9 Important Ideas to Consider When Betting on Horse Racing

Betting on Horse Racing
Betting on Horse Racing

Betting on Horse Racing

Betting on horse racing is the favorite online sport among gambling fanatics. Not only did it dominate the offline betting market, but people also enjoy betting on ponies online equally.

If you have ever gone to a horse racing venue and sat in the stands at the sportsbook with a handful of tickets, you can understand the entertainment excitement that accompanies the game.

People have left a lot of bucks at the racetrack while some returned home as happy as larry.


No one can indeed guarantee you a 100% win when it comes to betting. Be it horse betting or any other sports betting. If the online bookmaker promises to win, that’s a red flag.

However, there are a few tips for betting on a horse race that anyone can follow to improve their chances of winning.

The tips horse betting guide will provide you with a little insight that will help you to build a strong horse race betting strategy.

1. Put Down Your Bag of Emotions Before Entering the Racetrack

If you bet with your emotions, you are increasing your chances of losing up to 64%. And that’s a lot.

Whenever you’re putting your money on something, you need to use your brain more than anything. Regardless of the amount, you need to place your bet based on logic rather than emotion.

You will always find that one person who lost everything at a racetrack because they trusted their gut more than the logic. So don’t trust what others say, don’t run after your “lucky” number or your child’s favorite pony. It’s a game for adults, and you deal with it that way.

2. Bet on One Horse at a Time

There are a lot of betting options that you can find. Like you can bet on two or more horses at a time, such as quinella and trifecta, and they all come with a big reward if they win. However, that also increases the potential to lose your money.

One of the best pieces of advice that you will ever get for how to bet on horse races for beginners is to bet on one horse at a time.

Betting on Horse Racing
Betting on Horse Racing

Not only is it a safe way of betting, but you can also focus on the strategy for one horse. Though the rewards are comparatively much less, it’s always better to win small rather than lose it all.

However, if you are confident about betting a quinella and trifecta after analyzing the odds, don’t hesitate. But as said in the above point, bet with logic and not your gut feeling.

3. When in Doubt, Bet on the Favorite

In every horse betting game, one horse is assigned as the favorite by the bookmakers. Though this might sound like a random number, it’s not. Horses are assigned odds only after a lot of research.

Therefore, if you plan to place your bet by lowering the risk to a minimum, then setting your bet on a favorite is the right way to go.

4. Look at the Jockey’s Record

It’s not everything about the horses. It’s also about the Jockey who will be controlling the horse.

Before you place a bet on a horse, go through the record of the Jockey who will be riding it to learn how well they did in the past.

Just like any other athletes, jockeys have streaks of good and evil.

If you find that the Jockey of the horse on which you are planning to bet is having a downslide, and the other top contender’s Jockey had a good run recently, it is better to bet on the latter.

While you go for online horse betting, you can search on Google to look at the recent records of the Jockey.

5. Calculate the Horse’s Age Against the Distance

Just like humans, racehorses are athletes too. And with age, their endurance starts to get low. This means, if it’s a long-distance race, they might not be able to hold on to the speed after a specific distance.

So, when you are placing your bet, calculate the age of the horse and the distance of the race to analyze and predict its performance for the match.

6. Trainer and their Specialty

While going through the horse’s biography, also have a look at the person who trained the horse and the specialty of that trainer.

Like every other sport, every horse trainer specializes in one specific area like lengths, distances, tracks, etc.

Search on Google about the trainer to learn about their strength, the track record of the horses they have trained, and figure out if the trainer has a specialization for the type of horse race on which you are planning to bet.

7. Calculate ROI

Before you place your bet, always calculate the ROI to analyze if the bet is worth the risk. You can get all the information you need for the analysis at the Indian horse racing websites.

8. Don’t Bet if You Don’t Know the Track

One of the best tips on betting on horse racing is learning the track over everything else.

A rookie mistake among sports better is to randomly bet on some horse without understanding the track on which the race will take place.

Learning about the track will also help you draft and analyze the outcome of the sport more precisely, which will eventually improve your chances of winning.

9. Find Out the Horse on PED

PED stands for Performance Enhancing Drug. And unlike humans, horses can consume legal PEDs to stop their inflammation or bleeding and enhance their performance.

Try gathering information around this, and if you find a horse on PED, bet on them.

Final Note for How to Bet on Horses

Horse racing is an equally entertaining and rewarding sports betting. There is a lot of investment and strategies at stake. Just a piece of advice, regardless of how good the opportunity seems, never go beyond your bankroll. Always go for safe investments.

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