Dream11 Prediction: Dream11 Fantasy Great Tips and Cricket Rules

Dream11 Prediction
Dream11 Prediction

When you see an IPL cricket tournament, you must have noticed an advertisement of Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the middle. If you also want to earn money, then make your Dream11 team. Most people don’t have any idea about Dream11 Prediction. And also don’t know how to play and win it. So friends, in today’s post, we will tell you about “Dream11 fantasy cricket”. 

As you understand how much craze there is for IPL cricket matches all over the nation. Because it has approximately all the cricket clubs globally, and when various teams are developed by combining all those committees, its joy increases even more.

Dream11 Prediction
Dream11 Prediction

About Our Dream11 Prediction

Here you come to learn Dream11 prediction for all the big cricket tournaments and the smaller ones.


We strive to get our predictions out first so you can get an experience of what we are searching for. Here we will talk over our recommended lineup, a brief analysis of our contemplation of lineup, and who we visualize playing Dream11.

Most often, we will provide an updated prediction after the toss has been performed and the playing 11 has finalized, so those that want to wait until the finale to the batting starts can collect our latest thoughts on our Dream11 Prediction at our website or in our community on our Facebook group or in Telegram.

All of our predictions are inscribed by our resident betting professionals. They make their estimation of the games when they compose their regular match forecasts and incorporate their findings into fantasy tips and betting predictions.

What is Dream11?

Dream11 was launched in 2016. Although there are many other websites on which you can win money by preparing your cricket team. In today’s time, Dream11 is the most prominent and reliable website. Because the government approves this website, you can directly transfer the amount received in Dream11 to your bank account.

Earlier 250 rupees were put on joining Dream11 fantasy cricket, but its Refer and Earn program has improved in today’s time. If you enroll by clicking on someone’s referred link and entering its code, then both will get 100 rupees which you can play by making Dream11 cricket team without any investment.

Dream11 Prediction
Dream11 Prediction

What is Dream11 Fantasy Cricket?

Dream11 is one of the most popular online cricket play and win websites in which you have to make a committee by utilizing your cricket knowledge. You have to select the best player from both the teams who do best in the match. If your chosen performers perform well, you earn the contest and will buy the amount of first prize.

For example, the contests that will occur in Dream11 are all revealed to you on the home page. Suppose there is a tournament of India vs. Srilanka, then you have to choose 11 players from both the teams in which one wicketkeeper, 3-5 Batsmen, 1-3 all-rounders, and 3-5 Bowlers can be determined. You can appoint a maximum of 7 players from any league.

After selecting your Dream11 team, you have to choose the captain and vice-captain, then select the amount of money you want to join the contest. In this way, you can take advantage of the Dream11 game.

How to Play Dream 11 fantasy cricket?

First of all, you have to enroll in Dream11 fantasy cricket, for you should utilize the referral link to earn the benefit of 100 rupees. Without Refer the link, you have to add your cash in Dream11, so you must click on Refer link and utilize the same code.

Dream11 Prediction
Dream11 Prediction

Go through the steps to play Dream11 fantasy cricket:

  1. To join Dream11, first, you must click on the Register button below.
  2. As soon as you tap on the Register Button, a new page displays in front of you where at the bottom, you must tap on “Have a Referral code.”
  3. Now, the Register and Play screen will reveal. At the top, you have to provide the Referral code such as “PRIYA21984KL,” then enter your password by entering your mobile number and email address. And it would help if you hit on the REGISTER button.
  4. Now, an OTP arrives on the mobile number you provided. If the number is in the same mobile, the OTP gets entered automatically.
  5. As soon as the OTP arrives, a screen occurs in which you see a forthcoming match. Choose any match.
  6. After this, you have to select your Dream11 team in which one wicketkeeper, 3-5 Batsmen, 1-3 all-rounders, and 3-5 Bowlers can be appointed. For this, you have 100 points to choose any 11 players.
  7. After selecting your Dream11 team, you have to elect a captain and vice-captain. The point double and voice captain of the one you choose as captain boosts 1.5 times.
  8. After this, the record of enrolling in the contest comes in front of you. You need to join the game with the money you would like to join.
  9. If you do not need to enroll in the contest now or have cash in your Dream11, you can enlist the practice match at the bottom absolutely for free.
  10. Now the match you have chosen, as soon as that match begins. Then your rank boosts and decreases according to the achievement of the players appointed by you. You can also recognize it simultaneously in Dream11.

Dream 11 Fantasy Cricket tips

  1. Before electing the players of the Dream11 team, you can have a look at the performance of their previous match and then choose your team.
  2. You need to keep an eye on every announcement conveyed to that match if you do not choose players who are not in that tournament.
  3. Before the game initiates, it must be recognized which player is on the team. 
  4. Do your analysis thoroughly before choosing the captain and vice-captain of your committee because this is what will make you the hero of the Dream11 game.
  5. Before choosing captain and vice-captain, you should make sure to watch on which number it comes. 
  6. If you utilize more than one mobile, select a different team in both the mobile.
  7. Before choosing your Dream11 team, you must know about dream11 Prediction from various websites.

Dream11 Fantasy Cricket Rules and Points System

  1. The captain you choose, its points are twice as much, i.e., multiply by 2.
  2. Voice captain’s point increases by 1.5.
  3. If the batsman achieves a run, he earns 0.5 points.
  4. Once the blower grabs a wicket, he earns 10 points.
  5. If a player catches, then he earns 4 points.
  6. For striking a four, you earn 0.5 points.
  7. Striking a six gets 1 point.
  8. Bringing out a Maiden Over earns 4 points in T20 and 2 points in OID.


If you enjoy watching and playing cricket matches and want to get updates on the world of cricket, you can win lakhs of rupees by making your Dream11 Prediction.

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