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Glad to see your affection towards India: PM Modi to Pietersen


We all know how the world is fighting against corona virus and all are trying their best to save their selves and their people.

India is one of those countries who is helping other countries to help fight against the pandemic and sending vaccine throughout.

And here we came up with a tweet from former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen stating that, “Indian generosity and kindness grows more and more every single day. The beloved country!” for sending Covid-19 vaccines to South Africa.

South Africa is one of those countries who got hit badly by the virus. And being a responsible country India stood together and supported everyone to fight against the pandemic. Modi says that “In it together.” and ‘We believe that the world is our family’

It feels good to see the love and affection towards India. Yes, PM Modi is doing such works which needs to be appreciated.

Hope everyone stands together to each other and keep supporting till we fight against the virus and in future also in any situation. Its important to stay United!



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