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Casino Roulette Cheating Software | How Predictor Software Works

Casino Roulette Cheating Software: There is no domain where technology and modern programming do not reach into. Roulette, one of the world’s most popular casino games, has also seen technological intervention over recent years, through predictor software. 

Roulette lovers can use this software, although its efficiency is questionable, to enhance their gameplay. These special programs can guess numbers that could potentially be the winning numbers. But it is up to the player to either follow the numbers which the program suggests or choose them based on one’s intuition. To understand how such roulette software works, keep reading below. 

How Casino Roulette Cheating Software Works?

Casino Roulette Cheating Software
Casino Roulette Cheating Software

The Principle

Roulette predictor programs are fundamentally designed to play the American version of roulette. In this version, there is an additional slot for ‘00’. Therefore, compared to another popular version, the European Roulette, the odds of winning and the payout vary. Players refrain from playing the American wheel as much as possible due to its low probability of winning and higher house edge. 

This gap and hesitation are what the roulette predictor software tries to solve. The software does some complex mathematical calculations based on the numbers that appeared on the previous rounds. Following that, it predicts the number for the next rotation of the wheel. Note that the forecast is done only on simple odds such as red and black. 

The working of the roulette software is based on self-learning and it works along the lines of the Random Number Generator which runs the wheel in a virtual casino. The software has some coefficients which must be saved by the player every time he/she exits the system. Some of the roulette predictor software is free and can be downloaded by any player who wishes to explore/use them. 

There are other kinds of software as well, such as Roulette Analyzer which not only predicts the odds but also a specific number as well. Go into detail on how they work and what benefits they offer to you as a player, before choosing the one to use.

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Forecast Performance

Note that no program in the world can provide 100% accuracy in the prediction of its numbers. After all, Roulette is completely a game of chance so unless there is a bias, it is impossible to predict what number may appear next on the wheel. However, the roulette software tries to figure out some logic based on the previous number of appearances, although there may not be any in reality. 

The software works by adapting its functioning to the Random Number Generator that functions in a virtual casino. If you play more games in a single place, the accuracy of the roulette software increases. This is due to the mechanism of self-learning that these programs are embedded with. 

Roulette Predictor Software Features

Depending on which software you use, the specific features of it may vary. But here are some features you might expect. 

  • Use statistics of past spins to predict future outcomes. The more data and statistics provided, the more accurate are the predictions. 
  • Typical betting strategies are built in the software – same bet (control) strategy, Martingale roulette calculator, Labouchere betting system, D’Alembert roulette system. 
  • Some software will enable you to add your strategy.
  • They also check and detect wheel bias 


Beware – Using casino roulette cheating software is not allowed by casinos. You will have to use them at your own risk and if detected, you could be disqualified from playing or even legally prosecuted if the laws of the region say so. 

At the end of the day, no software helps you win on its own. It acts more like psychological support. Instead of that, it is better for you to simply enjoy the game. Play responsibly, that is do not invest an excessive amount of money that you cannot afford. 

Roulette is a game that is meant to be played for leisure rather than winning money. However, bankroll management is a must so that you do not go overboard with your spending. Always keep a fixed amount you want to spend on your betting and stick to that no matter how your game is going on that day. As they say, it is better and advisable to quit when you have more wins than losses, or when you have exhausted all the money you had planned to spend on roulette. 

The most important point again – Enjoy the game of roulette!

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