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The All-in-One Guide for Casino Roulette Tips and Tricks

Casino Roulette Tips and Tricks: Roulette is one of those casino games that have a lot of heritage, and you will find extremely experienced (and even legends) in roulette as much as you will find beginners. The best part about the casino games is that it has not lost its charm despite its long history. It is extremely exciting, can be fast-paced, and provide good potential for winnings for the player. 

But with any game, one way to evolve as a player is to create and follow strategies, tips, or tricks. In the Roulette scene, it is a little tricky because it is a game entirely based on chance. However, you can still follow some tips and tricks that control the way you spend money and earn money over different games.

Casino Roulette Tips and Tricks

Casino Roulette Tips and Tricks
Casino Roulette Tips and Tricks for beginners

Keep reading on to find some experts-suggested casino roulette tips and tricks: 

Play Games with Surrender or En Prison

The result of both these modes of the game is the same. In the case of ‘surrender’, suppose you bet on either red/black, odd/even, or high/low, you lose only half the bet value if it lands on 0 or 00 (in the American version). You as a player will receive the other half of the best value. These are also known as even-money bets. 

En Prison is very similar, that is it cuts the size of the betting amount. But if the ball lands on the green 0, the half betting amount is locked up till the next spin of the wheel. This reduces the house edge from 2.7% to 1.35%. 

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Choose Single Zero Wheel

When given a choice, please go for this only. A single-zero wheel is essentially the European version of Roulette. The house edge is just 2.70% here as compared to 5.26% in the case of the American version of Roulette. If you are choosing online roulette platforms, you can choose between the two boards. In the case of offline gambling, contact the casino or check their website out to see what version of roulette they offer. 

Consider a 401G Account

If you want to manage money for gambling well, it is recommended to open a 401G account which will only carry funds associated with gambling. You can add to this account from the funds you keep for entertainment, either weekly or monthly. You should make sure that you gamble only with the amount you have in this account. This will save you from overspending money and affecting other aspects of life financially. 

Play for Leisure

Roulette is supposed to be a fun game, intended to take you off from the tensions of the real world. Unfortunately, a lot of people consider this game too seriously and end up either being too stressful, losing all their money, or both. Do not rush into the bets, plan carefully before the game and take your time at the table. While gambling in general, keep emotions out of the picture. 

Do Not Worry About Losses

Roulette is a game of chance, so you will inevitably come across a string of losses at some point. There is no point in being angry at your luck or destiny, because that’s the nature of gambling and this game, and this applies to everyone who plays it. Only try and make sure that the wheels in offline gambling casinos do not have any bias in them (mostly related to the structure)

Only Use Your BankRoll

Do not compare your bet value with others on the table. It is a rookie mistake. 

You play with the money you can afford, and that is a safer option than to spend more than you can and lose all of it. Divide the money you have for gambling across different games, check which strategy works for you, and accordingly shell them out. A good roulette player will stay within their limits as far as spending is concerned, and yet enjoy the thrill the game provides. 


The more you play Roulette, the more comfortable you will get with strategies and rules. Maybe then, you can create your casino roulette tip and tricks! But a reminder – the game of roulette needs to be played responsibly, respecting your limitations and the ethics of the game. It is highly addictive, so beware. 

A pro tip – Try free versions of online roulette. 

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