Cricket IPL Betting Tips – Reasons Why IPL is so Popular in INDIA?

IPL Betting
IPL Betting

Why is the IPL so popular in India?

It has long been known: India worships cricket. But what is not so widely known is that the country has built a swanky economy around the sport: the Indian Premier League (IPL) media rights under a new contract (2018-2022) are worth $2.6 billion. The deal is one of the world’s top 10 and, on a per-season basis (510 million), beats, for example, the NHL’s existing contract until 2024 (454 million).

Most surprisingly, the IPL was founded just 10 years ago: the first tournament began on April 1, 2008. Games are played in an abbreviated Twenty20 format, lasting an average of three and a half hours – not much for cricket, because in the other format (one-day match), games usually last at least five to six hours. It was with the launch of the Twenty20 in 2003 that Indian cricket began to gain commercial appeal.

Cricket IPL betting tips

The outcomes of the coin toss are depicted. The turn of attack in cricket is selected by flipping a coin.

IPL betting
Cricket IPL betting tips

Conditions of the weather There is no sport that is more reliant on the weather than cricket. The weather may have a significant influence on a Test match, particularly its duration (cricket is not played in the rain).

The field factor. The pitch where the major action takes place may range from a dirt surface to a relatively short or long grass in different locales and stadiums.

Team and player conditions. The condition of the teams preceding a certain match should never be disregarded.

A bigger match implies a more engrossing live game. First-level cricket matches can span many days, making betting on the outcome of the match highly attractive.

Rules of the game in the IPL

Unlike most other sports, cricket has a huge number of variations in the rules, even tournaments are played in several formats, so it can be difficult for newcomers to understand the rules. 

IPL Betting
Rules of the game in the IPL

Cricket stadium is an oval grass-covered pitch with two teams of 11 players each. The key roles are allocated to bowlers and batsmen. The batsman bats the ball as far away as possible to run across the field before the bowler reaches the ball. In a way, the game resembles baseball. 

The basic cricket terminology includes: 

The pitch is a rectangular ground that the batsman must run across after striking out. 

Wickets – wooden structures on the edges of the pitch – destroying the wickets knocks the batsmen out of the game. 

Wounds – a run, a successful crossing of a pitch that scores a point.

Innings – one drawing of points in a match. 

Over is a series of six pitches followed by a change of bowlers on the field. 

In cricket betting, it is important not only to understand the rules but also to understand the peculiarities of tournaments, the format of which can vary significantly.

How to make online cricket IPL betting in any bookmaker company?

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India, which is why all of the leading organizations in this industry provide cricket betting. Furthermore, for optimal comfort and convenience, the player is frequently provided the option of placing one-click bets on his favorite cricket team. However, in order for a newbie to place a cricket bet as soon as possible, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Confirm that you have registered and validated your account. This is required before you can begin betting on any sport.
  2. Make a deposit into your account and double-check that it has been credited. It is critical to remember what you said about selecting the greatest cricket betting organization because only a legitimate bookmaker can offer security.
  3. In the fast user bar or inline mode, look for cricket.
  4. Choose cricket and then the form of cricket betting.
  5. To win, analyze and anticipate the outcome of the match on your preferred bet type.
  6. Choose the odds and deposit the amount you are willing to gamble based on your research.
  7. Finish the wager and double-check that it has been credited to your account. This is possible 

in the special area.

Game analysis tips for IPL betting

Some cricket teams are better offensively and other teams are better defensively. In other words, some teams are stronger when it comes to batting and other teams are stronger when it comes to pitching.

By analyzing each team’s line-up, players will be able to determine whether that team will try to outdo their opponents in terms of the number of wounds they score or concentrate on serving in order to get the opposing team’s players out of the game faster. 

One of the main things to look out for when studying cricket betting is the possible influence of external factors on the outcome of a cricket match. External factors include the weather, time of day, or the condition of the playing surface.

As with football betting, some teams have an advantage over other teams when it comes to home-field advantage. This is partly due to the importance of the playing surface and the ability of the teams to use the home field advantage to play at their best.

Top 4 cricket IPL betting companies 


Bookmaker 1xbet offers new players an interesting bonus of up to $100. It is credited to the first deposit and, after wagering, can be used for betting on the site. Regular players can also count on interesting rewards constantly being updated.

For online cricket IPL betting fans, thousands of sports events from all over the world are available. If users are looking for cricket games featuring a team from India, it’s easy to do so. The 1xbet website has such events available.

A user-friendly website is available for users. In addition, all betting can be done through an app that makes it easy to access your profile from mobile devices


The first deposit of up to $100 is rewarded with a bonus of an equal amount. The bonus does not exceed a hundred dollars and is 100% of the deposited amount. The gift can be redeemed after accumulating a certain number of bonus points, which are called leons.

The site attracts with a bright design, the colored inserts look organic in the grey-red-and-white tones that formed the basis of the design. In the header of the start page, there are links to the main sections, namely Slots, Casino Leonbet, Cybersports, and more.

If your phone runs on Android, you can download the special application of the portal. The smartphone app is very easy to use. Almost all the functionality of the main website has been retained except for some items such as TV games.

You can find almost anything in the football events section, from major events such as online IPL betting India. You can even place short-term bets in pre-match. The most frequent betting choices are totals and doubles.


Betway is a unique online IPL betting company that operates not only in India but in countries all over the world. The company guarantees a high level of security and reviews from all over the world confirm this. For more convenient online sports betting, there is a mobile app that is supported on IOS and Android platforms. What’s more, there is a $35 welcome bonus. 

Among the services on offer, you can find anything you like. From the Belarus Football Championship to the FIFA games. The company has an excellent helpdesk where they can solve all your problems regarding online betting at Betway.


If you are an IPL betting fan and enjoy betting, then 22bet is one of the best companies in the world to make it possible. The company has designed the site with a premium user experience and app for Android and iOS and allows you to use their services wherever you have access to the internet.

22bet is creating global trends in betting and enables you to bet on more than 50 different sports with thousands of different odds options. You can find anything you like here, including volleyball, football, cricket, basketball, and much more. Moreover, it is possible to bet not only on the most popular leagues or world championships but also on such leagues as the IPL.

A separate plus point is the withdrawal and deposit methods, as an Indian player can use UPI, Paytm, NetBanking, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, bank transfer and not worry about the safety of their funds as the company is officially licensed and has thousands of positive reviews.

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