Baccarat Game : Introduction, Facts, Rules, Strategies & How to Play


Baccarat Game & Rules : Are you a newbie who is searching for a game that is easy to get into? Or even for that matter are you an experienced player who is searching for some freshness with your skills? Congratulations then, you are on the absolute right page. 

Baccarat Game History and Introduction

Baccarat Game History

Baccarat game , an enormously exciting game sprouted in Italy. It started popularizing in France in the 1400s. After taking Europe by storm, it took its most easy and simple going charm internationally and the rest, as they say, its history. Though we genuinely can’t argue that the popularity of baccarat has over the years, it is been pretty amazing that it is been around 600 years now.  It is included with loads of suspense and intrigue. Surprisingly, it is not so complex game. It is very simple to learn. Like any other casino games, Baccarat game does have its gag. If you get used to it, then this game is pure fun. This game has been most preferable among casual casino goers and serious players.


So, if you are on a mission to be an expert of baccarat game then check out the content below:

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Baccarat Game | Basics of Baccarat Rules

Baccarat Rules

It is very important to comprehend the baccarat rules. Cards which are involved between two to nine are well worth face value. Tens and face playing cards are well worth about zero. All aces are well worth one point. Also, hand values are a bit distinguishable to different card video games. However, they are no longer complicated. The rating of a hand is the sum of all playing cards. Any of the sums that reach two digits drops the left digit. 

Aces are well worth one point. Moreover, different card video games have distinguished hand values. However, they are no longer complicated. The rating of a hand is the sum of all the cards. Moreover, any sum that reaches two drops the left. 

Card Game Rules

Baccarat game is a casino-type game that originated in the mid-19th century in France. Surprisingly it requires no technical skills or previous track record to be involved with this game. Many a time it is often played for high stakes, but can be found in the big money sections of most European and Nevadan casinos. The motive of this game is to bet on the hand you guess will be close to or equal to 9.

Rank of Card

Aces are low in baccarat 10s and face cards are worth 0, and all other cards are worthy of their pip value.

How to Play Baccarat Game

To start this amazing Baccarat game, players simply must walk up to a table of baccarat and place a bet on these mentioned probable outcomes: 

  • Your hand winning
  • The bankers hand wining 
  • Tie


You will get a chance to receive a pay-out of 1:1 if you put a bet on a banker’s hand winning and win. Stating with that reference you have to pay the house 5% of your winning commission from the banker’s hands. The house got a 1.06% edge over the player. 

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You will surely receive a pay-out of 1:1. The house has got a 1.24% edge over the player.


In case if you bet on a tie and still win, you will receive a pay-out of a whopping 8:1. However, the house has still got a 14.36% edge over the player.

The dealer will draw 2 or 3 cards. Those will be for the player’s and banker’s hands. Having around 9wins is the closest. 

In case, if a hand exceeds 10 then 10 are surely subtracted from the hand. For a better understanding check out the example below:

For example, a hand of 8 and 5 is 3(13-10). Neither the dealer nor the player decides in case of the third card comes as a draw.

Card and Hand Value Rules

As mentioned above, cards 2-9 in baccarat are at face value, while aces are worth a single point. Other cards are worth nothing. Now, you must be aware that you must get close to 9 to win it. The player who is closest to that count ultimately wins the round. Now,   if the hand value remains the same, the tie bet wins at an 8:1 payout. Unlike any other game when it comes to baccarat you can put a bet on each outcome.

Pay-out Rules

Each pay-out between the three bets differs from each other. You receive a 1:1 pay-out on the banker or player bet and 8:1 on the tie. The tie, however, got the very best house edge set at 14.40%.

Tie bets can differ for different pay-outs. Despite the ratio of 8:1, in most Indian casinos, it can reach up to 9:1. For the time being, the house edge is pretty high on the 8:1 tie table therefore, you should stay away from it.

Baccarat Side Bet Rules

Despite having the three main bets, baccarat also includes a set of side bets. Panda 7, Dragon Bonus, Big and little bets, and more inclusive with them as well.

Bets such as Dragon Bonus can pay a hefty 30:1 pay-out, which is why it is recommended to take them up. Of course, they are comparatively riskier because of the high returns. So note that, if you are opting for putting money on any baccarat side.

Few Interesting Facts about Baccarat Game

Facts about Baccarat Game

  • Based on the location its name changed:

As discussed in the above content that Baccarat game was originally designed for the rich who had deep pockets. Now, going back to gambling history, it has been noticed that the very first version of the game was known as “baccarat banque”.  The major difference between the two is that now no more one player is tasked with the entire table’s banking responsibilities. 

The prime difference between the two is that no longer was one player tasked with the banking responsibilities for the entire table. Now, Americans accepted a third version of the game that has origins in another part of the world: Cuba. The result was a version that no longer entirely depended on player-banking, but now adopted the more traditional house–banking practice. Here now players bet against the casino. In the end, Americans decided that this is the best way to play. Nowadays, you will find this “punto Blanco” version of the game in casinos under the name “mini-baccarat“. 

  • It’s relatively new in America:

As you already know, baccarat got roots that go back 400 years, and possibly even a few centuries earlier than that. Over a longer period, it has been played in the US. Now, baccarat made a debut in Las Vegas in the year of 1959. Besides having chaos that it won’t be a profitable casino game, on the very first night at sands casino the house lost almost $250000.

  • Can play online:

Are you not interested to leave the couch to wager on a game of baccarat for yourself? Well, not to worry. The future of baccarat is here!

However, the real money online casino world still does not accept blackjack or poker, you can still reach several platforms that offer a live dealer which helps you to play virtually. If you prefer to play casino games in person, you should get familiar with the basic differences with online gaming.

Few fun facts are included with this game as well!

  • Baccarat doesn’t rhyme with fat, it is far.
  • Baccarat game might be trace to a brutal religious custom.
  • The tie bets offer one of the worst bet in a casino game.


When you consider its history, baccarat has an almost mythological quality to it. Considering all its traditions and rich history, it’s a simple game to play. Don’t worry if you aren’t opting to bet your life savings either, there are an ample number of lower-risk options you can get at your favorite gaming establishment.

What is my advice to all? Go and Give it a try! The game is famous for a reason. Do not miss a chance to enjoy it.

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