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How to Play Roulette Strategy : A Guide to Implementing Roulette Strategies 

How to Play Roulette Strategy: If you love playing casino games, there are chances you will love playing Roulette too! Why not? The game looks stylish and offers great fun (and rewards if you win). Also, a lot of Hollywood movies have popularized the game so that adds another dimension to the game’s fame. 

Note that, roulette has some of the worst odds for any casino game, so you might want to adopt some strategies to fare better at the game. Although these strategies do not provide any mathematical benefit to your winnings, they can at least control how your bet money is spent. Check out the most popular roulette strategy from below and decide what works for you!

How to Implement the Martingale Strategy?

Martingale Strategy
Martingale Strategy

If you notice a player confidently throwing their things down, most likely they would be using the Martingale strategy. The strategy involves doubling the bets every time you face a loss in the game. The concept is to eventually concept by getting a bigger win to compensate for your previous losses. But the flip side is that if you are having a really bad day and do not win any game, you could eventually reach the table limit of spending on bets, or run out of your money without actually winning it. 


  • First, choose the table that has a small minimum bet and a large value for its maximum bet. It is good to start with small bets because you want to double your losses as much as possible. 
  • Put up a small wager either on black or red or on 1-18 or 19-36.
  • If you win the game, bet on the same small wager again. On the other hand, if you lose, double the value of your original wager and do the bet again. 
  • Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the small profit (you may make after winning a game), or you run out of your planned money or you have reached the maximum bet limit on the table. 

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How to Implement Reverse Martingale Strategy?

Reverse Martingale Strategy
Reverse Martingale Strategy

As specified by the name, this strategy is played in reverse order to the Martingale strategy. The concept of the Reverse Martingale strategy is to lower your bets when you lose and double your bets when you win the game. So, through this strategy, you aim to capitalize on the wins and reduce the losses if you are going through a bad patch. 


  • Choose the roulette table that has a small minimum bet and a high maximum bet. 
  • Start with betting a small amount on either black or red or the pairs of the numbers. 
  • Place our wager in the same place on the table, until you hit the wager. Every time you lose, you bet a smaller amount 
  • Every time you win, double your bet. Once you lose, go back to the original bet value. 

How to Implement The D’alembert Roulette Strategy?

D’alembert Roulette Strategy
D’alembert Roulette Strategy

If you are looking for a strategy that is safer than the Martingale strategy or the reverse version of it, this one could be it. It includes decreasing or increasing the bet value by just one, rather than doubling/halving it. 


  • Like the previous strategies, first place a small wager on either of the colors, even or odd, or from the numbers
  • If you lose, increase your wager by one and if you win, decrease your wager by one. 
  • You can walk away from the game when the number of wins is at least equal to the number of losses. If you are having a good winning streak, you can continue till the win value equals the total losses. 

How to Implement the Fibonacci Roulette Strategy?

Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

Fibonacci was a famous mathematician who created the famous Fibonacci series where every number (from the third number onwards) was the sum of the two numbers occurring before it. In gambling, the Fibonacci series involves deciding your bet value depending on the value of the two numbers occurring before it. Through this strategy, you can gain some profits even if you have lost more games than winning. 


  • Start with placing a small bet red or black, on odd or even, or on either of the numbers from the number sets 
  • If you lose, increase the bet value by going down in the sequence. 
  • If you win, move back two numbers on the sequence and bet that amount.
  • Calculate the total winnings versus losses, and walk away when it is ideal for you


These are some of the popular roulette strategies currently existing. While knowing what could work best for you, play responsibly. Play according to the rules and invest the amount of money that will be comfortable for you to lose it even entirely. Enjoy the game of roulette for how it is!

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