Babar Azam Net Worth In 2021

Babar Azam Net Worth In 2021
Babar Azam Net Worth In 2021

Complete Details about Babar Azam Net Worth

After India, if cricket is most liked in any country, it is Pakistan. However, Pakistan cricket has also been in worldwide cricket. Many prominent cricketers have laid the foundation of Pakistan cricket, in which big players like Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Shoaib Akhtar are present. And even at present, there are very big players in Pakistan cricket, one of which is Babar Azam. Hence, let’s talk about Babar Azam Net Worth: Income, Endorsements, Car and Bike Collections, etc.

Babar Azam Net Worth In 2021
Babar Azam Net Worth In 2021

Babar Azam Net Worth: 31 Crores

His net worth is around 31 crores in Indian Rupees, in which he gets 1000000 rupees every year for playing one season from PSL.

Babar Azam Net Income: Endorsements, Social Media Appearance, etc.


Team League Salary(career)
Pakistan Cricket Team National Team Rs. 5,20,000 (annually)
Islamabad United(2016) Rs. 18,50,000
Karachi Kings(2017-Present) Pakistan Super League Rs. 1,03,00,000 (Career)


Babar Azam’s Endorsements 

However, Azam is also very famous among the brands. He has also served in various deals with Head & Shoulders, HBL, Oppo, and Huawei.

Babar Azam’s Cricket Stats

Moreover, the 26-year-old has also hit 16 international centuries in 5 years of his international career. However, the record of his career centuries is as follows. 

No. Year Score Opponent Format
1. 2016 120 West Indies ODI
2. 2016 123 West Indies ODI
3. 2016 117 West Indies ODI
4. 2017 100 Australia ODI
5. 2017 125 West Indies ODI
6. 2017 103 Sri Lanka ODI
7. 2017 101 Sri Lanka ODI
8. 2018 106 Zimbabwe ODI
9. 2018 127 New Zealand Test
10. 2019 104 Australia Test
11. 2019 102 Sri Lanka Test
12. 2019 100 Sri Lanka Test
13. 2019 115 Sri Lanka ODI
14. 2019 101 New Zealand ODI
15. 2019 115 Sri Lanka ODI
16. 2020 143 Bangladesh Test


Babar Azam Social Media Appearance 

Moreover, Azam has 3.1 Million followers on social media combining Twitter and Instagram. 

Babar Azam Net Worth In 2021
Babar Azam Net Worth In 2021

Moreover, Babar also fascinates many eyeballs when it moves to social media. In addition, he possesses 2.2 million followers, out of which 1.6 million followers are from Twitter and 600K followers from Instagram.

A Short Biography of Babar Azam 

Babar Azam’s full name is Mohammad Babar Azam, whom people also affectionately call Baba and Baby. On 15 October 1994 in Lahore, Pakistan, he was born in an intermediate Muslim family. His father’s name is Azam Siddiqui, and his mother’s name is Shabana Azam. His father used to be a teacher in a government school. He has two brothers named Safir Azam and Faizal Azam, and his sister’s name is Faria Azam, while two stars of Pakistan cricket Umar Akmal and Kamran Akmal, are his cousins. 

Babar Azam Net Worth In 2021
Babar Azam Net Worth In 2021

Babar Azam’s family 

Being from a big family, he did not get much support in cricket in childhood because his father’s income was not so much that he could easily take care of the whole family. Due to which he had to face many problems in his childhood. But due to his cousin brothers, Umar Akmal and Kamran Akmal, the family increased his interest in cricket. After that, he also wanted to make a career in cricket. 

Babar Azam’s Early Career 

Babar Azam started his cricket career by watching the people of his family. In contrast, his family was very fond of watching cricket matches from the beginning, due to which Babar Azam started playing cricket because of the financial condition of his family. His mother supported Babar Azam in playing cricket by selling his ornaments Umar Akmal. Babar Azam always used to take cricket advice from Kamran Akmal Babar Azam is such a name of world cricket that no one knew till 2017. But after 2017 was the turning point from where people became his fans, and Babar Azam did not even look back after this. 

Babar Azam Net Worth In 2021
Babar Azam Net Worth In 2021

Babar Azam’s Domestic Cricket Career

Babar Azam started his domestic cricket career from a young age. In 2008, he was selected for the World Championship in the Under-15 team, where Babar Azam had an excellent performance, followed by Babar Azam in 2010 and 2012 under-19. In addition, he became a part of the World Cup team, wherever the top scorer was from Pakistan’s side. It was from here that the attention of the sector turned towards him. After that, Babar Azam was also made the captain of the Under-19 team, about his consistent performance in domestic cricket, and got a part in Pakistan’s international team. 

Babar Azam’s International Cricket Career 

However, after a consistent performance in domestic cricket, Babar Azam got a chance to play international cricket. He also had a great time playing international cricket. Once he got his feet in international cricket that Babar Azam never looked back, Babar Azam. He also made his international debut in 2015 against Zimbabwe. He played his first international match.

Babar Azam’s ODI Cricket Career

Babar Azam started his ODI cricket career against Zimbabwe on 31 May 2015. Since then, Babar Azam has left his mark in ODI cricket; he played a brilliant 54 runs in 7 balls in the first match. Currently, Babar Azam is the vice-captain of the Pakistan cricket team and is also in a good position in the ODI rankings. He always competes with Indian captain Virat Kohli. He is always compared to Indian batsman Virat Kohli.

Babar Azam’s T20 career begins

Babar Azam made his T20 debut against England on 7 September 2016. Babar Azam scored 15 runs in his first match, but Babar Azam has taken his place in T20 cricket by removing Virat Kohli from the first position in the ICC rankings. However, he has been on the top-notch of ICC for a long time. Currently, Babar Azam is the captain of Pakistan T20 cricket.

Babar Azam Net Worth In 2021
Babar Azam Net Worth In 2021

Babar Azam’s test career started.

However, He earned his Test debut against West Indies on 13 October 2016. Babar Azam achieved 69 runs in his first innings. Moreover, Babar Azam scored 21 runs in the second innings. Babar Azam played at number 3 position in international cricket.


Babar Azam’s girlfriend’s name is Sana Khan. However, she has accused Babar Azam of physical violence and sexual abuse.


Moreover, we have talked about Babar Azam Net Worth. However, Babar Azam is currently one of the best batsmen in Pakistan cricket. In addition, he is also a right-handed batsman of Pakistan cricket who is the captain of T20 and vice-captain of ODI cricket.

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