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Goianiense FC VS Gremio – Serie A | GOI VS GRM Dream11 Prediction: Match Prediction, Dream Team & Results Prediction

GOI VS GRM Dream11 Prediction


The league is totally electrified to watch a rip-roaring derby match between GOIANIENSE and GREMIO. Both the teams haven’t been exceptional this season, however, Goianiense has managed to claim two victories in the last 5 matches whereas Gremio has only one on its side. Looking at the past, when the two teams locked horns on the ground the scores were pretty even and that is why predicting the winner here is arduous. This is Gremio’s chance to revive itself as it lost to a humiliating 0-1 in its last match with Goianiense. It is an incalculable situation as both the teams have shown to have the potential to outdo the other.

GOI VS GRM Dream11 Prediction
GOI VS GRM Dream11 Prediction


  • DATE – 26th October 2021
  • TIME – 4:30 AM
  • VENUE – Serra dourada, Brazil.


  • GO WON- 2 
  • DRAW- 4
GOI VS GRM Dream11 Prediction
GOI VS GRM Dream11 Prediction

The stats clearly show that there is a very small margin between both the team scores, with Gremio making its way to the top. The current performance in this season has been different as Gremio has been rolled over by its opponents multiple times and it looks like they have to reconstruct their game plan to put up a tough show. 



Matheus Henrique, Vanderlei, Pepê, L. Orejuela, Bruno Cortez, Diego Souza, David Braz, Lucas Silva, Alisson, Pedro Geromel, Darlan Mendes, Rodrigues, Isaque, Diogo Barbosa, Luiz Fernando, W. Kannemann, Victor Ferraz, Jean Pyerre, Maicon, Paulo Victor, Paulo Miranda, Éverton, Robinho, Thaciano, Ferreira, D. Churín, Thiago Neves, C. Pinares, Gui Azevedo, Patrick, Rildo, Fabrício, Luciano, Ruan.


Jean, Eder, Dudu, Nicolas Vichiatto, Marlon Freitas, Chico, Gustavo Ferrareis, João Victor, Janderson, Gilvan, Ze Roberto, Matheus Vargas, Willian Maranhão, Everton Felipe, Oliveira, Natanael Pimienta, Wellington Rato, Juninho Brandão, Danilo, Arnaldo, Matheus Pereira, Kozlinski, Baralhas, Roberson, Danilo Alves, Vitor, Rithely.

GOI VS GRM Dream11 Prediction
GOI VS GRM Dream11 Prediction



1) Douglas costa- He is the best player the team has and showcases skills in multiple arenas. His dribbling skills, speed acceleration, and crossing ability are all commendable. He has great potential and has proved it time and again. He is definitely our top pick.

2) Victor Ferraz – He is an exceptional defender who displays extraordinary skills for everyone to watch. His score is 53 which in itself speaks volumes of how much potential he has to contribute to the team’s success. He is thus our top pick.

GOI VS GRM Dream11 Prediction
GOI VS GRM Dream11 Prediction


1) Ze Roberto- He has been picked to be the man of the match multiple times for a reason. He is the highest goal scorer in the team with a score of 5 in all which is fiercely good. He is thus our top pick.

2) Natanael Pimienta- He has been on the top of the list when it comes to maximum goal assists. His score is 4 which is a huge contribution to the team and the game. He puts up a tough fight on the field and is surely our top pick for the match.


Both the teams are equally strong, however, the favorite here would be GOI purely keeping in mind its performance this season. It has taken down most of its opponents and looks like this will be an easy win for them, Gremio will fight back and one cannot undermine it as the previous stats will show that GOI is not that big a deal for Gremio.


GOI VS GRM Dream11 Prediction
GOI VS GRM Dream11 Prediction – PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxUK ActionPlus12256502 MaxxPeixoto



GOI- 35%


  • Goalkeeper- J Filho
  • Defenders-  Douglas Costa, Victor ferraz, P Miranda
  • Midfielders- C Pinares, D Mendes, Ze Roberto, Natanael
  • Forward- D Churin, R de Arruda, W Soares.

ScoreBat will cover the match live, with real-time commentary and scores.

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