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Basket Brindisi vs Cluj- Napoca – Basketball Champions League | BRI VS CLN Dream11 Prediction: Live Score, Match Details, Dream Team & Results Prediction

BRI VS CLN Dream11 Prediction


The Basketball Champions league is hot to trot as the two teams will wage war against each other on the court. Cluj- Napoca has put up a splendid performance this season and has left everyone standing in awe of their performance. With sequential victories everyone is already manifesting the fate of this match, as the rival team, Brindisi has been slightly inconsistent this time. Brindisi was second to none in its last match with Derthona basket Tortona with 78-87 as the score. However, Brindisi looks like easy prey to Cluj- Napoca as they have been conquering every rival that is coming their way this season.

BRI VS CLN Dream11 Prediction
BRI VS CLN Dream11 Prediction


  • DATE- 19th October
  • Time- 12:00 AM


No matches played before! Will go head to head for the first time

BRI VS CLN Dream11 Prediction
BRI VS CLN Dream11 Prediction



1)  Nick perkins: Nick is a very talented player with great skills to showcase. He has very good rebound and shooting skills and is instrumental when it comes to these when he is playing. He is the top performing player with 15.3 as his score and 9.7 when it comes to rebounding. He is definitely our top pick for the match.

2) ALESSANDRO ZANELLI: Alessandro is an amazing player who puts up a tough match for the rival team. His assisting skills are top-notch and add to the potential of the team. He has a score of 5 assists which is why he is our top pick for the match. 

BRI VS CLN Dream11 Prediction
BRI VS CLN Dream11 Prediction

2) CLUJ NAPOCA: 1) Claudiu petrila: He is the top-scoring goalscorer in the team who has immaculate skills and stamina. His total score is 4 which is the highest on the team. Apart from goalscoring he has great assisting skills as well with a score of 3. He is an exceptional player and deserves to be our top pick for the match.

2) CIPREAN DIAC: Ciprean is a great player who has very good assisting skills and goal-scoring skills. His total goal scored is 3 and is an excellent right winger when it comes to assisting. He displays immense potential and so is our top pick from the team.


Keeping the statistics and performances of the teams this season, it is only wise to think that Cluj Napoca will claim victory. The team has been extremely consistent and has taken down all its rivals with flying colors, Brindisi will not be a difficult one for them.

BRI VS CLN Dream11 Prediction
BRI VS CLN Dream11 Prediction



  • Guard: Josh perkins, Patrick Richard, Karel Guzman
  • Forward- Myles Carter, Ciprean diac, Brandon brown, Alessandro zelleni 
  • Shooting Guard- Nick Perkins, Lucio Redivo
  • Centre- Andrija Stipanovic, Dustin hogue

The match will be streamed live on Eurosport with real-time commentary and match highlights.

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