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Step-By-Step Guide On How To Become A Cricketer In 2021

How To Become A Cricketer?


Cricket is one of the most popular and loved sport in India. The people of the country thrive in zeal and enthusiasm to watch team India compete against the top teams in the world, be it a World Cup or a bilateral series. The streets of India are full of children playing cricket. A stagnant increase of youths striving to pursue a professional career in cricket has been witnessed in the past decade.

This blog is a step-by-step guide for passionate youths on how to become a cricketer.

How to become a Cricketer: The Beginning 

Cricket is a game of skills that requires utmost dedication and perseverance. Pursuing professional cricket is not an easy task and success is attained only through hard work. Nurturing your cricketing skills daily is a prerequisite of becoming a successful cricketer. Here are a few beginning tips on how to become a cricketer:

  • Basic Knowledge: To begin with playing cricket, it is important to have basic knowledge about the game. Basic knowledge includes knowing about the rules and regulations of the game, the composition of the team, the roles of different players, and the fundamentals of the game.
  • Insights: Before starting to practice the game, it is necessary to gain an insight into your abilities. Cricket sport involves various roles in the game that include batting, bowling, fielding, and wicketkeeping. It is necessary to be sure about the role you will play for your team.
  • Practice: Practice makes a man perfect. It is necessary to unleash your potential and explore your cricketing abilities by sweating hard on the field each day. Cricket is a sport that needs sincerity and commitment when it comes to practicing on the field.

A Complete Step-by-Step Guide On How To Become A Professional Cricketer 

To become a professional cricketer, it is important to set attainable goals and work hard to achieve them. Here is a perfect step by step guide on how to become a cricketer:

  1. Join a Cricket Academy

The first and foremost essential aspect of becoming an elegant cricketer is to join a cricket academy. By joining a cricket academy, you get equipped with skillful cricketing techniques. Enrolling yourself in a cricket academy will enhance your guidance through a professional coach. The perks of joining a cricket academy are that it ignites your motivation to practice daily and devote ample time to develop innovative skills. Apart from it, you can discover your strengths and redefine your weaknesses. In a cricket academy, you are surrounded by competitive teammates that will foster you to play better each day.

Sonnet Cricket Academy, Delhi | How To Become A Cricketer
Sonnet Cricket Academy, Delhi | How To Become A Cricketer
  1. Finding the Right Coach

The player-coach relationship plays a significant role in the development of cricketing skills. A perfect coach shapes your talent and nurtures your abilities. He also hunts the hidden charms in a player and his experience serves as the guarding light to enhance your undiscovered talent. Finding the right coach is an integral part of becoming a successful cricketer. While finding the right coach for yourself, you should complete a thorough background check of the coach. It will be valuable if you gain fruitful guidance through retired cricketers who launch their academies or provide independent coaching.

How To Become A Cricketer
Finding The Right Coach | Top 10 Best Cricket Academy In India
  1. Enrolling in a Professional Team

Professional cricket is not played individually but along with a team. Joining a professional team is a prerequisite to advancing in your career. A professional team can be subjective and vary from person to person. It can be your school, college, or club team. Professional teams participate in private and associations organized tournaments where you can display your fine skills to get noticed by the elite team selectors. You can also join one or more professional teams to diversify your performance. Enrolling yourself in a popular cricket club might also help you to get recognized by the coaches and selectors through your distinguished skills.

Sehwag Cricket Academy, Jhajjar | Top 10 Best Cricket Academy In India
Enrolling In A Professional Team | How To Become A Cricketer
  1. Start Playing Tournaments

After joining a professional team, you should equip yourself with match-playing skills. The scenario in the nets and a match is completely different. You furnish your abilities to handle pressure situations by participating in a paramount number of matches. Apart from playing friendly matches, you should participate in highly competitive matches played in a tournament. There are private as well as cricket associations hosted tournaments where indigenous talent is explored. Getting selected into the association’s team will take you one step closer to donning the blue jersey as it will help you to participate in prestigious tournaments. It includes the Ranji Trophy, IPL, Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy, etc.

How To Become A Cricketer
Start Playing Tournaments | How To Become A Cricketer
  1. Stay Fit

Fitness is the key to success in any sport. A routine workout and a balanced diet are of utmost importance to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You should reduce carbohydrates and sugar intake from your diet and increase the consumption of proteins. Apart from that, extensive endurance and workout are also necessary to furnish your cricketing abilities with power. To achieve muscular and streamlined physical health, you should hit the gym and also indulge in fitness activities after coaching. Fitness is required at the basic as well as the professional level of coaching. Toiling tirelessly is important to increase your stamina. Cricket involves longer formats of the game that include the Test match. You will be discarded to qualify in the playing XI if you fail to comply with the standard fitness norms. 

How To Become A Cricketer
Stay Fit | How To Become A Cricketer
  1. Believe in Yourself 

Believing in yourself is a pivotal aspect of leading a successful cricketing career. Cricket is a game of talent and uncertainties. In the life of a cricketer, there are many ups and downs but you should stand strong in every situation to tackle the odds. Inconsistency is just a phase of a career and not the career itself. Believing in yourself will help you to perform with your potential and you might achieve the desired results. You should constantly defeat the odds and believe in yourself and your cricketing abilities. Your background doesn’t matter in professional cricket. Dhoni was a ticket collector whereas Shami and Jadeja were sons of a watchman. A cricketer writes his fortune through sincere dedicated efforts and believing in himself.

How To Become A Cricketer
Believe in Yourself | How To Become A Cricketer
  1. National Team Selection

The most successful part of a cricketer’s life is shining as a Men in Blue. Playing for the Indian national cricket team is a dream come true for all the striving youths of the nation. However, making it on the national team is the most difficult task for a cricketer. Of the over-crore aspiring cricketers, only 11 players make it into the team. India also has it’s junior A team where you have to make an entry to storm into the senior team but it isn’t mandatory. The best way to make it into the Indian team is performing at the domestic leagues such as Ranji Trophy and IPL. Your performance is watched everywhere and you should keep on performing in anticipation of getting noticed by the selectors.

How To Become A Cricketer
National Team Selection | How To Become A Cricketer
  1. Never Give Up

Giving up on your dreams to be a professional cricketer should be the last thing on your list. Cricket is a game of ifs and buts and you should keep on trying until you succeed. At times when you face downfalls in your career, remember why you started and recall the best memories with the sport. 

How To Become A Cricketer
Never Give Up | How To Become A Cricketer

Failures are the building block towards success. Nothing in the world is unachievable until you put in your whole and soul to accomplish it. As a cricketer, you should possess the sportsmanship spirit. You should learn to accept defeats and share your success. So hold yourself high and never give up on your dreams to become a successful cricketer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. At what age should you begin with your cricket coaching?

A. There is no age bar to pursue professional cricket. You can play the sport professionally as far as you find yourself fit to play the game.

Q. How long does it take to become a professional cricketer?

A. Cricket is a dynamic sport and the development of a particular person is subjective upon how fast he grasps the technique and skills.

Q. Which Bat should we use to play professional cricket?

A. In the initial phase of your coaching, a Kashmir Willow bat of any brand is preferable. However, after you start playing for professional teams, you should opt for English Willow bats of SG, SS, or New Balance.

Q. When should we buy cricketing equipment?

A. Cricket equipment such as leg guards, helmets, etc are important while batting. However, you should buy those only after your coach advises you to purchase the equipment.

Q. Is becoming a cricketer hard?

A. Cricket is one of the most followed sports in India and has a vast competition. It is truly difficult to become a professional cricketer and play for the Indian team but it isn’t impossible.

Q. How do we participate in domestic tournaments?

A. You should prioritize district team selection and perform to get selected for the state team. After you play for the state team, you get a chance to participate in domestic tournaments.


This is the step-by-step guide to pursue a career in cricket. Each step has its significance and you should not jump from one step to another. People are perplexed about the idea to make a career in cricket but it is advisable to be smart and start building your career at a tender age.

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