Game Analysis: Liverpool vs Manchester United


The Liverpool F.C.Manchester United F.C. rivalry, also known as the North West Derby needs no introduction as it is well known competition. The zing of competition can be seen in fans of both the clubs. It is known as one of the biggest rivalries in world of football. The major reason for such a strong rivalry could be the major cities they represent. When it comes to total trophies, Manchester United is leading with 66 to Liverpool’s 65. Manchester United also leads the head-to-head record between the two teams. It has 80 wins in the record to Liverpool’s 67 and the remaining 57 matches were draws.

The rivalry can not only be seen in the fans but have extended in the players of the teams as well. Players like Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) and Steven Gerrard (Liverpool’s) have openly confirmed their hating towards the opposite team. Instances like racial abuse and bans on players could be seen in the history of this rivalry.


On January 19, 2020: Liverpool won this game with 2-0 at Anfield and move 16 points clear at the top of the table on Sunday January 19, 2020. The scoring was opened in 14 minutes by Virgil van Dijk. With this victory, the title race grip of Liverpool has tightened. United gave a tough fight, however, the loss is a reminder of just how much work is ahead of them if they are to get back to the competition for titles.


On October 20, 2019: Adam Lallana scored a goal to equalize the game and defending the loosing of the game. However, this match was a draw with Liverpool loosing winning streak in the Premier League. The first half of the match was in United’s favor. Klopp confirmed that they needed a better play on the field if wanted a better result. Manchester united confirmed the disappointment of fans as the fans felt United would win.

On February 24, 2019: The match was a draw with 0-0 and Liverpool could reclaim their top spot in the Premier League. The injuries in the first half of the game were crashing the hopes of the fans. United trio Ander Herrera, Juan Mata and Jesse Lingard and Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino faced injuries in the first half. The draw of the game dropped United to fifth and lifted Liverpool.

Upcoming Match: The upcoming match on January 17, 2021 between Manchester United and Liverpool, one of the biggest rivals have surely created a boom in the heat among the fans and players. The fight to secure the top spot in the Premier League has always been a key spot to go for the win.

This match and the other matches between the teams will be a big break from the pandemic and being a match between the top teams will make it more catchy to watch. Fans are holding their breaths to see who wins the spot. Being the dominating teams of the Premier League top spots in recent years, fixtures against them become even more important. The dates and kick-off schedule is available online to be checked and booked.