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Top 3 Card Games you must Know | Card Game Rules

Card Game Rules: Wanted to be a pro in the card games?  But don’t know how?  No worries! You just need to understand the game rules and you are ready to defeat your opponents.  Rules are set to make the play fair as well as interesting. Without instructions, you will lose the fun and thrill of the card games. Card games, without rules, seem unfair and boring.

Each card game’s rules are distinct from one game to another.  Are you curious to know the rules of your preferred games?  Well! You do not need to look around for the rules. I have listed the “card games rules” of some classic games like Rummy, Heart, etc. 

Let’s jump up on the card games rules

How to Play Spit | Plit Card Game Rules
Split card game rules

The objective of this game is to be the first player to get rid of all of their cards. It’s super easy to play. Pick a dealer who will shuffle a deck of 52 cards and deal the cards to the players one at a time. Each player will take their cards and deal them out in a five stockpile. With the first stockpile, containing one card, the second stockpile containing two cards, the third containing three cards, the fourth containing four cards, and the fifth stockpile. containing five cards. Flip the top cards face-up of each stockpile. Each player will keep the remaining cards face-down next to the stockpile to form spit cards that they may not look at.

Once both players are ready, they will each say “Spit” and simultaneously flip the top card face-up from the spit cards in the middle of the table between them forming separate spit piles. Do you want to know what is the interesting twist in this card game? There are no turns, play happens simultaneously, using only one hand and moving only one card at a time. You can play your faceup card on the top of your stockpile on any two spit piles. 

The card rank must be either one higher or one lower.  Suit and color don’t matter in this game.  Ace is higher than a King.  and lower than  2. So either a King or 2 can be played on Ace. When the top card of the stockpile is face down, flip that card face up.

In case of an empty stockpile, you can move any face-up card to that space. Also, remember that you can never have more than five stockpiles in spit card games.

Once you place a card in a move, you cannot undo that move.  And you will have to continue that game further. If no players can make a move, then both players will say, spit and simultaneously flip one card face up from the spit cards on the originally placed spit pile, and play continue. 

Once a player plays his or her all-stockpile cards, they will slap the spit pile with their hands and round ends. Now, the slapping player will collect the cards that they slapped and will add them to their spit cards. 

Another player will collect the other spit pile and add them with their card. And another round of the game will be played. Whoever runs out of cards first will win this game.

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How to Play Heart | Heart Card Game Rules
Heart Card Game Rules

This is a simple game of losing certain tricks. You might be wondering about losing tricks. Well, this game is played like that.  That is why it is called a grotesque card game. Do you know how many players required in this game? No idea! Let me break the ice here.  If you are 3 to 7 people, you can play it. But it is said that it is played with four players.  

How can you win the heart card games?

If in the last, you have all 13 hearts and the Black Maria, then winning is yours. If not, then I have some other solution for you, pal.

Don’t make the mistake to win any tricks that have a heart or the Queen of Spade. 

I’m sure you get the idea about its winning. Let’s move to the rules of the game.

  1. Passed the cards in four rotations, and players are ready to make their first move.
  2. After the card deals, if any player has 2 of the clubs, then congratulations. He / She can make the opening lead in the game.   The game will progress clockwise. Following suit is mandatory.  In case, a player doesn’t have the matching suit, then a card of another suit can be played.
  3. Do you know that to win the trick, the player should have the highest leading card? And if the player wins,  all the cards belong to the winner now.   Put these cards facedown in the table center. The winner of the trick will lead the subsequent trick..

It is quite sad to know that there is no trump card. And the heart cannot be played until it has been broken. In this game, there is no trump suit. The Black Maria is powerful and can be led at any time of the card game.

This card game will continue this way only.  And at last, count your scores.  If the player matched with the winning condition and scored low, then he or she has won the heart card game.

So are you ready to lose your tricks to win this game?

How to Play Poker | Poker- Card Game Rules

Poker Card Game Rules

How to play poker? What are the rules of poker games? Let’s understand. Poker is a fabulous game that can be played in numerous ways. According to the current card and its order, the player who has the strongest hand is declared the winner.

What are the rules of poker games?

There are different types of hands from highest value to lowest value.

Royal flush
The Royal Flush is the highest value card combination and is considered unbeatable by poker rules.

Straight flush
Five cards of the same suit, made in the same sequence, create a strut flush.

Four of a kind
If you have four cards of the same number, then you are lucky, it is called Four of a Kind, which is a powerful hand.

Full house
When a player has three cards of a single digit (three of a kind) and a pair of only one digit, it is called a full house.

When all five of your cards are of the same suit, it is called a flush. If two players have a flush, the one whose leaf is heavier will be called a winner.

The strut is a five-card hand that has a running sequence of cards, with no need to suit. If two players have a strut, the one whose card is heavier will be called a winner.

Three of a kind
Which has three cards of the same rank is called Three of a Kind.

Two pairs
When a player has two pairs, it will be called two pairs. And if two players have two pairs, then the one who has the highest pair will be called the winner.

One pair
When you have a pair.

High card
If no player has any combination, then the one who has the highest card will be called the high card and he will be called the winner.

No need to wander here and there. This article will make you clear the certain rules of these most fabulous games. Don’t feel bored anytime, feel the magic of a deck of 52 cards.

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