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6 Best Poker Books Every Poker lover Must Read in 2021 to Win

Best Poker Books: If you want to play poker to win, never ever let your game become boring. Poker is a card game that can take a lifetime to become a master. There are different ways to learn poker and become a good poker player. But books are great resources that can help to sharpen your skills. 

Nowadays, the market is flooded with several poker books claiming to be an expert. It is challenging to know which book worth our investment. I have created a booklist from various levels to different game formats, diverse strategies, and skills like math and psychology to pick you up from this challenging situation. Let’s have a look at the best poker books.

Harrington on Hold ’em (2004) 

Harrington on Hold 'em
Harrington on Hold ’em

Harrington on Holdem is a poker book about poker strategy, particularly for Texas holdingem poker tournaments. Dan Harrington has written this book, Harrington on Hold ’em (2004). It is about strategic play. This book has two parts; Expert Strategy for No-Limit Tournaments Volumes I-II.

These books are about playing all the different stages of the tournament and improving your play for each blind level. Dan Harrington has written everything in detail about the strategies that made him the victorious tournament player, such as analyzing starting hands, position, and other players, among others. These books are not for beginners but assist you in advance your overall game at most levels. 

Playing The Player (2012) 

Playing The Player
Playing The Player

Ed Miller is the author of this beautiful book, Playing The Player. You might hear this quote that plays the player, not the game”.  To take the correct route while playing poker, you must learn how to focus on other players’ styles and tendencies to play the game. Also,  how to make money off them in numerous places. 

Poker is a game of cards played by people. Most players know the essence of this saying, how does it affect the way you play? Please leave it to Ed Miller; he has described it all in his poker book, Playing The Player, taking things to the next level.

Elements of Poker (2007)

Elements of Poker
Elements of Poker

Tommy Angelo has written Elements of Poker (2007). This book is related to poker strategy, but actually, there is no real poker strategy in this book. The author of this book knows that you know the way to play poker.

He is not interested in teaching you how to play poker. But he desires to teach you the way to play the best poker. When you’re on your A-game, you can be the best player across the globe, but if only 20% of the time you only play your A-game, you’re not going to be very successful.

It covers a larger view of poker as a game that players need to learn to enjoy and love, welcoming everything that comes with it.  Elements of Poker book will help you manage any tilt issues you may have and teach you how to approach the game the right way from all the different angles.

Doyle Brunson’s Super System

Doyle Brunson's Super System
Doyle Brunson’s Super System

Doyle Brunson wrote this book, Doyle Brunson’s Super System, in 1979. He is known as the Godfather of Poker. Doyle Brunson is a  professional poker player and winner at the World Series of Poker multiple times.

This book, Super System, seems outmoded; Doyle Brunson’s Super System still owns the title of the Poker Bible. When this book was published,  Doyle Brunson explained many new and unique concepts.  Are Doyle Brunson’s Super System and Super System 2 worth the read? Super System contains the basics of the modern poker game, clear and straightforward. 

It will give you a solid, precise knowledge of the modern game of poker. It’s like your algebra book.  You read it sometimes, take a few exams, and have the vital upon which most other mathematical exercises are based.  In this modern world of poker,  Super System is still a worthwhile read.

Applications of No-Limit Poker (2013)

Applications of No-Limit Poker
Applications of No-Limit Poker

Matt Janda is the author of Applications of No-Limit Poker (2013). Do you want to become an exceptional poker player? If yes, you must know how to play every hand in your reach well. Theoretical poker can help you improve your game by devising balanced ranges and bet sizing to knock out good players.

Some complicated concepts like s donk-betting, check-raising preflop, balancing multiple bet-sizing ranges, and overbetting may harm your poker game. You are well aware of these; it can improve your game. In No-Limit Poker, Janda explains everything very smoothly and makes it easy to understand.

Matt Janda has used various mathematical equations to make you understand the complicated concept. This book is designed to be applied instantly, delivering better overall results. It is a guide to understanding the theoretical sound of Poker. This book is a dense, thorough, and mathematically meticulous but easy-to-read and excellent book for anyone who is serious about advancing his/her game.

Every Hand Revealed 

Every Hand Revealed 
Every Hand Revealed

It is the next book on the best poker books list. Gus Hansen is the author of Every Hand Revealed. It was published in 2008. He may not be as famous as he formerly was, but at one point, with his uniquely aggressive style of gameplay, he took the world of tournament poker to the next level. 

Gus Hansen rode out 747 players for a $1.2 million win to add to his four WPT titles and countless massive tournament scores at the Aussie Millions in 2007. In his book, Every Hand Revealed, he gave precise details about over three hundred hands; he played en way to success. 

During the tournament, after every hand, Hansen was murmuring into his voice recorder. Now you can read what he was whispering.  Gus examines the hands that he had played and reveals the secrets of his winning in Every Hand Revealed. It is an easy-to-read and best poker book for anyone who is serious about the game.

These are some of the best picks of poker books. There are other poker books also that would love your attention; Winning Low-Limit Hold ’em – Lee Jones,  Small Stakes Poker Tournaments – Jonathan Little, Getting Started in Hold ’em – Ed Miller, Ace on the River (2005) – Barry Greenstein, Sit-and-Go Strategy (2007) – Collin Moshman, The Raiser’s Edge (2011) – Bertrand Grospellier, etc. You can also read these books to improve your poker gameplay.

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