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Tips on How to Play Points Rummy | Royal Palace


Points Rummy – How to Play Points Rummy & Rules for Points Rummy Game

How to Play Points Rummy – Points rummy is a kind of game having a variant of 13 cads Indian rummy where all players joined to play for points having pre-decided rupee value. Any players making the first valid declaration will win the title with 0 points along with the cash based on the opponents’ total points. It is one of the popular rummy games. However, to play the game you need to have a complete idea about the rummy point rules. Once you get the knowledge about how to play points rummy, it will be easy for you to enjoy and win the game.

Points rummy is a single deal and the chip value is pre-decided and the winner wins all chips at the end of the game- declaring the valid show. The winning comprises the sum total of points of all components multiplied by the pre-determined value of the points in rupees minus the rake. If you are new to this game, then you can check out the points rummy tutorial to get a complete idea about the same.

Points Rummy Rules for Joker

Here are the rummy point rules for Joker

  • Only one deal is allowed for each points rummy game
  • Here, the value of points is pre-fixed at the beginning of the game
  • An amount equivalent to 80 points is brought by each player
  • The maximum required amount player gets to the table is three times the point value for that game. For instance, if players decide Rs.1 as the present value of a point, the amount to get to the table would be 80 (max point) x Rs.1 x 3 times = Rs.240.
  • In case, if the cash balance available in the player’s account is less than required then the player will sit on the game table with the closes possible point multiple.
  • If the player wants to drop out of the game before playing their turn, they tend to lose as the First Drop.
  • First-Hand Show: This sign is the declaration of the show when made by any player during the first round of turn’ after the beginning of the game is called ‘First Hand Show’. For doing this the player receives 40 points.
  • In the First Hand Show, the actual points of melds or 80 whichever is lower is calculated for players who played their first turn. Point calculation for players, not players, will be actual calculated points of meld.
  • Players are needed to make 2 life or sequence-
  • One mandatory Pure Life or else it will be considered as a full count
  • One more mandatory life with or without joker
  • Other than two mandatory sequences, the other cards are melded into a sequence of 3 or 4 or 5 cards.
  • The player calls for a valid show gets 0 or other players get points that are a total of the deadwood cards that they hold.
  • Here, players should keep in mind that the penalty to leave the table is full count, and is 80 points. Also the equivalent of 80 points in Rupees.

Other than the above-mentioned ones, there are other point rummy rules you should follow.

How is the scoring done in points rummy?

  • Deciding the winner- Here the first player who finishes after meeting the game objective is the winner.
  • If one or more players drop the game in the first move itself, they earn 20 points each, and the game continues until there is a single winner.
  • If one or more player drops the game after the first move, they earn 40 points each and the game continues further
  • When the player declares without meeting the objective of the game, the player gets 80 points and the game continues.

How winnings calculated in the Points Rummy?

When you are learning about how to play points rummy, you will also learn about how winners are calculated. One winner wins all the cash at the end of each game in the below ways.

  • Winnings = (Sum of points of all opponents) X (Rupee-value of the point) – Rummy Circle Fees
  • The winning player also receive Reward Amount= Total Points of all Losing Players X Points Value- Rake

Once you understand these rummy point rules, it becomes easy to play the game and win rewards.

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