Electronic Roulette Tips Tricks | How to Play the Game & Win


Electronic Roulette Tips Tricks : Digital gambling is evolving at an enormous rate due to the convenience it provides and the regulations in different regions around the world for physical casinos. Roulette, one of the most popular casino games in the world, has also its version which is equally fun and popular. But if you are a newbie to the world of casinos, do not confuse electronic roulette with random number generator roulette. 

One fundamental difference between the electronic and the live version of the roulette is that the electronic roulette does not require a dealer. The advantages are two-prone. For the players, especially the newbies, it makes them less nervous. For the casinos, they save on hiring dealers. 

Placing Bets on Electronic Roulette Machines?

Electronic Roulette Tips Tricks


Electronic Roulette Tips Tricks : It might be a little confusing for people who are used to play with chips on the table. But in the virtual version, that changes a bit because you will be playing on a mobile device or a machine in a live casino. The machines in offline casinos have protection against the simultaneous placing of bets. Make sure you are well aware of the rules of Roulette before you start playing, else there can be a chance of being banned. 

Apart from the betting, the electronic version is quite similar to the live version. But in the virtual version, machines make use of a progressive jackpot system, which essentially makes the machines more progressive in the full-number betting systems. On these machines, you can bet on odd or even numbers, high or low numbers, and in between colors as well, but these reduce the prize value. 

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Online / Electronic Roulette Tips for Newbies

Win in Electronic Roulette

Here we are listing some of the best Electronic Roulette Tips Tricks for the newbies/beginners who want to learn some of the best yet simple tricks to win in this game.

#Tip 1 Understand the Roulette Versions

You must understand what version of Roulette you are playing since the rules and tricks depend on them. There are mainly three variants played around the world, the American version, the European version, and the French version. The best statistical return is of the European Roulette which has a house edge of just 2.63%

#Tip 2 Go For The Outside Bets

These provide the best chance of winning in the game of Roulette. The wagers are on groups and not on numbers. The bets can be either odd or even, black or red, 1-18, 19-46, etc. In outside bets, the payouts are less but the chance of winning is higher. So, if you fancy a low-risk game and want to just play for fun, outside bets are the right option for you. 

#Tip 3 Try Combinations of Bets

If you are wondering what is inside bets, it is those that are placed inside the inner table section. But if you still want to try them, maybe you can play a combination bet. These bets are placed on the lines between the different numbers of the roulette table. You can even place them on the corner between four numbers also, for instance. They are most costly than the single number wagers but in the long-term, they provide more rewards. 

#Tip 4 Do Not Pay Attention to Due Numbers

Some online casino services provider numbers could be coming up in the following sequences. These are purely randomized, so it is better to ignore them. Note that the chance of winning for each spin remains completely the same irrespective of the numbers that might have come up before. Do not assume there is an extra guarantee for success following these ‘due’ numbers. 

#Tip 5 Check Out The Payouts

Before you begin playing, it is essential to know the payouts and odds for your Roulette bet. The odds of winning and the payout may have some influence on the amount of betting you do, and subsequent strategies you employ. The outside bets pay 1:1 and the inside bets range from 6:1 to 35:1. But of course, the risk associated with inside bets is much higher.

#Tip 6 Know Your Money Well

It is advisable that in all gambling games that you know how much money you want to spend in the game. Always invest only that much money that you would not mind losing completely. As soon as you reach your betting limits, stop. 

#Tip 7 Play for Free First

The good news about electronic roulette is that you can always try free games online that do not use real money. In such games, you can play confidently and try out different strategies. You will know hands-on the different bets available along with the different probabilities and their success rate. 

So, these are some of the Electronic Roulette Tips Tricks to play well. Pick the right online platform that is safe, secure, and has good reviews. More importantly, play responsibly.

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