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How to Play Card Games for Beginners


How to Play Card Games: Are you struggling with the idea of how to kill time on a boring Sunday with your friends? If yes, then read this article and make your boring Sunday a fascinating one.  The card games are exciting to play and suitable for young and old people.  It is an ideal idea to kill time on a boring Sunday with your friends, family, and other people around.

If you have a wonderful deck of custom playing cards, then don’t put on your presentation mantelpiece. And give a glance from the corner and smile. Take them out and feel the magic of the cards games also.

But before you start feeling to play magic card games with your friends, you should know how to play them. Otherwise, the fun of card games will be ruined.  Playing Cards is an art that you should learn before you start playing. 

Let’s check out “How to play card games.”

Understanding the Card Games

Understanding Card Game.

You don’t want to look dumb, right? So, understand the game if you are a newbie in card games.  

  1. Clarity about card games ground rules is a must.  People from different cultures and areas use different rules. And it leads to confusion and frustration during the game. The most salutary thing is to clear the rules before you start playing.
  2. Did you know that a solo card can defeat a lower single card and a queen of hearts (QH) defeats a jack of hearts (JH)? The several styles to play your hand can help you in the card game. It can be played in singles, doubles, triples, as well as runs.  To make a remarkable victory in card games, you need to understand the card that you are playing.
  3. Learning about how to play the card combinations is essential. The card combination is the most straightforward way to freed off your hand promptly because you can use a combination of one or more cards at a single time. Wonderful, right? The card combination can work like magic for you in card game 13. This is the quick and easiest way to put the ball in your court.

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Preparing to Play Card Games

Preparing to interesting Play Card Games.

Once you understand the game, start preparing to play now. 

1. Decide the numbers of players: Every card game has a specific number of players allowed to play. There can be one-player, two-player, and multi-player games. In slapjack, four to ten players can play.  There are other top playing games also like Crazy Eight and Play or Pay.  In Crazy Eight, two to eight players and in Play or Pay, three to eight players can play. Sounds interesting, right? These fascinating card games can keep everyone engaged.

2. The direction of play: In which direction you wanted to play – clockwise or counterclockwise? It is important to decide before you start the game. Because it decides your style of dealing with the cards. Most Asian and Latin American people play Counterclockwise. North American and Australian play in the clockwise direction.

3. Shuffling: Shuffling of cards is required to bring them back to a random order. There are various techniques to shuffle the cards like riffle shuffle, Hindu shuffle, weave shuffle, and strip shuffle. The most used technique is riffle and riffle and shuffle. It is hard to learn. You can also damage the cards if you don’t know how to do it exactly.  In  Riffle shuffling is a technique following steps is required to perform:

(a) In the first step,  the pack of cards necessitates to be split into two equal-sized shares that are turned and then released. So that cards can mix up.

b) Redo this procedure numerous times to shuffle the pack of cards adequately. 

4. Card distribution: When cards are shuffled properly, the dealer will distribute the cards in the direction that was decided before.  The dealer receives their card in the end only. In some games, players are allowed to see the cards, but in some games, players cannot see their cards. Card Game further will continue as per rules.

Playing the Card Games
Playing the Card game

After preparation for the card game, you can start playing card games. Every game has its different ground rules for play. 

Let’s explore the rules of the top classic friends and family card game, SLAPJACK.

SLAPJACK:  SLAPJACK is the most fascinating game that you can play with your friends and family. Four to ten people of any age can participate in this amazing game.


  1. Whether you are sitting on the floor or table, sit in the circle shape. Start distributing the card, till you left with zero cards in your hand. Remember, keep the cards facedown. The simple rule is not to check the cards.
  2.  Now, one by one each player will start drawing a card from their deck. And put the card in the middle of the circle. And the same process will continue.
  3. When any player turns up the Jack card, then the main goal is to “slap” it, or cover it with your hand.  Whoever slapped it first, Jack sums all the cards to their collection.
  4. If you slap on the wrong card, then as a penalty, you have to give the top card from your collection to the player who put the slapped card.
  5. If you run out of the card, don’t worry. You still have a chance to make a comeback in the game. Keep your eyes on the cards and slap on a Jack placed by another player. If you did it, then you can collect the cards and start playing again. If not, you are out of the game.
  6. The game lasts till one player gets all of the cards.

I’m sure you are excited to rock your weekend with the card games.  The card games are simple as well as tricky to learn. If card games are new for you, then this article is a perfect choice to read. It will clear out your doubts. 


Play any card game with your friends or family to make your Sunday evening cozy and sparkling.

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