Enjoy Playing Free Cash Rummy Games


Playing rummy online is a new addiction among people who are keen on earning extra cash. Thanks to online rummy websites like Royal Palace, you can enjoy free cash rummy games either from the app or website. You need to register with the required details and play rummy for free and win cash.

To play rummy online free to win cash, registering to the site is the very first vital step to follow. However, there are some terms and conditions to play rummy online for free and win cash.

Terms and Conditions

  • The offer can be availed only by players who downloaded the Royal Palace in Android Cash Mobile App or iOS Cash Mobile App.
  • Players will get cash once they have successfully verified their Email ID and enter profile information on the page.
  • Once you register and money are credited into your Royal Palace account, you get verified for the same. After this, you can play free rummy and win real cash.
  • The Free Cash credited is only valid for 3 days and the player should use it before it expires
  • The amount cannot be withdrawn, but can only be used to play rummy online free and win cash.
  • If you are opening an account in the Royal Palace, then only one account per person is permitted. In case, you end up opening multiple accounts on the same platform, then the entire registered cash will be nullified.
  • No employers from Royal Palace are eligible to play rummy online free cash.
  • The offer is subject to the sole discretion of Royal Palace management and reserves the complete right to withdraw the money without any prior notice.
  • Royal Palace has the complete right to publish the list of winners who participated in the free cash rummy games.

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