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Tips on How to Play Bluff Card Game Rules

If you are among those who love to play card games, then you should be aware of the bluff card game rules. In every game, there are rules which every player needs to follow to ensure it becomes engaging enough to play. However, along with the game rules, one also needs to implement strategies to win. How you apply these strategies and use them wisely is quite interesting.

Bluff card games are also called Cheat, Doubt, or BS. So no matter which type of bluff card game you play, following rules is vital. If you are new to this game, here are some of the bluff card game rules you need to know-

  • Understanding the Objective of the game:

One of the first bluff card game rules is to know the objective of the game. Every game has its own objective which you should know and make the game enjoyable. One of the objectives is to get rid of all your cards. And to get rid of all cards, you need to either bluff or tell the truth. Applying any of these can help in getting rid of cards.

  • Learning the art of bluffing

As the name suggests, you need to know how to bluff, which means fooling your opponents. You need to have good practice on bluffing and applying a few tricks to ace up in the game.

  • Know the rules

As mentioned above, there are rules in every game, and so has in the bluff card game. Below are some of the rules you need to know before you play.

Ø  If the player from the group wants to lead, then a nomination is necessary

Ø  While playing, if it’s the turn of the player, there are two options. One is to pass the turn and the other has to choose to play the hand.

Ø  Play until you run out of cards

Ø  One player who finishes the card is the winner

Ø  The joker is a complete wild card in the bluff. For instance, you can use the joker to call it an ace.

  • Starting the game

The bluff is played with four different players. To start with, you need to jumble up the deck of cards and distribute them among players. The first player has to put down the card and say out loud, which card he is putting down. Here, the player can either lie or tell the truth. Well, this is where you need to have the art of deceiving and to win the bluff card game.

Opponents get to choose if the player is telling the truth or lying. In case the opponent objects that the player is bluffing, he can inspect.

If the player is bluffing, the player needs to pick his/her cards back, and the objector will get the turn, but if the player isn’t bluffing, the objector will need to pick the card and the player will play it again.

This process keeps going until the game isn’t over. As the level of the game increases, the level of engagement also increases.


The bluff card game rules are not tough to learn, but you need to be very accurate and understand how to play. Download the Royal Palace game and enjoy the best gaming experience.

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