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Flashcard Game: Tips and Tricks | Ranking of Hands

Flashcard games are recognized as the most popular alternatives in card gambling for South Asians. Flashcard games hold different names like Flush, three-card brag, or the classic, old school Teen Patti, but no matter what you call it, this classic game remains a consistent option for card gambling lovers.

It’s been said that it’s a game of luck but every time luck won’t work. Exceeding at flashcard games may require little caliber also. You must agree with the fact that when it is about the game’s playing skills, there’s always room for growth.

No magic can replace the experience. You should know about the tricks to get wonderful results.

About Flashcard Game  

Three Card Brag or Flashcard game is a gambling game. You need a standard 52 card pack without jokers to play this game. The cards in each suit rank should be in the general order from high to low i.e A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2. Flashcard games can be played with six players.

Tips and Tricks For Beginners in Flashcard game

Have you ever played card games? If yes then you should have an idea that Flashcard Game is not that much tough. And you will get to know about it, once you start reading our write-up. 

I’m sure you are excited to know about the tips and tricks of the Flashcard game or Teen Patti game.

  1. Learn And Know The Stakes : 

Flashcard game or Teen Patti game is all about technique not much about rules. With experience, you start learning the game in a better way. Don’t try to obtain this knowledge by exploring the game with all that you’ve got. Try to learn how professional players win usually. But remember, they lose big also. Learn how they assess stakes. And start playing without money initially.

Instead of individual hands, concentrate on the bigger game. And assure that you have sufficient to finance more opportunities.

  1. Evaluate Risks And Opportunities

Always analyze the risks and opportunities. In case, you fold, if you get a weak hand in the flashcard game, you can not get anywhere. Take the risk and keep your opportunity in your mind because folding is not the choice always 

Trick: When most players have folded, boldly bluff even with the smallest of sequence or a single Ace.

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Tips And Tricks For Regular Player To Earn more money:

  • Tip: Memorize and Calculate Movements Of Antagonists

The first tip is to memorize and calculate the moves Of Antagonists. The normal deck has 52 cards. These cards are equally dealt into four pattern varieties. It would be difficult if you try to remember what each player is throwing in every hand. 

Memorizing the opponent’s cards is practically not possible. But if you are attentive to valuable cards that are previously played, then you can be predicting the possibilities of your antagonist hand being powerful or not.

Trick: Start with remembering the prime tier cards that are A, K, Q. Only once you get a hold of it, then you must try getting more patterns. If you don’t do the same, you can easily lose focus.

  • Tip:  Playing blind

Another tip is playing blind. Players can desire to play any hand blind.  What happens when a player plays blind? The player cannot look at their cards and have to keep cards face down on the table.  The player participates in the batting in the normal way. But it’s not the same case if all your bets are worth double.

At each stage, if you had seen your cards, you only have to place in half the amount of money you would need to bet.

In the case of blind playing, when it’s your turn to bet, you can decide to view your cards before choosing whether to bet or fold.   

After this, you are not a blind player anymore. If you desire to be in the game, you must return to the same betting amount as the non-blind player.

There may be a situation where all other players fold and you are playing bind if you think you win the pot, then you are highly mistaken. Instead this pot is moved ahead to the next deal and you are entitled to hold your hand.

Trick:  The move of blind play works great if you are playing with beginners or unprofessional players. You can read them easily and can predict their next move. They also desire to try out on the next hand, giving you an advantage.

Ranking of Hands in Flash Card Game

Ranking of hands

The order starts from highest to lowest, is as follows

  1. Prial: Prial means pair royal. It is a set of three cards having equal ranks like A-A-A, K-KK, Q-Q-Q, etc.
  2. Running flush: A running flush is a collection of three sequential cards of the same suit. Did you know that the ace is high and A-2-3 counts as a valid run or a valid running flush if all the cards are the same suit?
  3. Run: A run is an assemblage of three sequential cards of different suits.
  4. Flush: A flush is an assemblage of three cards of the same suit but not all consecutive. If it is consecutive, it will be A running flush. When we compare flushes, then the highest card is compared with the first card. In case, if these cards are equal, then the middle card is compared. If middle cards are equal and finally the lowest cards are compared.
  5. Pair: A pair is a set of two cards of the same rank of a different suit like 2-2. And the third card of a different rank, otherwise, you would become a prial. When pairs are compared, the rank of the pair is compared. In case, two players have an equal pair the odd card decides which is higher.
  6. High card: High card is the one in which three cards do not make any of the above-mentioned combinations. Same as with flushes, these rank according to the highest card only. If the two hands of the highest cards are equal, the second-highest cards are examined. And if these cards are equal too, then the third-highest cards examined.

    ”Keep these simple tips and tricks in your mind and become big money pros”

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