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Crazy Eights Game | Rules, Types & How to Play

How to kill boredom? Do you have any idea what weapon can be helpful?  If not, then I’m going to introduce you to a classic weapon that you use to kill boredom without a shriek. Yes, its name is crazy eight.  A game that two or more than two players can play with a 52 cards deck.  This game has many names, varies from place to place.  Some people call it Crates, Switch, Swedish Rummy. Do you know what it is called in Switzerland? No?  Tschausepp, that’s what they name it. The British call it BlackJack and Netherland people call it Pesten.  Let’s know about the basics of the game as well as Crazy eightHow to play Crazy eight? Common on! scroll down, now.

Basics of Crazy Eights Game

Basics of Crazy Eights Game

Crazy Eights was invented in 1930 & since 1930, it has been played in many different styles. Around two to eight people can participate in this game.  If more people are playing this game, then you need two decks of 52 cards

Choose the dealer in the initial phase of the game. It becomes easy to proceed in the game if there is no confusion. Dealer distributes the cards among the players. If two players are playing, two cards will be distributed. If more players are playing, five cards will be distributed to each player.  Don’t forget to shuffle the cards nicely, before you distribute them

Once the dealer is done with dealing, keep the remaining cards face down in the middle of the table. This is called a stockpile. After that, take out the first card from the stockpile, put it aside from the stockpile face up. It becomes a discard pile

Everything is set up, so are you ready to make your first move? But who will make the first move? That is the question and everyone must have the answer. A player left to the dealer side can start the game. The game will continue in the clockwise direction. Let’s move to the next part of Crazy Eights. And that is how to play Crazy Eights?

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How to Play Crazy Eights Game | Crazy Eights Rule

how to play crazy eights

How will the player start the Crazy Eights game? The player from the left side of the dealer either plays a face-up card on top of the discard pile or can draw a card from the undealt stockpile.  In both ways, a player can play.

The following plays are allowed:

  • Assume that the top card of the discard pile is not an Eight, what you can do next?  Play any card which resembles the rank or suit of the preceding card.
  • Explaining with examples makes things easier to understand. So here is one for you. If the top card you draw was the king of hearts, you are free to play any king or any heart).
  • Eight is a magical number and can be played on any card. Also, the player who has eight must choose a suit. 

What can you do if Eight is on upmost of the pile?  It is simple. Play either another Eight or any card of the suit chosen by the player who played the Eight. It is all your preference.

  • If the dealer picks up an Eight as their first card of the play, it is interpreted as though the dealer had played it. He will check his hand and will choose a suit. 
  • Then next will have only two choices that are mentioned above. The player will play a card of the nominated suit or play another Eight.
  • When a single card is left in the player’s hand, he has to inform others by announcing the “last card”. If a player didn’t do this before the next player turned, then he has to draw two cards from the stockpile to his hand as a punishment.
  • Whosoever player gets freed from his card first will be a winner of the game.  Other players will get punishment points because it is a game of getting rid of their cards. If the cards have left in the player’s hands, then punishment points they will receive. Let’s see how many points for each card.
  1. If you have eight, then the punishment point will be 50.
  2. Other cards’ punishment value is equal to their face value. For example ace means one point, Two means two points.

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What can we do if the Stockpile is Over?

It can be the situation in the game where the stockpile will be finished and the discard pile will be there only. DO one thing at that moment, pick up all the cards from the discard pile except the last one, shuffle them well and keep them face down alongside the discard pile card.

What are Other special cards in Crazy Eights?

Eight is only a card with a special power. There are other cards too with special powers. If you get to know about their power, you can rule the game.  Let’s check them out.

  1. Queen: If you played a queen, the next player in-game circle has to skip his turn. And that turn will be passed to the next player.  
  2. Ace: If you played an Ace, it reverses the rotation of the game. If the game is moving in a clockwise direction, after an Ace is played, it will move in a counter-clockwise direction.
  3. Two: If two is played, the next player either needs to draw two cards or play another Two.

    One more situation can come while playing the Crazy Eights. It is important to know what to do in that certain situation. If the last card is the special card in the winner’s hand, then the special power of the card will be overlooked.

Amazing powers, right?  Knowledge of these special powers can help you to get the upper hand in the game.  I’m sure you would love this extra pinch of information on Crazy Eights to kill your boredom. What are you waiting for? Just go for it and have fun with friends as well as family.

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