lady, has an additional 13 points penalty card.

Black Maria

Black Maria is the British version of Hearts and features three additional penalty cards – A cards worth 10 points, K 162 valued at 7 points, and Black Maria or Q 162 worth 13 points. Hubert Phillips first defined it in the mid-20th century. This usually involves passing to the right (not left as in other variants) for more challenges because you don’t know about the next player’s cards. Hitting the moon is an optional rule. Confusingly, sometimes the game, Black Lady, and sometimes Black Lady is Black Maria.

Hearts Card Game
Hearts Card Game

Heart of cancellation

Hearts of Cancellation, described by Culberson in 1950 and a version designed for prominent players, typically 6 to 11 players, use two packs simultaneously. If you pick the same card twice in the same trick, the cards cancel each other out, and neither can win the trick. However, if two such pairs appear in the same scheme, the real trick cancels, and the card rolls over to the winner of the next trick.

Domino Hearts

Another variant previously noted by Foster.  1909, the main feature of which is that it is played with a stock. Each player is dealt six cards and the remainder is placed on the table as stock. When a player is unable to follow suit, he has to draw from the stock, one card at a time, for as long as he can follow suit. The last player to have a card must pick up any remaining cards in the stock and count them with their moves. Every heart scored one penalty point. As soon as any player reaches or finishes thirty-one points, the game is over and the winner is the player with the fewest hearts.

Hearts Card Game
Hearts Card Game

How to Play Heart Card Games?

Four players can play the Hearts card game Hearts, each playing alone. There is a standard French deck with all 52 cards. There are cards in each suit that rank from spades to 2, with spades the highest and two the smallest. Moreover, the plays with the lowest card – 2, starts the game.

The game’s goal is not to win any trick that consists of hearts or queens or to collect all hearts and kingdoms. Each Heart card gives you 1 point, and the Queen of Spades gives you 13 points. If you order all Hearts and Queues of Spades, you get 0 points, and all your opponents earn 26 points instead. The game’s scope is to gather as few penalty points as you can. However, the winner of the game is the one who has the lowest score.

Deal and play

  • In the first round, cards deal with the player on the left.
  • After that, cards deal with the player on the right in the second round.
  • Then, in the third round, cards deal with the opposite player.
  • In the fourth round, there is no pass.

The game starts with the player who has 2 of the clubs. Players should follow suit and may deal with any other card if they cannot. Moreover, the one who plays the highest rank card wins the trick and starts the next trick.


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