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Did this really happen…..

BIG NEWS!!! Liverpool lost the match against Burnley on Thursday 21 January 2021. This was a shocking loss ending Liverpool’s 68-match home Premier League unbeaten streak. The win was Burnley’s first at Liverpool since 1974 which has been something that wasn’t expected. Liverpool had been unbeaten at Anfield since April 2017.

Jurgen Klopp took responsibility for the sudden collapse of Liverpool’s Premier League title defense saying the game was impossible to lose but they lost. Klopp also says taking the blame that it is his fault because it was his job that the boys have the right feelings. Klopp mentions that it is impossible to believe that they lost the game but there was some decision-making not done right in the final moment. It is the truth and they have to accept that. This loss also made them slip six points on the score table and currently, they are in the fourth position

This is a historic win for Burnley as it is the first time they have won at Anfield in 46 years ending Liverpool’s unbeaten Anfield run, stretching back to April 2017. Sean Dyche says that the shape and diligence of his team were excellent. They’ve believed in the side to find a moment which they got in form of a penalty shot by Barnes and they took it very well. Dyche calls this penalty shot a golden chance which secured a goal for them and giving them a heroic win.

Liverpool has now failed to win in five consecutive Premier League games. Klopp has claimed that before the game he was “not worried” by his side’s poor run. Liverpool has managed to score only one goal in the last 4 matches and counting the match with Burnley, makes it five. Liverpool entered the game after a draw match with Manchester United. The team is now concerned about the further fall of their spot on the table considering this performance.

Not to sugar coat, the performance was stuttering. This is not a good time for Red’s currently. They lost their best chances in the game which was the reason they could not score any goal. Whereas Burnley players looked in a superb formation. Certain concerns are now been raised for Liverpool by the fans as the team seems to slip away from their title. The six points can still be recovered, however, the form Liverpool are in and the fixtures they have in the coming months, this is pretty concerning. Klopp has defended the players as expected as they have been the gems of the team. Klopp clarifies that it is not about blaming, but the chances missed and not making the right decision has caused the loss



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