How to Play Blackjack | Tips and Guidelines for Beginners

How to Play Blackjack
How to Play Blackjack

About Blackjack & How to Play Blackjack Game

How to Play Blackjack : Blackjack is the most played casino banking game in the world which originated in America. The game is also known as Vingt-Un or Twenty-One, and it centres around comparisons of cards between the game players and the dealer. Unlike Poker or Teen Patti where players take turns to bet against each other, players compete against the dealer in Blackjack. Although, still one after another, players compete against the dealer. To win in a game of Blackjack (referred to as ‘beat the dealer’) one of the following must happen.

  • Have a hand totaling higher than that of the dealer’s hand.
  • Have a hand totaling 21 or less when the dealer exceeds 21.

If a player has a hand totaling less than the dealer’s hand, a player loses the bet. If a player exceeds 21, the player also loses the bet. 

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How to Play Blackjack | Step by Step Guide

To learn how to play Blackjack, you need to follow our simple guidelines given below:

Step 1 : First, to play a game of Blackjack, you need chips as most casinos don’t allow cash to be used to play.

Step 2 : To get chips, you need to take your cash to the dealer for an exchange. You lay your money on the felt for the dealer, who in turn takes the money and put the chips equivalent on the felt for you. 

Step 3 : After changing your chips, you are ready for the game proper. At the blackjack table, players (usually between 2 – 7) place their initial bets in the “betting”. The initial bet usually differs across casinos, as each has its set least and most bets. The dealer shuffles his cards (can be between one deck of card to eight) and shares the cards with the players.

Step 4 : The card is always shared in a clockwise fashion. First, the dealer shares one card each to all players, all the cards face up. Next, the player shares a card for himself and he keeps it face down.

Step 5 : The dealer shares the second round of cards and this time, the players’ cards face down, while his’ faces up.

Step 6 : Now all players have 2 cards each, one face up, one face down. The dealer has two cards also, one face down, one face up. 

Step 7 : After the cards have been drawn all around, you can now check your cards.

Step 8 : As earlier stated, a player needs to have a hand totaling between 4 – 21 to be in the running for a win.

Step 9 : In blackjack, the number cards count as the number on them. A face card is counted as 10 (K, Q, J), if the first player gets any of these alongside an Ace on first card sharing, the player got himself a blackjack. 

Step 10 : The dealer immediately pays the player his wins without seeing through the other rounds.

Step 11 : However, if the dealer happens to get a blackjack also, this is called a “push”.

Step 12 : The player doesn’t win anything this way and he doesn’t lose his wager either.

Step 13 : If a player doesn’t get a blackjack, the player moves on to the other player asking for how they which to play.

Blackjack Gameplay

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There are different ways to play on getting your cards, these include;

1) Stand

If you feel your hand is good enough to contest with the dealer’s hand, you can choose to stand. By doing this, you don’t take a new card hoping that the dealer will bust, hence the dealer moves to the next player.

2) Hit

If you feel your hand isn’t strong enough to contest the dealer, you can ask for a new card from the dealer. The dealer will give you a new card in addition to the cards you have. You can only get one new card per round as far as your total doesn’t exceed 21. 

3) Split

If your hand is a pair (i.e. you were dealt two cards with the same value), you have the option to split. This means you can split the two cards into two different hands, each card becomes part of different hands. Here, you pay a new wager for the new hand to the dealer. You are also allowed to split face cards even though different face cards don’t form a pair. However, they have the same value, hence the application. 

4) Double Down

If you have a hand that you feel is strong but still need a card, you can choose to double down. By doing this, you double your initial wager and instantly the dealer deals you an additional card. 

5) Surrender

If on getting your cards and you don’t like the hand, you can choose to surrender. By choosing to surrender, you return all the cards to the dealer and you get half of your initial wager back. Note that this option can only be used on the first round after the first hands have been shared.

After all players have chosen to ‘stand’, ‘make a hand’, ‘surrender’ or gone out of play due to being busted, it is time for the dealer to play. The dealer will open his face down card and one of the below will happen;

  • The dealer will stand if his hand totals 17 or higher.
  • The dealer will ‘hit’ i.e. take new cards if his hand totals 16 or lower.

The dealer can’t decide how he wants to play like other players. He can only automatically hit or stand depending on the total of his hand. He can not ‘double down’, ‘split’ or ‘surrender’ and this is how the dealer plays every time.

After the players have played and the dealer has also played, pay-out comes next. If the dealer ‘busts’, the dealer pays 1 times the initial wager to every player who is still in play on the table at that time. On the other hand, if the dealer makes a hand between 17 and 21, the players still in play compare cards for who has the highest. If a dealer has the higher hand, he wins all bet for the casino. If you have the higher hand, the dealer pays 1 times the initial wager. Finally, if you have the same hand as the dealer (a push), you don’t lose your money, neither does the dealer pay you.

After the pay-out, a round is over and cards are packed to be reshuffled for a new round.

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