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Interesting and Unknown Facts about ICC T20 World Cup

ICC T20 World Cup
ICC T20 World Cup

Interesting Facts About ICC T20 World Cup

Cricket tournaments never make us feel bored. There is no doubt that cricket is one of the most played sports in the world. It is a kind of sport that everyone likes to watch. It doesn’t matter what your age and gender are; cricket can make you fall for it. It can be the most authentic source of entertainment that can give you the utmost pleasure, thriller, and adventure. The suspense of which team will win adds the flavour of enthusiasm to the game and creates a treat for the audience. There are multiple kinds of cricket tournaments, and championships are being played worldwide, and one of the most loved cricket championships is the ICC T20 world cup. 

You cannot deny that the T20 world cup is one of cricket lovers’ most favorite cricket championships. This tournament can bring a lot of zeal for the audience, and teams from various corners of the world participate in this and show their passion and skills towards cricket. If you are fond of the T20 world cup and want to know about it in detail, then we are here to help you. This article aims to give complete information about the T20 world cup. You can find multiple exciting facts and unique aspects of the T20 world cup. 

About ICC T20 world cup

The ICC T20 world cup is an international championship of twenty20 cricket. This tournament is being organized every two years, and individuals can enjoy the cricket game played in this tournament. This championship includes 16 teams which compete against each other to win the title of the world cup. Every two years, the contest is organized, and one country gets the privilege to host the tournament. 

ICC T20 World Cup
ICC T20 World Cup

The first edition of the T20 world cup was organized in 2007, where South Africa won the championship. It is managed by the International cricket council (ICC); it is the ICC only that takes complete care of all the tournament expenses and ensures that everything goes smoothly and effectively. The latest edition of the tournament is being played in 2021. If you are someone who loves to experience cricket matches, then you must get ready to cheer for your favorite team in the coming championship of the T20 world cup 2021. 

About the latest ICC T20 World Cup champion 

As mentioned earlier, the latest edition of the T20 world cup will take place in 20121. But since the last edition was in 2018, the next was supposed to be In 2020. But, it is a well-known fact that the convid’19 pandemic has disturbed all the major schedules. Earlier, the tournament was supposed to be held in Australia in 2022. But after considering the seriousness of the pandemic, it was postponed till 2021, and the next destination was India. It is also true that recently, India has also faced a major wave of pandemics. The championship has been relocated to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman. The recent championship is in the hands of west indies, and it is being said that it is the second time that west indies have won the title of the ICC T20 world cup. 

ICC T20 World Cup
ICC T20 World Cup

Now that you know the latest edition of the ICC T20 world cup, it’s time for you to get ready to hear about your favorite team. It is further valued that from 2024, the number of teams participating in the tournament will increase to 20. Hence, now you would not be having just 16 teams but 20 teams. So get ready to support your favorite team and enjoy watching the T20 world cup. A perfect dose of entertainment is right on your way with the most happening international cricket tournament, the ICC T20 world cup. 

Special Records of ICC T20 World Cup 

Now that you’re aware of the various aspects of the ICC T20 world cup, it’s time for you to know some interesting facts about the tournament. There are tremendous cricket players who compete for various teams in this championship. The world’s best cricket players compete against each other and make multiple records that boost their careers and allow them to make history in the experience of the T20 cricket world. If you are excited to know about these amazing records, then we are here to help you. We are up with some high-end records made by the most superior players of the ICC T20 world cup. These interesting and unknown records are as follows:

  • Who made the Fastest Century? 

In Every cricket match, we often notice the players who make centuries. In the T20 cricket world cup history, we have seen multiple players who have made centuries to make their team win the championship. But, when it comes to the record of the fastest century ever in world cup history, then the title goes to the most high-class cricket player is Chris Gayle. He made his first record in 2007 while playing against South Africa. In this year, he made a century in just 57 balls and made a record. 

ICC T20 World Cup
ICC T20 World Cup

And later on, it was Chris Gayle only who broke his record and marked another form with his name of fastest century in just 48 balls. This new record was made in 2016 when he was playing against England in the T20 world cup. Hence, it can be said that Chris Gayle is one of the most efficient players of the ICC T20 world cup and has never failed to add glory to the championship with his hard work and extra efforts. 

  • Who holds the Fastest 50 record? 

After the complete century, we have the record of the fastest half-century. He is Yuvraj Singh, a tremendous player of the Indian cricket team who makes the fastest 50 in the T20 World cup. In 2007, Yuvraj made a half-century. That is, he converted 50 runs in just 12 balls. This record is something that no one could break in so many years. Hence, this record of Yuvraj Singh is a pride of the ICC T20 world cup championship. 

  • Who has taken the most number of wickets? 

Now when we talk about the most number of wickets, then the title goes to Shahid Afridi. In the count of 34 matches, Shahid Afridi had taken approx 39 wickets. This record is another great record of the T20 world cup championship that cannot be broken easily by any other player. It shows the tremendous bowling skills of Shahid Afridi. 

  • Who’s the only player to complete a hat-trick in World T20?

Brett Lee was the first & still the only player who has made this record of completing a hat-trick in the T20 world cup championship. Nobody has ever met a hat-trick in the entire history of the T209 world cup after the site efficient player that is Brett Lee. 

  • Who is the Captain in Every Game? 

Here comes another record of being a captain in every game, which is entitled to none other than Mahendra Sign Dhoni. He is again one of the most high-class players of the Indian cricket team who never fails to amaze the audience with his exciting and professional cricket skills. He was the captain in 33 matches of the ICC T20 world cup championship. 

  • Which country has the Most Win and Loss? 

When we combine all the matches and the records of the T20 World Cup, we can conclude that the most wins are due to Sri Lanka as they have won 22 games, whereas Bangladesh has lost around 19 matches and is entitled to the most number of losses. 

So these were some of the amazing records that professional cricket players have made in the history of the T20 cricket world cup championship. If you are a cricket enthusiast and want to learn about the T20 world cup championship, there could be no better article to make you aware of it. The information mentioned earlier and the ICC T20 world cup championship records are enough to give you glimpses of the championship. Hence, stay connected to the world cup matches and enjoy your tie with the tremendous sport, the ICC Twenty20 Cricket world cup. 

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