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Ice Hockey World Championship : Germany beats Latvia as Canada enters Quarter-Finals


The World Hockey Championship has entered into a dramatic stage as eight teams have qualified for the quarter-finals which is a knockout stage. The qualification of Canada was dependent on Germany’s win over the hosts Latvia. In a major breakthrough for Canada, Germany beat Latvia in their last match of the preliminary round.

Germany took on the hosts Latvia in their last league game of the tournament. Germany was successful in defeating Latvia by a score of 2-1 and helping Canada to secure a quarter-final berth.

The Canadians lost to Finland by 3-2 in their last match of the preliminary round. At the early stages of the game, it seemed impossible for Canada to enter quarters as they were trailing by 0-3. However, a quick recovery and a bonus overtime goal kept the hopes of Canada alive. Canada finished fourth in Group B with 10 points after Germany’s victory.

Canada has the youngest team in the tournament and the coach Gerand Gallant was very happy after team’s qualification.

The United States of America finished first in Group B with 18 points, followed by Finland (17 points), Germany (12 points) and Canada (10 points). Kazakhstan also had 10 points, however Canada advanced after the head-to-head tiebreaker between the teams.

In Group A, Russia led with 17 points, followed by Switzerland (15 points), Czech Republic (13 points) and Slovakia (12 points). Sweden was knocked out with 10 points on the table.

Canada will face Russia in the quarterfinal that is scheduled to take place on Thursday. Canada was in extreme danger after losing three matches in a tow to Latvia, Germany and The United States. However, a quick recovery have helped them to advance In the tournament. All the best to Canada foe the knockout stages of the championship.

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