Beat Online Roulette: Tips on Winning Big on Online Roulette Platforms


Beat online roulette: As a beginner roulette player, you have understood the rules, tips, and tricks of roulette. So, what comes next? 

Well, it is choosing the right online platform to play and knowing some important tips to win big on them. 

Online casinos and gambling are on the rise due to a variety of reasons. One, they provide entertainment from the comfort of your home. Two, the online platforms include many fun and localized variations of your favorite live casino games, which makes it more relatable especially when played with friends. Three, the sign-up bonuses and other in-game bonuses are a big attraction point for online roulette platforms. 


Beat Online Roulette: Best Winning Tips

Before you get started with playing on one, here are few tips you should know:

#Tip 1: Choose the Best Online Casino

Before playing on online roulette sites. Do some research. Check out their reviews on popular review platforms, and see the user base they have. If possible, talk to players who regularly play on that platform to get their opinion. Check for the pattern of positive and negative comments about the platform. It is imperative to identify the right playing platform because that will affect your gameplay and also influence the money you invest for playing. 

#Tip 2: Choose Roulette Games That Have Low House Edge

Take the time to understand different Roulette variations and the house edge they have per bet. House edge, in simple terms, provides a measure of how much the casino would pay you relative to how much true odds pay you. In Roulette, the American version has a way higher house edge than the European version.

Therefore, it is always recommended to choose the latter wheel while playing. Take time to understand different localized variations the casino platform might be offering and do not fall prey to their attractive campaigns. After all, you are putting real money in.

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#Tip 3: Do Not Go After Losses 

It is commonplace to find yourself in a spiral of losses and you need to know that it is absolutely common for that to happen. In such situations, keep your cool and do not bet a bigger amount just to recover the losses. Chances are that you will end up losing more especially if the house edges are poor.

Also, players might notice your impulsive nature and take advantage of it in their bets. Recognize if you are on a losing streak, accept the losses and refuse any temptation to overspend to recover the losses. 

#Tip 4: Collect The Best Bonus

Online casino games offer great bonuses during sign-up and even during games. Make sure you do not miss out on them. Here are different kinds of bonuses you can expect on online gambling sites:

  • Sign-up Bonus: You will get free credits and deposits when you create an account on the casino 
  • Welcome Bonus: You will earn free credits during your first play on the casino site 
  • Deposit Bonus: If you deposit a minimum amount, some online casinos will provide free money 
  • No Deposit Bonus: Even if you have not deposited any amount, some online gambling platforms will provide free credits
  • Free Bonuses: You can earn extra credits through free spins etc. 

#Tip5: Play Within Limits

Online casino games master their skills of making you invest more money. Do not fall for it. They advise you to improve your gameplay and put your skills through tests through tournaments and multi-reel slots. But while it may be tempting to try out these, you must first know the limitations of experience and skills.

The more the stakes, the more the pressure and if you are new to gambling, you might easily be prey to common pitfalls which experienced players avoid. Always have won and loss limits for each session and make sure you stick to them. Even your bankroll would only involve an amount that you would not mind losing. 

An important tip in gambling – Do not chase money. Play the games for the fun of it and a positive and relaxing experience. The more emotions you put in the game, the more likely are you to suffer if the bets do not go right. 


Online casino platforms are the best way to begin your journey as a roulette player. Check the top sites in your region and create an account on them. Be mindful of the local playing laws for online casino gaming. Another important tip to remember – play responsibly. 

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