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European Roulette Wheel – Tips and Tricks to Win the Game in 2021

European Roulette Wheel: Roulette is one of the easiest and fun casino games to play. No wonder it is so popular around the world. All the game includes is a spinning wheel with numbered slots on them. You just have to bet on which number the ball will fall. 

You can bet either on a specific number or color. Not just this, you can place multiple bets as well. Like any other casino game, there is a house edge. This is essential for the casino to make money in the long run. 

Roulette is a game of pure chance, so do not think about earning money in the long run by playing from it. The odds and winnings are always designed against you. European roulette, although it has a lower house edge, is also a game of pure chance. No matter what strategy or technique you apply, it will be impossible to predict what the next number will be if the ball falls on the spinning roulette wheel. 

European Roulette Wheel Tips & Tricks You Must Know

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European Roulette Wheel Tips & Tricks

If you are trying out the European roulette wheel, here are some tips and tricks you must know: 

#1 Try The Martingale Betting Strategy

Beware – This strategy is for those who like some adventure and thrill in their bets. But note that this does not provide any mathematical advantage to your winning. You are just as likely to lose all of your money using this strategy as compared to using any other strategy. 

In the Martingale betting strategy, you double your bet amount every time you lose. The concept is that you may win at some point which will cover most or all of the previous losses, even with a small profit sometimes. 

But if you do not win for a long time, you might exhaust all your bankroll quickly or reach the maximum betting limit of the table.

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#2 Opt for Even Money Bets 

This is one of the safest ways to play the European roulette wheel. Even money bets include betting on either of the colors (red or black), even or odd numbers, or high/low numbers. The chances of these bets occurring are close to 50% which is the highest on the table. 

On the typical European roulette wheel, there are 37 numbers out of which 18 are black and 18 are red. Of course, 18 numbers are even and the rest 18 are odd. The last slot is the ‘0’ slot which is neither odd / even or red/black. 

The payout of the even money bets is 1:1 which might not be huge, but it is a good way if your strategy is to accumulate several small wins over the long run. 

#3 Do Not Opt for the American Wheel 

Roulette players always hunt for the European wheel to play and it is simply because of its lower edge. In the American wheel, you are more likely to lose more money in the long run, especially if you play more games. 

The American wheel has a double zero slot as well which drastically changes the house-edge and also affects the payout and winning probability. 

It makes complete sense, therefore, to choose the European wheel if you have access to it. 

#4 Make Use of Online Casino Bonuses

The best part about online casinos is the incentives they offer for signing up. They are called ‘welcome bonus’ or ‘sign-up bonus’. But of course, these bonuses come with their terms and conditions. 

For example, some casinos will require you to fulfill some wagering requirements before cashing them out. In some online casinos, they may also be called playthrough requirements. 

For instance, consider the case when the casino says that you need to wager 50 times before you cash out the welcome bonus. If the welcome bonus is $6000, then you need to wager at least $300,000 before you cash the welcome bonus out. Online casinos might also limit the way to reaching this wager limit. For example, casinos might have rules where only wagers on online slot machines count towards fulfilling this requirement. 


These are some basic tips and tricks for winning on the European roulette wheel. It is a non-exhaustive list. If you play the game more often enough, you will come across tips and tricks that work for you. Just play the European roulette wheel responsibly, and enjoy it for the leisure it provides.

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