What is Kabaddi? How Many Players In Kabaddi? How Is It Played? All You Need To Know

Offensive Kabaddi Skills

What is Kabaddi? How Many Players in Kabaddi?

What is Kabaddi?

Kabaddi is a game that all of you must have played in childhood. In addition, it is an Indian traditional game that does not require any equipment to play. However, only a few people play this game together, displaying their physical strength.

In Kabaddi games, you can see events like wrestling and melee. But it is part of the game. The game of Kabaddi is played between two teams, in which one group is active, and the other is inactive. Moreover, one player at a time goes to the other team’s court and has to come back by touching any other team member in one breath.

How Many Players In Kabaddi
How Many Players In Kabaddi

The game of Kabaddi is played at the district level, national level, and international level. In today’s time, Kabaddi has got international recognition. Because of which many young people want to prove their worth in this game and make it their career.


The game of Kabaddi is played in different states of India, and the name of this game is also other in different states, such as Kabaddi is called Chadukattu in Tamil Nadu, Haddu in Bangladesh, Bhavatik in the Maldives, Kuddi in Punjab, Hu in Eastern India. TuTu, in Andhra Pradesh, is called by names like Chedugudu, etc.

History of Kabaddi Game

The game of Kabaddi originated in India and was first played in Tamil Nadu in India. After this gradually, this game also came to other states of India like Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and later this game was spread in different countries of the world.

Kabaddi gained worldwide fame after the Berlin Olympics in 1936. After that, people came to know that there is also a game called Kabaddi. After this, Kabaddi was also included in the National Games held in Kolkata in 1938, and in 1950 the All India Kabaddi Federation was formed. From this, Kabaddi got its rightful identity.

After the formation of the All India Kabaddi Federation, the rules of Kabaddi were decided. It was determined how many players would play in the game of Kabaddi, the Kabaddi Ground Measurement as selected, and many other things were also agreed upon. In 1972, the same federation was reorganized as the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India.

This game also reached other countries globally, from India and Japan; Sundar Ram of India had taken this game to Japan. He put Kabaddi in front of that country.

The people of Japan took a lot of interest in this game, and the people of Japan, along with Sundar Ram, also promoted it a lot. In 1970, there was a kabaddi match between India and Bangladesh, and in 1980 the Asia Championship tournament for Kabaddi was also organized.

Offensive Kabaddi Skills
Offensive Kabaddi Skills

In this tournament, India won the title by defeating Bangladesh. Nepal, Malaysia, and Japan were also involved in the Asia Championship tournament, apart from India and Bangladesh. After this, in 1990, Kabaddi was also included in the Asian Games.

Here, we talked about what Kabaddi is. Now it’s time to answer the question of how many players are there in the Kabaddi game.

Defensive Kabaddi Skills
How Many Players In Kabaddi

 How Many Players In Kabaddi?

Kabaddi is played between two teams. Both teams have seven players. In this, one party is active or aggressive, and the other party is passive or defensive.

One member from the active team goes to the inactive team while speaking Kabaddi, and by touching any one member of the static team in a single breath, he has to return to his team. If during this, his breath stops or some other rule is violated, then that player is out, and the opponent gets points. This game is explained in detail below. 

Offensive Kabaddi Skills
How Many Players In Kabaddi

There is a total of 12 players in the Kabaddi game. Out of which 7 players play against the opposing team and 5 players live as additional players. These players play in the field in case of injury to the main player.

The main players include players of the type ‘Raider’ and ‘Defender’. Raider players are the ones who score points by going to the opposing camp.  The same defender players keep their camp safe by staying in the camp.

Rules of the Kabaddi Game

The international rules of the game of Kabaddi are recognized everywhere. Here we are talking about the general rules of Kabaddi. Later we will talk about the international regulations of Kabaddi.

  • Each team of Kabaddi games consists of 7-7 players.
  • The playing court is halved into two equal parts.
  • The field of Kabaddi played by men is ten units by 13 units, while the area of Kabaddi played by women is eight units by 12 units.
  • There are three additional players in both teams so that if any player gets hurt, one of them comes in his place.
  • This game is of 40 minutes, divided into two rounds of 20-20 minutes.
  • After each round, there is a break of 5 minutes, and after this break, both the teams switch sides.
  • In place of 20 minutes for women, there are two rounds of 15-15 minutes.

Top 10 Kabaddi World Cup Winners List

Types of Indian Kabaddi Game

There are mainly four types of Kabaddi played in India. Different kinds of Kabaddi are played in other states. Here we have talked about some Indian Kabaddi.

1. Sanjeevani Kabaddi

As you know, Sanjeevani means getting a life again. In this game, the player who gets out once also gets a chance to revive. If a team dismisses one player of its opposing team, then one player of that team becomes alive. This game of Kabaddi is also 40 minutes in which there is also a break of 5 minutes.

2. Gemini Style

In this game of Kabaddi, there is no rule of the revival of the players. The player who gets out once remains out. In this way, all the players get out one by one in this game. The team that dismisses all the players of its opposition team is declared the winner. The rules of the game remain the same as in other Kabaddi games.

3. Amar Style

In this game of Kabaddi, there is no rule for the dismissal of a player. All the players keep playing the game till the end, and there is no fixed time in this game. The winning team is announced based on the points scored by the team with the most points.

4. Punjabi kabaddi

This Kabaddi is mainly played in Haryana Punjab. The Kabaddi playing field is not a square but a circular one, whose diameter is about 72 feet.

Different types of Tournaments of Kabaddi

Kabaddi tournaments are played at the national level in India and international level globally, which are as follows.

1. Asian Games

The first match of Kabaddi in the Asian Games was played in 1990. India has won 7 gold medals in Asian Games so far. Bangladesh comes second after India. 

2. Asia Kabaddi Cup

The Asia Kabaddi Cup tournament is played between almost all Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, etc. The first match of this tournament was played in Iran in 2011.

3. Kabaddi world cup

This tournament has been played between all the countries of the world. The first match of this tournament was held in 2004, followed by the second match in 2007 and the third match in 2010. This match has been played annually since 2010.

4. Women’s Kabaddi Tournament

This tournament is also world-class in which all countries of the world can participate. For the first time, this tournament was organized in Patna, India, in 2012. In this match, India won the game by defeating Iran.

5. Pro Kabaddi League

This tournament was started in 2014, and this tournament was created on the lines of the Indian Premier League (IPL). In this, it is broadcast live on Star Sports.

6. UK Kabaddi Cup

This kabaddi tournament i0s played in England. Apart from England, India, Pakistan, America, and Canada participate in the country. 

7. World Kabaddi League

This tournament was organized for the first time in the year 2014. There are four countries and eight hearts in this tournament: Canada, England, Pakistan, and America.

Skills required for Kabaddi Game

Kabaddi is called a clay game, and the popularity of this game has increased a lot since the introduction of the Pro Kabaddi League. It has become a well-known sport in the country and the world. A player needs special skills to perform in this game. Kabaddi players have now become icons in India and heroes of the young generation. Many young players are influenced by players like Rahul Chaudhary and Pardeep Narwal. 

Top 10 Kabaddi World Cup Winners List

To become a world-class kabaddi player, one has to take care of many small things like a sharp mind, agile body, fearless attitude, and many more. Fitness is also essential in this sport. Being fit entirely is very important for any player. However, based on fitness alone, you cannot be successful in this sport. It would help if you also had different types of skills.

Offensive skills

Raiders try to get the point by going to the opposing team’s half. He tries to touch the players of the opposing team in different ways. It requires a lot of skill. Popular raiding skills are toe touch, running hand touch, lion jump, back kick, sidekick and dip.

  1. Back Kick – Back kick is considered an excellent skill in Kabaddi. A raider tries to dodge the defenders by showing his back but by kicking from the back, he gets the touchpoint. Sometimes it is also referred to as a “mule kick.”
  2. Dip – Your timing should be perfect for this movie, and your body will have to move very fast. In the dip, the raiders sit down in the middle of the chain tackle and then dodge all the defenders and leave.
  3. Hand Touch – Hand touch is a crucial skill. It tests their pro-activity and reflexes. Avoiding hand touch, bending hand touch, and running hand touch is a skill, a kabaddi player must master.
  4. Lion Jump – Lion jump requires a raider to jump over the defenders to reach the midline.
  5. Sidekick – Sidekick is also considered an excellent technique for a raider. In this, the raiders touch the defenders through the sidekick. This skill requires a lot of preparation and practice for you.
  6. Toe Touch – Toe touch is also a prevalent skill in Kabaddi. Through this, the raiders get a lot of points. Raiders try to touch the defenders with their toes. If you want to be successful in this skill, then speed should be enough.

Defensive Kabaddi Skills

Defensive skills

Defense is significant in Kabaddi. It requires a lot of strength, fearless tackle, and power. If we talk about defensive skills in this game, then ankle hold, thai hold, west hold, block, dash, and chain tackle are prominent.

  1. Ankle Hold – Star defenders like Ravinder Pahal and Surender Nada are known for their ankle hold. Ankle hold and diving ankle hold require timing and predictability from the defenders. In this, the defender grabs and drags the raider’s leg through accurate guesses and does not go to the touchline.
  2. Block – Your body should be pretty intense for this movie. Apart from this, your mind should also be ready to take high risks. In this move, the defender waits for the raider to get more inside and then stands in his way and tries to stop him with his whole body. This move requires any defender to be in the correct position.
  3. Chain Tackle – Chain tackle is a technique in which many defenders stop the raider by forming a chain. Two or more defenders in coordination block the raider’s path and do not allow him to reach the touchline. This skill requires adequate coordination and teamwork.


The purpose of writing this article is to give you information about what is Kabaddi game is and how many players are there in the Kabaddi game. Everyone plays the game of Kabaddi in our country.  Despite this, people remain confused when questions related to this game are asked in the competitive examination.

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