Top 5 Highest Score by a Captain in ODI 

Highest Score by a Captain in ODI 
Highest Score by a Captain in ODI 

Highest Score by a Captain in ODI  – Cricket is a game of entertainment, engagement, and talent. It in itself has various roles for the players to do. Captaincy is a challenging role for the players as they both have to manage their gameplay and leadership in the team. You might have heard of commentators while the match is going on, often taking names of the captain and talking of their strategy or gameplay. A Batsman, who also becomes the captain of the team, has to, in fact, really make efforts into accepting challenges and standing out on the expectations of Players and the audiences from the stadium and across their nations. 

In the history of Cricket, there have been some captains who made sure that they turned the opportunity to show both their talent as well as their other qualities like Leadership and Strategic gameplay. Take the example of India itself, where Cricket is no less than a religion. Captains are praised like anything, and if a team wins at any match, it is mostly a captain’s gameplay that made it possible. 

For International Cricket, Captains who also serve as the Batsman in the team have to prove themselves on several grounds.


In this article, we are going to talk about those captains who score the highest while playing in an ODI format match. 

Here in this article, we will be telling the names of those captains who also served as the best batsmen and scored the highest in an ODI match. 

List of Captains with Highest Scores in One Day International or ODI 

  1. Virendra Sehwag 
  2. Rohit Sharma 
  3. Sanath Jayasuriya 
  4. Sachin Tendulkar 
  5. Viv Richards 

1) Virendra Sehwag

Virendra Sehwag
Virendra Sehwag

Virendra Sehwag was a former captain and opener to the Indian team once and served as a captain in all three game formats, including the One Day International format. He is the captain with the highest scores so far achieved by any captain. With a score of 219, he truly made the team win. The match was conducted between India and West Indies.

Sehwag made this record in mere 149 deliveries, which he delivered against West Indies. He also managed to hit for smashing 25 boundaries and seven sixes in the game, which again is fantastic and contributed immensely to the total score of 418. This made the Indian team bag victory by a massive margin of 153 runs.

2) Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma

 This captain of the Indian National team has been a great opener in a match against Sri Lanka. With a score of 208 off, he contributed towards Indian victory in every way possible. The score he made, 208, was achieved in a mere 153 deliveries. His score contributed immensely to the total score of the Indian team at the match, which is 392. This had led the Indian team to victory by a massive 141 runs. With 12 sixes and 13 boundaries in total, he again managed to play extremely well.

3) Sanath Jayasuriya

Sanath Jayasuriya
Sanath Jayasuriya

It was the finals for the coca-cola Champions, which was conducted between India and Sri Lanka. This player played terrifically and scored 189 runs to bring the Sri Lankan team to victory. The total score which the team secured was 299 runs. The margin by which the Sri Lankan team won the match is comprehensive, 299. The score was highest till 2011, which is the year when Sehwag made his entry to the list, and that too made it at the top.

4) Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar pics
Sachin Tendulkar

The perfectly named “master blaster” of the Indian team whose aura and name will remain at the top no matter who made several higher entries into the list. The master blaster of the Indian team, the score which made him enter into the list is a total of 186, which he scored alone for the team in just 150 deliveries against a match against New Zealand held and conducted at Hyderabad in the year 1999.

5) Vivian Richards 

Vivian Richards 
Vivian Richards

He was the captain of the West Indies team in 1987 when the reliance cup was going on. He made a terrific score of 181 alone in just 125 deliveries which he made. The match was held between the west indies and Sri Lanka. The match was held at the national stadium in Karachi, and the west indies scored a total of 360 runs, which is huge.

Final Words

 For India, it is a proud moment to see a majority of the names in the top list coming from India.

It shows how worthy this nation is of all its reputation and achievements it has acquired in cricket. For Indians, cricket has always been more than just a sport. People are continuously practicing the sport from their very childhood. That might be one of the reasons why Indian captains here managed to make such good records at the scoreboard.

Sehwag, Rohit Sharma  Sachin Tendulkar truly made history by being both excellent batsmen and depicting good leadership within the team.

One-day formats are exhausting if we look at the time it takes to complete, as approximately 9 hours is reportedly taken to complete the match. But there is no such feeling of exhaustion for the die-hard cricket fans. They could see their favorite sports for hours more than 9. In this article, we have given a few match details and the scores highest in an ODI match by a captain. Please provide your reviews which will help us understand our reader’s point of view.

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