Top 7 Best Cricket Academy in Bangalore | Fees, Facilities & Full Details

Best Cricket Academy in Bangalore
Best Cricket Academy in Bangalore

Best Cricket Academy in Bangalore: Sports have a different impact on our society. And when it comes to cricket, it is one of India’s most famous and reputed sports. Every Indian has another emotion for this game, which connects every Indian morally. The best part of cricket is that every Indian citizen belongs from any part of the world following any culture conveys themselves through this.

Many academies and institutes are present in different parts of the country to encourage and motivate young players who want to pursue their passion in this field. 

In this article, we have discussed the best cricket academy in Bangalore


List of Top 5 Best Cricket Academy in Bangalore

#7 Brijesh Patel Cricket Academy

Brijesh Patel Cricket Academy
Brijesh Patel Cricket Academy

Brijesh Patel cricket academy is one of the famous cricket academies in Bangalore. It was founded by one of the members of the Indian cricket team, Mr.Brijesh Patel

Facilities – 

  • This cricket academy facilitates national and international players.
  • Academy provides many experienced coaches and trainers.
  • It is well equipped with technology and modern facilities.
  • It offers suitable accommodation for the young players, including girls and boys.
  • Academy has the latest tech like bowling machines, speed guns.
  • Critical analysis of players by video technology.
  • Academy has a large auditorium for practice and a good net for batting.
  • BPCA holds summer camps for young students in the age group of 6 and above.
  • The academy is well equipped with floodlights for the practice session in the evening.
  • Academy has a fee for the weekend of rs 13,000 (Sat-Sun) and regular classes around 25 thousand. 

#6 Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC)

Karnataka Institute of Cricket
Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC)

KIOC is one of the top cricket academies in Bangalore. The session of this academy is throughout the year. The head coach of this academy is Irfan Sait, who has been an international coach and has completed all 3 coaching courses from India, Australia, and England.


  • They allow playing international matches in Australia, Sri Lanka, England, etc., annually.
  • High-performance training programs are given to the players.
  • It is full of the latest technology like speed guns and bowling machines.
  • The academy has video analysis of every player separately, and equally, trainers work on their weaknesses and strength.
  • This academy provides different timing and prices and is offered at per players’ convenience. 
  • Full seven-day training with one hour each day package will cost up to rs 28000 /year.
  • Famous players of this academy are Robin Uthappa, Manish Pandey, Veda Krishnamurthy.

#5 Imtiaz Ahmed Cricket Academy ( IACA)

Imtiaz Ahmed Cricket Academy
Imtiaz Ahmed Cricket Academy

IACA is nearby Koramangala in Bengaluru. The founder of this academy is Imtiaz Ahmed, a former cricket player for Karnataka.

Facilities – 

  • It has given various international talents such as Rahul Dravid, Venkatesh Prasad, etc.
  • It also hosted the all-India Pepsi cup, where players from different parts participated in 20- 20 matches.
  • This academy works on practical and theoretical knowledge of players; they were given good lectures and seminars.
  • Many national and international coaches and trainers are present, and they work on every detail of players.
  • Young and talented players are motivated.
  • The annual fee of this academy is approx,18000.

#4 Rx Cricket Academy (RxCA)

Rx Cricket Academy
Rx Cricket Academy

When it comes to cricket academy, the mention of Rx cricket academy is a must. The head coach of RXCA is R.muralidhar, who is Level 3 BCCI coaching certification.

Facilities – 

  • This academy provided indoor facilities.
  • The institute offers this academy and many qualified and experienced groups of coaches.
  • This academy provides technical and non-technical facilities for all the students.
  • Players are given personal trainers.
  • The academy is covered with floodlights.
  • The academy’s Grounds have the latest and best facilities, including turf wickets.
  • Academy is enriched with the latest technology, including bowling machines.
  • The trainer prepares for sports and works on the personality development of young players.
  • The yearly membership charge is approximately rs 28000 while 16000 for the weekend.

#3 Just Cricket Academy

Just Cricket Academy
Just Cricket Academy

Just cricket academy of Bangalore focuses on helping the children with the talent to encourage them and creates a competitive environment to create an authentic atmosphere for them.

Facilities – 

  • This academy is present in Bangalore.
  • Well equipped academy with indoor and outdoor facilities including the gym and swimming pool.
  • The critically acclaimed of every player through video analysis facilities.
  • The lecture and seminars are organized for each group of players.
  • All players are shuffled in the classroom according to skill and talent level.
  • The classroom is well equipped, and with the latest technology of digital recorder and instant action replay, the facilities to ensure on-the-spot assessment.
  • The authorities do classroom management with 11- 14 students.
  • The trainers are present in a ratio of approx 1:11 for the players.
  • The annual camp from June to January (only weekend ) cost approx 16 thousand. At the same time, the summer camp from April and May (Mon- Fri) cost approximately 12000.

#2 Indian Cricket Academy

Indian Cricket Academy
Indian Cricket Academy

Indian Cricket Academy is located in the middle of Bangalore, located in jp Nagar. The best feature of this academy is that it provides cricket coaching to women.

Facilities – 

  • It is partnered with significant club activities across the country, including the Karnataka state cricket association from 1 to 5 divisions.
  • The match offers matted pitches with a good safety net and well-trained coaches.
  • Tournament and practice matches are conducted regularly for players to make them confident and prepare.
  • The academy also provides opportunities to students for national and international tours.
  • The academy is well equipped with all technology and video analysis.
  • This academy provides well practice with well and very most prominent name of the cricketers. 
  • The academy fee per child is approximately 4500 per session.

#1 National Cricket Academy

National Cricket Academy
National Cricket Academy

It is sponsored by one of the most significant national bureaus is BCCI making the NCA one of the best cricket academies in India. It was established in the year 2000. They identify the exception cricketer within the country; NCA is surely progressing towards placing the young and talented players and providing them with proper training. 

Facilities – 

  • Proper training for young players.
  • They are providing opportunities to play with Indian cricket team players.
  • Exceptional excellent players from this academy like Gautam Gambhir, Yuvraj Singh, Mohammad Kaif, Parthiv Patel, Murali Karthik, who have played in the Indian cricket team

Know About the Selection Process for the players : 

For selection, players have to play at a very early stage, probably in school and get recognized at inter-school matches.

Admission depends in the academy totally on the performance of players a d ability to perform and the selector’s decisions.

And the students have to fill the admission form and a supporting document. 


These are a few best cricket academies that are present in Bangalore. They are best and young, and interested students can choose an academy according to their comfort level.

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