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Beginners Guide to Casinos – Guide For Slot Games Apps in India 

Guide For Slot Games Apps in India 

Beginners Guide to Casinos – Before you test your luck, read this beginner’s guide to casinos to gain an edge and improve your chances of returning home a winner.

If you are new to the world of gambling, you might not exactly know what a slot machine is yet to see it everywhere. In casinos, on online casino applications, and on gambling websites. But let’s break it down further. 

What Are Slot Machines?

They are popular among newbies and experienced gamblers alike because they are exciting to play with little or no background knowledge. But still, if you want to make the most out of your gambles, it is important to know the fundamentals of slot machines. 

How to Get Started With Slot Machines in India?

The first thing to research for is a reliable and licensed slot machine live casino in India. Since the laws for gambling in India are not very straightforward, it is important to see if the online casinos follow the online gambling regulations of the country. Check out expert reviews, gameplays, and online reviews from reliable sources, to see which slot machine suits the best you.  

Beginners Guide to Casinos
Beginners Guide to Casinos

Once you have found the casino you want to play in, register your account there. Many of them will ask you for certain documents to upload at the beginning to confirm and secure your identity. Once these have been verified, you will be allowed to play on the platform. 

The next step is to deposit to the account on the platform. Check the payment modes accepted on the platform. Note that some Indian banks do not allow transactions on online casinos, so keep another payment mode handy. 

Check out the different Indian slot machines on offer and decide which one you want to play. You must choose based on popularity, game-play, reviews, any bonuses, and the overall benefit of playing the slot machine. 

Once you choose, the interface will direct you to pick the amount you want to play within the interface. Once done, begin playing and enjoy your game!

How Do Slot Machines Work?

Slot machines are one of the best ways to gamble because they are easy to play with, and require not much logic and rules. 

The slot machines typically have reels (two or three in number) and these reels have many symbols printed on them. Conventional slot machines typically had 20 symbols on each reel, but modern slot machines can have even 256 virtual symbols on each reel. 

These slot machines have random number generators which can generate thousands of numbers every second. Each number is associated with a particular set of symbols. The random number that is activated the instant you activate the play, needs to match a pay line for you to win. Note that it is impossible to predict what the next random number will be because there are just so many combinations possible. 

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The payout depends on several factors. It involves the type of slot machine you are playing, the pay lines you choose, and the credits you are wagering. Remember that no matter the slot machine you pick to pay, the odds will always be favoring the house. You need to understand the payout terms, percentages, and the house advantages thoroughly before putting your money on these slot machines.

Best Slot Games Platform in India

If you are looking to play online slot machine games, check out these currently available options in India. Disclaimer – Do your research before signing up and playing on these platforms. Ideally, talk to people who already use this platform for real money slots

  1. Casino Days 

One of the recent entrants into the Indian slot games market, Casino Days quickly gained popularity due to its high-performing casino games and slot machines. 

There are plenty of slot machines to choose from on the site, and they are easy to navigate too. 

Casino Days have plenty of categories of famous Indian games into New Releases, Popular Games, Epic Ways, and Megaways and they all contain highly rewarding online slots. 

Play Online Casino With Royal Palace

For new entrants, there is a high sign-up bonus available on the platform. There is a cash reload deposit of 100% with a maximum amount of INR 20,000. Once you have met the terms and conditions and the wagering requirements, you will get the welcome bonus in real cash. 

Casino Days platform offers plenty of payment modes that are highly accessible to Indians, such as UPI, PayTM, GPay, etc. 

  1. Casumo 

Another highly popular platform in India, Casumo has been around the scene for quite some time now. 

Casumo has a separate section for slots known as Slot Machines. You will find a beautiful blend of modern slot games and online classics. You can find around 20 progressive games on the Casumo online casinos. You can also find a separate category called the Must Drop Jackpot games from the Red Tiger. 

When you deposit INR 1000 or more, you get a 200% deposit bonus with an extra of INR 2000. 

Again, the customer support of Casumo is quite professional that is available all round the clock via Email or voice chat. Also, for Indian players, there are plenty of common payment modes. 

  1. Pure Casino 

It is one of the best casino games available online for Indian players. The user – interface is streamlined, highly intuitive, and has a wide variety of slot machine games. 

Slot games are a major part of online casinos, and they are the same for Pure Casino as well. They are updated regularly and you will find a variety of old and new slot machine games to choose from. If you want faster and more thrilling gameplay, choose the Blitz gameplay. 

Pure Casino offers a welcome bonus which is a mix of regular bonus and casino bonus. When you deposit the money, the bonus funds will then be added to your account as a result of the reward. It is a 100% deposit bonus on the first deposit offering up to INR 10,000.

Pure Casinos offer round-the-clock customer support through Email, Live chat, and Whatsapp Chat. They have a good response rate and you will also find a whole lot of frequently asked questions on their website. 

Responsible Gambling 

Slot machines are highly addictive. It is easy to lose a lot of money within a small period. Note that, gambling is supposed to be done for fun, and do not get emotional about your games. Have a clear game plan from the beginning, study your games properly, have a budget, and stick to it. 

Do not gamble putting important money at stake. Only use that money which you would not mind losing in case you have a bad day at the online casino. Play responsibly, and have fun. 


So, these are the top slot machine online platforms in India. Check the reviews thoroughly for each platform and make sure that you are following the local and national laws by playing them. If not, ask any local authority for more information. 

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