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Best Wicket Keeper In Cricket History | All Time Ranking


Best Wicket Keeper In Cricket History

Cricket wicket keepers play a vital role for any team. Usually, most of them also bat, so they provide that extra strength in the batting order. Over the history of the game, there have been plenty of amazing wicketkeepers, who have been mesmerized with their catches, tactics from behind the wicket, and their batting as well. Let’s revisit the best of the lot, and see what made them a legend even today. Note that the following list is not exhaustive, and the wicketkeepers are ranked in no particular order.

8. Denesh Ramdin

Best Wicket Keeper
Best Wicket Keeper Denesh Ramdin

From the West Indies, he has played for the West Indies Cricket Team and started his career with the national team as a test player in 2005. He has had more than 180 dismissals in tests, and more than 200 dismissals in T20s. While he is known for his shrewdness behind the stumps, Ramdin has been prolific in scoring runs for West Indies and bailing them out of the crisis in many situations. His 71 against the series in Australia is one of his stand-out performances.

7. Andy Flower

Best Wicket Keeper
Best Wicket Keeper Andy Flower

He is still arguably the biggest name in Cricket for Zimbabwe. He has impacted a lot of people on and off the field, through his wicket-keeping exploits and also as a coach. At the time of retirement, he has had more than 290 catches and 40 stumpings in his career. He was also one of the best batters to have played for his country, accumulating an average of 51.55 in ODIs. After his retirement, he turned to become a director of the England Cricket Team.

6. Quinton De Kock

Best Wicket Keeper
Best Wicket Keeper Quinton De Kock

At the time of writing, Quinton De Kock is a regular in the South African team and one of their most successful wicket-keeper batsmen of all time. He is known for his attacking skills as an opener, and many times have provided great starts to South Africa during the powerplay in limited overs-cricket. Although most of the matches he has played are on the bouncy pitches of South Africa, his glovework is remarkable and hardly you will see a catch dropped from De Kock.

At the time of writing, he has 466 dismissals, out of which he has 433 catches and 33 stumpings to his name. He has a long way to go in his career and is on track to make even more history for South Africa.

5. Kumar Sangakkara

best wicket keeper
Best Wicket Keeper Kumar Sangakkara

Fulfilling the duties of a wicketkeeper and remaining consistent with the bat across years is not an easy task. Arguably one of the best wicketkeepers of all time, Kumar Sangakkara has been consistently consistent across all formats throughout his playing career. At the time of his retirement, he was also the highest run-scorer for Sri Lanka. His quickness behind the stumps and the ability to catch and stop even the toughest balls sailing around him earned him more than 600 catches and 130 stumpings across his Sri Lanka career.

4. Jos Buttler

best wicket keeper
Best Wicket Keeper Jos Buttler

At the time of writing, he is on his purple patch with the England national team. Not just for his excellent glovework behind the stumps, but his aggressive batting as an opener has brought him limited-overs cricket success rapidly. Considering the wicket-keeping stats, Jos Buttler is the second most successful keeper for England after Alec Stewart. Across different formats, he has had more than 320 catches and 40 stumpings. Jos Buttler is also a regular feature in franchise cricket leagues around the world, most commonly the IPL where he has provided some eye-catching performances for his team.

3. Brendon McCullum

best wicket keeper
Best Wicket Keeper Brendon McCullum

At the time of writing, he is the only cricketer to have scored two hundred in T20I and is one of the few with more than 2000 runs in T20 cricket. During his career, he has taken more than 450 catches and incorporated more than 25 stumpings. He also had a personal best of dismissing 5 times in a single test match. His rate of dismissals is 1.3 per ODI, which is in itself a huge number. This makes him one of the best wicket-keeper of his time. Brendon McCullum is also known for his aggressive style of batting and has scored a lot of runs for New Zealand even during pressure situations. It would not be wrong to say he was one of the most reliable batsmen New Zealand ever had.

2. MS Dhoni

best wicket keeper
Best Wicket Keeper MS Dhoni

Not just one of the greatest wicket keepers, but also one of the greatest players of all time. He is one of the most successful captains in cricket’s history, having got all possible ICC titles for India during his tenure. Not just that, he is quick and sharp behind the stumps and some of his most famous stumpings and catches have had a reaction time of less than 1 second! Dhoni has taken more than 570 catches and did more than 160 stumpings throughout his career for India. Even his batting exploits are well known. He is one of the greatest finishers of all time, and has bailed his team out and provided them the end boost on hundreds of occasions. Not just for India, MS Dhoni has been prolific as a captain, player, and wicketkeeper even for his IPL franchise team – Chennai Super Kings. There will hardly be a player like MS Dhoni in the future.

1. Adam Gilchrist

best wicket keeper Adam Gilchrist
Best Wicket Keeper Adam Gilchrist

Fondly known as Gilly, he has been among the most successful wicket keepers and captains for Australia. He also holds the record for the most dismissals by an Australian in Test cricket and one-day internationals. In his International test career, he has an average of 2.1 dismissals per match which is among the highest in the world. Throughout his career, he has taken more than 790 catches and done more than 90 stumpings. Gilchrist has been prolific in franchise cricket as well, and has mostly batted as an opener and provided aggressive starts for his team. One of his most memorable innings includes the one he played in the 2007 World Cup Final against Sri Lanka, which virtually took the match away from them.

Conclusion – Best Wicket Keeper in Cricket

These are some of the best wicketkeepers ever to have played cricket. Of course, the list is not exhaustive, but no doubt these people have provided a lot for the International, domestic, and franchise teams they have played in. Some of them are still active though, while others have retired.

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