Highest Individual Score in ODI Cricket

Highest Individual Score in ODI
Highest Individual Score in ODI

Highest Individual Score in ODI – ODI or One Day International Format of Cricket is also popularly called the “Limited- over” Format as in this format teams have to play in a given 50 over and score their best to set the target for the opponent team. Whoever manages to hit their scores and target well wins the match. 

Sometimes or let us very rarely, Individual players play the best and become the reason for their team’s victory at the match. Let us list out some names and see who has the Highest Individual Score in ODI cricket. 

Highest Individual Score in ODI

1) Rohit Sharma – 264 Runs

Rohit Sharma - 264 Runs
Rohit Sharma – 264 Runs

By scoring a total of 264 runs at the match held between India and Sri Lanka, Rohit Sharma has created history and is on the top of the list of highest individual score in ODI. The match was held at Eden Gardens, Kolkata. Eden Garden, Kolkata, has served as one of the oldest stadiums in India for conducting huge scale audiences and international tournaments of cricket. On 13th November 2014, Team India won the match against the Sri Lankan national Cricket team just because this cricketer managed to score huge numbers at the record. 


In 264 total runs he scored, he managed to throw the ball at surge heights and bagged a total of 6 sixes and around 33 4s. The amazing and not at all opponent-friendly strikes he made also got him a strike rate of about 152.60, which is totally terrific. 

2) Martin Guptill – 237 Runs

Martin Guptill - 237 Runs
Martin Guptill – 237 Runs

After Rohit, we have another name on the list for Martin Guptill, from the New Zealand team, which played its match against West Indies on 21st March 2015 and mainly managed on him alone to bring victory to the team. While he scored a total of 237 runs alone, where he made 24 4s and 11 6s in total, he also got a strike rate of 145.39. The match was held at the Westpac Stadium, Wellington.

3) Virendra Sehwag – 219 Runs

Virendra Sehwag - 219 Runs
Virendra Sehwag – 219 Runs

With a total of 219 scores made in a match held in the year 2011 made, Virendra Sehwag, another Gem from the Indian International Cricket team, is on the 3rd number. The score he made was in India’s match against West Indies on 8th December 2011.

The match was held at the Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore.

He made a record of hitting 25 4s and 7 6s in total, which also presented him with a strike rate of 146.97 and is terrific. 

4) Chris Gayle – 215 Runs

Chris Gayle - 215 Runs
Chris Gayle – 215 Runs

In a match against Zimbabwe, held at Manuka Oval, Canberra, on the 24th February 2015, Chris Gayle scored 215 runs on his own, which brought victory to his team. While he scored 215 runs, he made a good record by hitting 10 4s and 16 6s. His strike rate because of that score jumped off to 146.25. 

5) Fakhar Zaman – 210 Runs

Fakhar Zaman - 210 Runs
Fakhar Zaman – 210 Runs

With a score of 210, Fakhar Zaman made history in a match against Zimbabwe. In the total runs he made, he got 24 4s and 5 6s for him, which brings an absolutely appreciable striking rate of 134.61. The match was held at Queens Sports Club, Bulawayo, on 20th July 2018.

6) Rohit Sharma – 209 Runs

Rohit Sharma - 209 Runs
Rohit Sharma – 209 Runs

Again Rohit, we have seen him at the top only. Yes, this terrific cricketer is a gem for Indian and is currently also serving as the Captain for the International Indian Cricket team at different formats of the sport. He made this record by scoring 209 runs alone in a match held at M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. The match was conducted between India and Australia, in which India brought victory home because of Rohit mostly. In the match, his strike rate jumped at the height of 132.28, and he made 12 4s and 16 6s in the match. 


ODI is a format of cricket in which the teams have to score their best to win the match in a limited 50 over. This made Individual performance very important, and we rarely come across situations in which an individual player becomes the reason for the victory of the whole team. Here, we have concluded six names with the scores, which again should be a proud moment for Indians; because we have three best scores in the top 6, all thanks to Rohit Sharma and Virendra Sehwag.

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