Casino Roulette Tricks to Win | Big Number Trick in Roulette 


Casino Roulette Tricks to Win: Roulette is one of the oldest games one will find in casinos, but the popularity has remained impactful despite the advent of many modern casino slot games and card games. Due to the huge number of players worldwide, there has been the development of roulette systems or tips and tricks which although do not make you directly win, manage your bankroll in different ways. 

One of the most popular tricks in Roulette is the big number strategy. This is a straightforward strategy where you bet on a chosen number or a bunch of numbers. If you look at the roulette scoreboard, for example, you will see that some numbers repeat. This may even be visible quite clearly even in a short number of spins. The big number trick involves identifying the number which has been repeating and bet on that number. If there are more than one numbers that have been repeating consistently, you bet on each of them. 

Disclaimer – This trick like all the others in roulette does not give any mathematical benefit for you to win. It is just a money management technique that can influence how long you play and how you divide the money between games.


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5 Best Casino Roulette Tricks to Win

Casino Roulette Tricks to Win
Casino Roulette Tricks to Win

1) So, How Much Should You Bet?

Since you have a bankroll, you will have some estimate of what is a normal bet for you. Put that normal bet on the big number. If there are multiple big numbers you need to bet on, it is safer to put your minimum bets on each of these numbers. 

2) Duration of Betting on the Big Number

In the Big Number trick, you are betting on the numbers that form some form of repetition or pattern on the scoreboard. You will stop betting on the big number once the number disappears from the scorecard. Disappearing here means when enough spins have occurred without that number appearing and thus, the new numbers have replaced these numbers on the scoreboard. 

If there is no repetition pattern on the scoreboard by any number, do not bet. Yes, it takes some discipline but it can help you save money that can be used later when numbers repeat. 

3) What is Betting Negative on Big Numbers?

Maybe you might think the other way round. What about betting on big numbers that have not yet shown on the scorecard, with the hope that they will at some point in time. But this trick does not come under the big number trick although it is a valid strategy too. The big Number trick involves positive betting. 

4) What If Different Numbers Are Repeating But With Different Frequency?

If there are two numbers in which one has repeated x number of times and the other has repeated twice of x number of times. Do you bet more on the second number than the first number? Well, you can do that but there is a risk associated that you will end up losing your bankroll fast. Instead, just keep a single bet on repeating numbers to eliminate a portion of the risk. 

Note that if you bet more, there is no more chance of winning. You are creating the potential to lose more money when you lose. The more money you wager, the more money the house edge takes some of it. 

5) Other Big Number Roulette Tricks

You do not need to bet straight up on the big numbers. In American Wheel, for example, the chance of hitting a single number is 1 in 38, therefore there could be long waits for a particular number to arrive. That is why it is recommended to play the European Wheel which is slightly better in terms of the house edge. 

If you feel that there is too much waiting between numbers you have bet on, you can mix it up with outside bets in between which has almost a 50% probability of turning right. This can keep you interested in the game and also potentially avoid some losses. 

ConclusionThe Big Number Trick

Again putting it out, there is no single trick that gives mathematical benefit to winning and the same applies here as well. Do not make too many sudden bets, the more bets you make, the more money you may potentially lose out on. Go slow and spread your bankroll over a long period. 

Another strategy players tend to adopt is increasing their bets based on the previous losses, to cover them up. Do not do that. You could go on a spiral of losses and in no time, reach the maximum bet limit on the table or simply finish your bankroll. 

In general, maintain a separate bank account where you keep your gambling money to spend on casino roulette tricks to win. Keep that much amount that you would not mind losing it all. All the best with your game of Roulette! Play responsibly! You can play here Online Roulette on Pro Indian Casinos. 

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