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How to count cards in Blackjack
How to count cards in Blackjack

How to Count Cards in Blackjack Game  

Blackjack is popularly known as twenty-one and Pontoon among its players and is also listed among the most played gambling card games worldwide. However, the game’s origin is quite disputed. No one has a whole idea about it, but the experts and historians suggest that the game’s origin has something to do with the Italian and French culture. It was in Britain known as Pontoon and has been played ever since World War I.

What exactly is the Card Counting in Blackjack?

To take up the level of your game, you have to know about card reading as the same helps you to determine which player has the probable advantage in the next hand when played in the gambling card game of Blackjack by both keeping a tally of low as well as high-value cards in the game. 

Some players are very convinced of a hypothesis that to do an accurate card reading at this game is only for the geniuses and the intelligent ones, and one play that is average at mind-sharpness, in the beginning, could not crack the strategy which assures you of winning each hand in the game. 

How to count cards in Blackjack
How to count cards in Blackjack

But this perception is incorrect, as specific strategies could help you level up your game to the surge levels. In reality, there are various strategies and ways in which card counting can be done. Still, these strategies and methods could differ in difficulty as there are some basic ones. However, it requires some skills of the tally system and then comes the advanced counting method, which has far more complex point values which offer players with utmost accuracy when the calculations are precise. 

How does Card counting work?

These strategies are pretty beneficial to the players with the help of these strategies. A player could know when to increase their bet on the hand played, and as the bets made at the right time increase the chances of victory in the real money blackjack games, also it tends to minimize the losses caused at bets during the cold streaks as well. 

The counters use card counting strategies to change their gameplay at the right time, depending on the composition of the cards left in the dealer’s shoe. 

All one needs is patience, practice, and attention to make these strategies work their best and lead them to the ultimate victories. 

How to count cards in Blackjack
How to count cards in Blackjack

Therefore, we would like to share more about such card counting strategies with our readers as we know that these strategies increase the chances of winning as well as turn out to be essential. While the game is on and learning or practicing such strategies is just worth all your time and efforts on it. 

Blackjack card counting strategy


The strategies, however, do not come as easy as the Hi-Lo system but at the same time are the simplest and most popular strategies covered, which the players mostly use as they are not very complex and easy to learn at a faster pace. 


The system is known to have broken the cards into three camps where each camp is provided with a specific value. The high cards here are absolutely good for the players, but they get an a-1 value as they are left with fewer high cards in the deck. Therefore, the more a players’ advantage at the card decreases, the card with a lower value is beneficial for the dealer. 

How to count cards in Blackjack
How to count cards in Blackjack

The Hi-lo strategy is also popularly known among the players as the balanced strategy for counting cards in Blackjack because the combination of all Neutral, low, and high cards in a deck equals zero. 

How can one convert their current running count into a “True Count”?

All you need to do is divide. Yes, you heard it right, for converting your running count into a true count; you got to divide it by the number of decks remaining in the game, rounded to the nearest half deck almost. This should be done when the players are engaged in multi-deck blackjack games.

How much should a player bet on when counting cards?

The styles and sizes of betting in a card counting game of Blackjack should be made by evaluating factors like Bankroll size, a player’s appetite for taking the risk, betting strategies they are applying at the game, and other rules of the blackjack game. 

How to count cards in Blackjack
How to count cards in Blackjack

However, when you ask the same with some older betting and gambling guides, they will come up with certain patterns used by them to suggest how to crack the game. But, we would like you to play safe and secure at each point and thus, make a bet when you have carefully looked over the factors. 


Once done and dusted with simple counting strategies like the Hi-Lo system, you must learn strategies like Omega II and Wong Halves systems. These methods or strategies are often regarded as Level II and Level III systems into the card counting universe of strategies. These methods are of advanced and intermediate levels and are only advised when players have some experience in the gameplay. However, these methods or strategies offer excellent efficiency at betting in a game of Blackjack, and they also require you to be accurate with your moves. 

  1. OMEGA-II System 

This system is very different from the basic Hi-Lo strategies and forms its values across +/-2, unlike +/-1 of the Hi-Lo system. The above statement itself specifies that using this strategy, a player must calculate additional values to reach a running count. 

  1. Wong Halves method 

It is the most challenging card counting strategy under the Blackjack game and is considered a strategy for a multi-level system. This strategy involves three value levels. It is advised only to players who have mastered the above technique and strategies made at card counting to give this method a try as this method critically breaks beginners. The flip side to the fact is that this method is the most accurate at predicting a player’s victory at the game but also involves the highest risk. 

Which card counting strategy is the best?

When the accuracy at prediction is considered, it is the Wong Halves, without a doubt but, the actual and most appropriate answer to this question would be- “It all depends on the player’s accuracy and dedication to practice the game and counting cards, with any of the above methods or strategies.” 


Counting cards in Blackjack is a strategy to predict the composition of cards in the dealer’s or oppositions’ deck so that the next move can be made very calculative and minimal at risk. There are usually two card counting strategies, and one is fundamental and the other advanced. Basic card counting strategy involves a Hi-Lo system, which consists of the application of a tally system onto enhancing the chance of victory for the players, where advanced techniques have Omega II and Wong Halves strategies which are of extreme levels and is only advised to players who are expert at very beginners and intermediate level of card counting in this game. 

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