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Cricket Bowling Machine
Cricket Bowling Machine


Cricket is one of the most favorite sports among every generation and has often become a source of entertainment within families and friends. In countries like India, Cricket is not considered just a sport, but a feeling of fraternity is associated with the sport. For professionals, thus, it becomes much more important to continue practicing as their game will decide their career and future in the sports of Cricket. The Cricket that we play has two favorite components, batting, and bowling. The bowling component is a much-loved activity when the sport is played. Bowling is quite fun for people belonging to all ages. The bowling activity helps people keep their minds free and refresh their minds. 

Even in our childhoods, the best gifts we received on birthdays or any other occasion were a Bowling ball. And the excitement is the same among the grownups if we see thoroughly. 

Bowling balls were easily found in shops where there is a collection of things related to sports merchandise


The Concept of Cricket Bowling Machine. 

 Cricket Bowling Machine is a scientifically innovated machine that has been used in sports practice for a long time now. A Cricket bowling machine is also called a Cricket Pitching machine. It has been efficient in providing consistent and accurate batting practices for professionals interested in the game of Cricket. The machine can be called the best facility for practicing Cricket, for all the professionals and those interested in Cricket and like to play it. One of the good things about the machine is that it is affordable for many. 

Cricket Bowling Machine
The Concept of Cricket Bowling Machine

Bowling machines can develop skills into a professional batsman to keep calm and give a proper the best reaction to every ball that comes your way.

The concept of such devices was introduced or induced into the world back in 1985. However, it has been encouraged enough since their launch to continuously improve and develop this dynamic and beneficial instrument or machine. 

The machines are so helpful in providing training to the batsman. They repeatedly throw balls at a certain length, line, and speed to encourage the batsman to perform better every second time the ball is thrown into his direction and hone skills through repetition. 

Different types of bowling machines are being developed and available in the market, which is pretty significantly different from each other in ways. They are delivered with each one of them mostly, allowing the use of remote control for the coaches to be closer to a batsman when the stroke is played. 

Advantages of a Cricket bowling machine 

A Cricket Balling machine is something that is quite advantageous for professionals and is also capable of creating the best of all bowling attacks into practice. The Flexibility in operating the machine is so great that it can be turned very well to throw the shots from every possible angle to simulate left and right-handed pitchers of the ground.

Also, the bowling machine used in training and coaching practices for batters has continued advancing since its launch. Nowadays, models for the machines have come in the market, which can easily replicate almost any range of bowlers of the modern generation. The machines are now capable enough to replicate the ball throwing by the professional bowlers into very different styles, which will only help the batsman evolve better and much more efficiently. The advance so far introduced into these machines has made it easy to use a single machine for all the players.

The machines available at the market enable professional players to do their training with utmost ease at grounds as thinnest as the backyards. It will turn out to be the perfect way to practice longer net sessions. 

Types of Bowling Machines

Usually, there are three kinds of bowling machines-

  1. Mechanical Bowling machines Pneumatic Bowling machines
  2. Programmable Bowling machines. 

Mechanical Bowling machine

The most well-known mechanism of the machine consists of two heavy wheels of some desired dimensions aligned with rubber tires. Each heavy wheel gets rotated with the help of an Electric Motor, fixed on a frame and a slider arrangement. The slider arrangement is such that it could fit in or accommodate balls of different diameters. The above whole assembly is then fixed on another place typically powered by a DC source and, with the help of the controller, allows the variation in the speed. 

The type of machine can provide different types of balls as fast, spin, seam, bouncers, and Swing bowling. 

Pneumatic Bowling machines

Cricket Bowling machines
Pneumatic Bowling machines 

The types of machines, if compared to the mechanical types, are not much common among users and work on a completely different principle. The machine has most of its space secured by a hopper, which contains balls. There is a rotor with space for six balls into it and is situated at the bottom of the hopper. The whole setup requires a pump which is used to provide a flow of air into the Chamber that the ball drops into. Eventually, as the pressure inside a restrictor increases, the ball releases. 

These types of machines can deliver fast swings, spin, bouncers, and seam bowling. 

Programmable Bowling machines 

Cricket Bowling machines
Programmable Bowling machines

The types mentioned above of machines are considered to have a simpler design and qualities of reliability and operation. Still, these machines do come up with some limitations down the line. Programmable Bowling machines are so developed to overcome the limitations by rapidly re-configuring these machines to give or provide the player with different styles of ball delivery in quick succession. 

Merlyn is a programmable Bowling machine that the makers claim to deliver every style of ball that a man can do. As the claims were big, the machine gained much public attention when it was launched. 

How to use Cricket bowling machines?

The following things mentioned below should be kept in mind for safely using your bowling machine. 

For different sorts of machines, there are various ways to operate them safely, but one can take help from this generalized picture which we have mentioned below. 

  • Know your machine
  • Guard against electrical shock
  • Keep the operator’s area free of clutter
  • Should keep children away and do not let them operate them. 
  • Use the right ball 
  • Inspect extension cords periodically
  • Do not abuse the cord
  • Dress properly
  • Wear safety glasses and batting helmets
  • Never touch rotating tires
  • Inspect the machine every time before using it.
  • Inspect the wheels or tires before moving

Top 3 Cricket Bowling machines

As these machines keep on advancing, we have three favorites of our own which we are going to list out here, so that it could be a great help for you people if your guys are intending on purchasing it. 

  • iBot Bowling machine 
  • iWinner Bowling machine 
  • Yantra e3 Bowling machine

 iBot Bowling machine 

 iBot Bowling machine 
iBot Bowling machine

This machine is unique and special, and it is something made for young entry-level professional cricketers to practice for. The maximum speed the machine operates for full pitch is 95kmph and half pitch for 130kmph. 

And the latest iBot Pro could do the same with a speed of 110 kmph and 140 kmph, respectively. 

iWinner Bowling machine 

iWinner Bowling machine 
iWinner Bowling machine

This machine is quite affordable for any individual and is among those with low pricing and is a two-wheel Cricket Bowling Machine. This machine is suitable for a player’s professional practice at the game and entertainment and has several intelligent features, and can manage a speed up to 130 kmph. 

Yantra e3 Bowling machine 

Every batsman dream of owning this machine in his practice and training area. This machine is often regarded as the most advanced form of machine which is well equipped with Artificial intelligence and does operate on a wireless basis. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. which is the best among the best bowling machines?
  2. Yantra e3 
  3. how fast can a bowling machine throw a ball 
  4. maximum speed for fast delivery can go up to 160kmph. 


Cricket bowling machines are the machines that are used by professional players of the sport for training and practice sessions. These machines have helped batters develop skills of hitting every kind of ball delivered at them. There are three kinds of bowling machines, Mechanical, Pneumatic, and Programmable. Mechanical cricket bowling machines are the most common and are used at a wide range. These machines can deliver Swings, bouncers, fast, spin, and other bowling styles effectively. These machines are sometimes also referred to as cricket pitching machines. According to our understanding and market survey, we have come across three top cricket bowling machines which one can buy from the market, and these bowling machines aim at just improving the game of a batsman. 

According to us, the iBot Bowling machine, iWinner Bowling machine, and Yantra e3 bowling machines are the machines which has much marketable appreciation in their courts. Among these three names, we are most fond of the third name, the Yantra e3 Bowling machine. The Yantra e3 bowling machines are the best in their range with facilities and features, including artificial intelligence.

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