How To Play Pull Shot In Cricket: Batting Training | Step-by-Step Process, Best Positions And Secret Area Of Pull Shot

Pull Shot In Cricket
Pull Shot In Cricket

How To Play Pull Shot In Cricket


First of all, it is essential to know what exactly Pull shot in cricket is. Many would argue that pull shot is the most natural form of cricket, and it is something we started doing from our childhood only when we did pick up a bat for the first time, so why is there a need to even discuss and develop it? Let us first acknowledge what exactly is a pull shot is?

A pull shot in cricket is one of the most impressive strokes in cricket which a player can play. Many batsmen can play it better when compared with others. It is often said that a batsman can only pull shot effectively when these objectives are made possible. For Watching the ball intently, early picking the length of the ball, positive foot movement display while maintaining a good head position, and bringing in the bat through a most controlled and nice fashion. 

Pull Shot In Cricket
Pull Shot In Cricket

The players need to know how to play it and feel the field gaps. 


If we see from the technical definition, the pull shot in cricket can be described as a cross-batted and more aggressive or attacking cricket shot, which is usually played off the back foot. Pull shots eventually gives you an understanding that the batsman is going to withdraw slightly towards their stumps to play the shot in the best way. 

The much successful players at it also pointed that a Pull shot in cricket is most effectively played when between it is made where the ball is between the hip and shoulder height of the player it is reaching that against deliveries. 

The length at which the delivery is said to be most effective has been given a term known as “Short” or simply, ”Back of a length.” 

For simple understanding, players have this understanding when to do a pull shot against deliveries targeting his body and the ones traveling down the leg side but slightly. 

Pull shots can be delivered against balls that are delivered outside the off-stump line, but doing this is no less challenging. 

Experts suggest that you can’t do a pull shot if you receive a more comprehensive delivery than a 5th Stump line.

The pull shot in cricket is generally profitable because it can target a broader range of the field available for cricket and is always hit into the leg side. However, it can target from the front of the square, round to the fine leg, behind the square, or on the leg side and many more. 

Pull Shot In Cricket
Pull Shot In Cricket

How To Play Pull Shot And The Positions To Play The Pull Shot?

Let us for now come to a technical understanding of the game and how it is played. For a player to perform this, he needs to know about the positions of the body before delivering a perfect shot. Let’s start separately from the different positions a player should maintain with his body. 

Foot and leg position

The player’s positioning of the foot and leg is much more critical when a back shot is about to play compared to the front foot shot. 

Before playing, a player must arrange himself into a position to receive the ball. The thing that should be considered is that you should put the majority of your weight on the front foot when the bowler is all set for delivering the ball. 

Putting the weight forward will make it easier for the batsmen to move their feet in the right way to play the most effective pull shots. It is important always to notice at the delivery of the ball, and a player should know that if a ball is received in a short delivery, a player then needs to push himself backward off the front foot and move the body back towards the stumps. 

You must be flexible with your feet movements as the feet are supposed to come closer together, depending on the height of the delivery. 

Pull Shot In Cricket
Pull Shot In Cricket

What one can do after that is you can stand tall on the tip of your toes to ensure there your hands are on the ball. 

The key to picking up the pull shot in cricket is that one should be able to pick up the length of the ball early, then to quickly rock back into the initial position to get your bat through. If you had seen Ricky Ponting playing, you must have noticed his alertness while he plays. He is something you need to copy from looking at his game only. 

A pull shot can often be played only when a player knows how to push himself back into the initial positioning quickly and get ready to bring the bat through, so is the strength of Ricky Ponting also. 

Head Position

One of the most important things you need to keep yourself reminded that eyes should never be off from the ball. Keeping your eyes off the ball will harm you in a way that breaks your connection with the ball and thus affects your game.

The Motion Of the Arms And The Bat

The bat’s position and the arm’s motion are where the real game comes into action. It has been suggested that it is more ideal to aim to make contact with the ball about a meter in front of the player’s body. It will give a player enough room to extend the movement of the arms accordingly and hit the ball then with the middle of your bat. 

To do the same, you need to start it by collapsing your front shoulder towards the leg side and bringing your back shoulder to take its position. The rotation will create something like a ”Swivel” motion that you will need to play the pull shot. 

Pull Shot In Cricket
Pull Shot In Cricket

The technique called ”Rolling your Wrists” is ideally used in situations to make it more likely to hit the ball towards the ground instead of aerially for the fielders to get confused and for you to deliver a perfect and efficient pull shot. 

Some tips are going to be helpful for a player who wants to play the pull shot in cricket. 

  • The line of delivery should be used to determine zones for hitting 
  • The player should be well aware of how to manipulate the field in his own interest. 
  • Specific short ball drills can be used. 

Top 5 Players To Use Pull shots

Pull shot is considered as a stroke which is considered as something coming out naturally as a reaction to the ball from cricket players; few of them have mastered it as it can be said that it is one of the most effective opportunities for the players to score better towards the leg side of the region. 

It won’t be wrong to say the playing pull shots are actually putting your life at risk as it is played between the lines and the involved length. 

One of the bravest acts in cricket is to pull a bad and establish an unsaid conversation with the bowler as you are telling the bowler that you are ready for any attack to be delivered against you. 

This trend got more popular since the pitches involved in the sports started or began to provide extra bounce and nip for the cricket balls. They are considered Brave batters who, instead of dodging from the soaring bouncers, plan to attack the bouncing ball with a pull shot. 

Pull Shot In Cricket
Pull Shot In Cricket

As cricket also got revolutionized and evolved with time, the technique for pull shots also improved. Thus, in present times or modern cricket, it is considered the only deadly technique to score the boar and thus to confuse the opponent. The players who mastered the technique are also quite challenging when the bowlers take their wickets. 

Although, as this technique is famous for being deadly and effective when it comes to modern cricket, even today, not everyone is a master at it, not every player is comfortable enough to play it effectively as others do, and that is why we are mentioning here the list of five, who according to us is best when it comes to delivering a pull shot.

So, let us go through the names and their unique approach towards the game that made them listed here. 

  1. Vivian Richards
  2. Rohit Sharma 
  3. Ricky Ponting 
  4. Virat Kohli
  5. Brian Lara

Let us know about them in detail on how they use it:

  1. Vivian Richards

Vivian Richards is considered the master blaster of the time in the 80’s when he started playing the pull shots when it was considered a Taboo to hit across the line. It was the time when every other batsman was stunned by the bouncing ball; it was him only who had dispatched the bouncers over the fence by using the technique and effectively played off the bowler’s mind with both brain and brawn. 

Pull Shot In Cricket
Vivian Richards | Pull Shot In Cricket

Initially, his pull shots were considered or known to be a technique to support the game. He played with the front foot press, but later, he improved his skills and improvised the former technique by playing it off the stroke with his back foot. His physique also helped him succeed for the strategy as possessor with a tall image and broad shoulders move across the stumps, which are enough for him to develop a technique for him to negotiate with the bouncers aiming against him. He always had this strategy to deliver a pull shot which often stuns a lot because of the shot’s efficacy. His hard way of pulling shots motivated the other members of his team, the West Indies, to play the stroke and learn the techniques helpful for delivering such a shot. He was worth considering as a matter of utmost dominance and control. His eerie but compelling pull shots for the opponents go with the image of dominance and control, thus giving all a glimpse of it through the delivery. 

Rohit Sharma 

Rohit Sharma is an Indian international batman who is also captaining the team for the Indian National cricket team in the T20s. He is best at his profession and stands out among the few exceptions who like to play the pull shot technique on the front foot and not through the back as many others do. It can be seen when he plays efficiently and can deliver a pull shot with his front foot movements, and he is well praised by his fans, for which he is the ideal for giving shots unbeatable and unmatchable. 

This Mumbai-born batsman stands tall and chances his arms to send the ball over the mid-wicket region or the square leg. It is quality of timing, which makes him the skipper he is today and thus makes his pull shots among the best ones to watch.  

Pull Shot In Cricket
Rohit Sharma | Pull Shot In Cricket

He is considered excellent at establishing hand-eye coordination, which eventually fetches him with more time to realize and analyze the ball’s length and strength. Surely this technique by him has made it possible for him to get himself into this list of top 5 pull shot delivering batman of the modern time, thus making him the deadly and expensive customers of short balls. 

Ricky Ponting 

Ricky Ponting, also known as Ricky Thomas Ponting AO, is a former Australian Cricketer, commentator, and coach. 

When the country Australia was known to be having its golden era in cricket, between the years of 2004 and 2011, it was him who did captaincy for the Australian Cricket team. Today, it is also believed that not only for Australia but for the entire world, he has moved on to different phases since his retirement. His game still manages to give us goosebumps as he delivers the Punter’s pull shot in cricket which again also raises the possibility. 

Pull Shot In Cricket
Pull Shot In Cricket

This brilliant batman would win his game shuffles across to keep the game in his control, according to his well-prepared strategy, and to keep the ball delivered against him by the bowler down the leg. The strategy, as mentioned earlier, provides him with enough time and opportune him with a perfect angle in order to dispatch the ball over the rope in the square leg. His strategy was to connect the ball so close to his body, although he used to achieve the connection much early with him extending his arm. 

Right from the backlift till the bending of the back towards the off-stump, it is never a dull moment to watch him. Audiences till now enjoy looking at his game every ounce of seconds, especially when he dispatches or delivers the famous Pull shot from Punter, which is undoubtedly one of the best sights in cricket to date. 

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli is definitely the king of the Indian Premier League. He is one cricketer who is curious and eager to learn every technique with utmost honesty, and doing hard work is something this Indian batsman is passionate about. His tour to Australia is definitely something that would have played a major role for him to develop his pull shot delivery skills. 

His initial strategy is to shuffle the back foot first, which makes him always ready to tackle the bouncers directed against him. He gets connected with the ball with the help of the rotations of his body. Apart from giving the effective pull shot, his back plays another prominent role of balancing his whole body during the Pull, while the front moves follow his body rotations and move along with it accordingly. 

Pull Shot In Cricket
Virat Kohli | Pull Shot In Cricket

Virat Kohli is an absolute master of the pull shots. Apart from his mastery into delivery through his modern-day deadly technique, he has developed his skills into becoming a good predictor of bouncers, which aided him to have this stroke at an efficacy like no other. 

Pull shots are also regarded as one of the 4 shot techniques he uses to score in his tests

Brian Lara

The experts say that his shuffle is the key to making one of the best and most effective pull shots delivered by a batsman. One of the unique factors that Brian Lara had while he played his backlift and the shuffle, which helps him keep a slightly open chest, which puts him in a better and adjusting position to throw the bat at the aim the ball that is delivered against him.

His backlift makes his bat face the point fielder. The subsequent movement of his bat towards the swing is something that naturally comes out of him with high backlift pressures him to bring the bat quickly to the ball, which helps him to connect with the ball earlier and then provides copious power to the stroke he is going to make. 

Pull Shot In Cricket
Vivian Richards | Pull Shot In Cricket

His powerful stroke, significant backlifts, and effective back swings made it possible for him to get his name here as the top and hardest puller in cricket. 

However, these are the few names we mentioned here, but there are other cricketers also who are good in the skills to deliver the deadly pull shots. We will name here a few to help you know about them, along with our list of top 5. 

Other names associated with being brilliant at delivery of such shots are Sachin Tendulkar, Ben Stokes, David Warner, and Herschelle Gibbs. 

Step-by-Step Procedures To Play Pull Shots

Pull shots with no doubts are the most aesthetically pleasing shots in cricket, as this is considered as a deadly technique to overthrow the opponent by scoring big at the board; things can go wrong as well if not played strategically 

There are only three steps which one has to keep in their minds which we are going to mention below

1. Watch the ball in the bowler’s hand

We have discussed and stated earlier that to give such deadly shots, and you need to keep your head and eyes aligned with the ball and bowler’s movement. The later the release, it is going to be shorter the delivery. Therefore, a batsman needs to manage on his own to strategize his moves and movements and align them completely too early to assess the ball, which helps them determine the line as well. If one finds that the delivered ball against him is short of length, then she should know that the time is real to make a pull shot. 

2. Transfer the weight on the Back foot

The transfer of weight is the most crucial step to get the effective and deadly Pull shot to be delivered. The general tendency of the batsman, even when he’s playing back foot, going forward to play for the short. Therefore control over the weight and the movement of the body parts is essentially required to play it well here. 

The transfer of weight onto the back foot should be done simultaneously as the batsman realizes and analysis the length of the ball directed against him from the opponent bowler. Therefore, they should be getting ready with the bat to play the horizontal bat shot. 

3. Keeping eyes on the ball and trying not to hit the ball aerially

It is evident from the cricket matches; we have seen yet that the primary strategy for answering any ball coming from the opponent is to have this thing never to take your eyes off the bowler’s movement and the ball. 

A player for delivering the ball effectively through a pull short should try to keep the ball down and meet the ball at the sweet spot so that the player should not hit the ball aerially, which can result in a miscue. However, if the fielders are not there in the targeted area for ball throw, the batsman may take advantage of the situation. He should look for throwing it out vertically to that specific targeted area only. 

So, here we can take the basic idea about how a game and throw should be strategizing and what are the key techniques that one should never forget and keep in mind while playing the game to score the best they can. 

If given to the players from our side, especially for the pull shot throw, one ideal piece of advice would be to play it with conviction with absolute no half measures.

Different Types of Pull  Shots

For modern cricket, we have different types of shots being practiced by the cricketers. Here we will introduce you with some by names only, as we already discussed one specific shot in detail above. 

The cricket shots are collectively categorized into 3 kinds of shots according to the nature of their attack into Vertical – Bat Shots, which then includes Defensive shots, leave, drive and Flick with others also. 

Then it is also categorized into Horizontal bat shots, including Cut, Square drive, Pull and Hook and sweep. 

Other shots are now developed as blended and improvised versions of the above two categories of shots, which we shall discuss later.


So from the above article with heavy content, the viewers need to know the following in a much easy and simplified way, so here is the conclusion about the topic we prepared here about the Pull shots. Pull shots are actually the kind of shots that generally the players play onto, transferring their weight on the back front. The deadly results that the pull shots can give made many players attracted towards developing the skill to play it. We have also discussed the names of a few players who are, according to us are considered among the top 5 pull shot-making players. 

The technique has made them competitive enough, and something which we can observe in all of them is the spirit to fight. To execute a pull shot effectively, the player must express and develop some aggression in their play. 

While playing games with making pull shots, one needs to be careful about three things the most, their position, fielders area on the pitch, and third, the most important is to keep an eye on the ball movement always, 

Even a single mistake here could create trouble for the brilliant players, once who gets comfortable in delivering such shot naturally becomes the match winners of their respective teams. 

Since the pull shots have emerged to be the most deadly technique for modern cricket, the way the new generation of batters is evolving is amazing and commendable. Their continuous efforts, hard work, and dedication truly transform modern-day cricket into something else of another level and make it an otherworldly spot.

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