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Best Roulette Strategy | A Guide to Roulette Tricks That Can Help Every Player 

Best Roulette Strategy: Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world and is a favorite of many seasoned and beginner casino players. But the sad part is that only very few people know the game inside out and to win. As a player, the last thing you want to do is not put in the complete effort to make your bet win. You can avoid this by choosing the best roulette strategy that really works. While no strategy gives you more chances to win, they simply make you handle your money in different ways. 

6 Best Roulette Strategy and Tricks to be an Expert in Roulette

best roulette tricks

Whether you are an experienced player or a new entrant to the field of Roulette, here is a guide to the best roulette strategy and tricks for you: 

#Strategy 1 Make Sure You Are Clear With Your Odds

The game of Roulette is simple – You can make tons of money by betting on a single number but the risks are very high. Or you can bet on multiple numbers, earn tiny amounts of money and keep the risk within checking limits. It’s obvious, right? Well, because hitting a single number has lesser chances, so the payout is more. 

But what you can do is to know what combination of numbers, whether betting on the sides or columns can increase your chances of winning and keeping the payout good. New players fall prey to betting on a single number which makes them almost always lose all their money. Bet on multiple numbers, check the odds and improve your chances of winning something at least. 

#Strategy 2 Figure Out How Different Betting Systems Work

But do not depend on them! Depending on the betting systems, some will require you to place more bet money after you lose while others do the opposite. But remember, no betting system improves your chance of winning mathematically, it is simply a way of handling your bet money throughout the roulette games. Just because the strategy has worked for some players, it may not work for you. However, you can try them out for fun if you want, and see how it works in real life. Again be conscious about the money you put in these systems because they DO NOT improve the chances of winning. 

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#Strategy 3 No Online Biased Wheels

In live casino, there have been cases of the biased wheel (due to micro dents, directional tilts, etc) which has caused some numbers to occur more times. Due to this, there have been big wins (and losses) in the past. But note that this problem will not exist in online roulette games.

The online versions use a random number generator which has nothing to do with the previous spin. So, every rotation of the wheel generates a number that is absolutely random and is fair. Even if you are seeing some sort of a sequence or a pattern, it would not have anything to do with the wheel being biased. 

#Strategy 4 Choose Trustworthy Casinos

The last thing you want to do is spend your money in a casino that is known for using crook methods to bias games, behave arrogantly and provide bad experiences to newbie players. While choosing a live casino, make sure you play in those that have built their presence over the years and have got a good reputation in the market. You can check their reputation through reviews on the Internet or talking to regular casino players if they prefer playing at that casino. 

For online casinos, you can check the user reviews out, or reviews from popular casino review sites. You can also connect with regular Roulette players and speak about their experience on a particular platform, or maybe you can try the platform out yourself by betting less money at first!

#Strategy 5 Be Aware of All Roulette Variations

Depending on the variation of Roulette you play, the numbers on the board may slightly vary. For example, the American version of roulette has a 0 and 00 as well, unlike the European or the French version. So, you should know the difference between the variations as that will help you decide the odds and the payouts. Depending on the version, you will also choose your roulette strategy or tips and tricks to win. 

#Strategy 6 Never do Betting With Alcohol

A common sight you must have seen in movies but it is highly not recommended. You can lose out on a lot of money without being aware of it. It does not allow you to make good judgments and you make really poor decisions with your money. So, please do not bet with alcohol, always have a clear and fresh head while playing the game of Roulette

These are some of the best roulette strategy and tricks that can help you as a roulette player irrespective of your experience level. Know that the casino will always have a house edge, therefore it is important to know that clearly before deciding to play. The house edge value can influence the amount of money you win (or lose) at the end of the day. Having said that, play responsibly and invest only that much amount of money that you can afford. 

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