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How to Play Teen Patti | Rules | Step by Step Guide

How to Play Teen Patti: Teen Patti is a gambling card game that originated from India. Teen Patti which sometimes is spelt ‘TeenPathi’ means ‘Three Cards’ in English and is a well-played game across Southern Asia. The game mirrors the known three-card brag game popular with the British. Other names include; tri-card, flush and flash amongst others.

How to Play Teen Patti | Step by Step Guide

how to play teen patti

Teen Patti can be played in several ways. However, only two ways are popular and widely accepted. These include; playing with a 52-card deck which is the standard way or by adding two wild cards, usually Joker cards. Like every other game, a round of Teen Patti ends when there is a winner or winners. To win, a player needs to have the best three-card hand and also maximize the pot before a showdown. There can be two winners if both players have the same card combination, i.e both players have the best three-card hand and the cards are the same. In this scenario, both winners will share the pot. Note that there are categories to card hands and during a showdown, a hand of a higher category will beat a hand of a lower category not minding which player requested showdown. 

Ranking of hands and their categories (ranked in ascending order):

ranking of card games

High Card: Also known as ‘No Pair’. A situation where all three cards held by the players are not in sequence, in this case, the player with the highest card value wins. If two players have the same card with the highest values, the next highest card is used, the ranking continues until the third card. That is if two players have two cards of the highest values. A player with AKJ of any suit in hand has the best hand in this case and a player with 5-3-2 is the lowest.

Pair: Also known as ‘Double’ or ‘Two of a Pair’ refers to having two cards with the same rank. The player with the highest value wins. In the case of equal pairs, the third card determines who wins. A-A-K is the highest possible combination and 2-2-3 is the lowest. 

Flush: Also known as ‘Colour’. In this scenario, all three cards are of the same suit. If two players have flushes, the higher card value wins, if both have the same value, the suit is then ranked with ‘Spades’ the highest and ‘Clubs’ the least.

Sequence: Also referred to as ‘A Round’ or ‘Straight’, it requires all three cards to be consecutive without being in the same suit. 4-3-2 is regarded as the lowest hand with A-2-3 the highest. K-A-2 is however not considered a sequence but considered a ‘Flush’.

Pure Sequence: ‘Straight Flush’ is another name for this and unlike Sequence, all three cards are consecutive and of the same suit. It also follows the same principle as Sequence while ranking.

Three of a Kind: Also known as ‘Trio’. This is having three cards that are the same. A-A-A is the highest possible combo with 2-2-2 the lowest.

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Step by Step Guide on How to Play Teen Patti

step by step guide to play teen patti card game

  • A dealer is chosen at random or after a draw amongst players and the dealer shares three cards each to all players. The cards are shared anti-clockwise and faced down on the table, starting from the player beside the dealer.
  • After the cards have been dealt, the game begins proper. Players begin to bet following the anti-clockwise direction, the bet is deducted from the account of the players and added into the pot. 
  • Next, the card game begins proper as players decide to play ‘Blind’ or ‘Seen’ before they begin to bet or fold on their turns. As they bet, the pot in the middle of the table continues to grow. Note that every player has to meet the bet of the player before him/her and can also raise the bet. 
  • The betting and folding will continue to go round and round until; every player except one pack leaving the player who didn’t pack as the winner. It doesn’t matter what card this player holds, he/she wins all the money in the pot. OR every player except two others pack, in this case, one of the two remaining players request a ‘show’. Both players then expose their cards and the player with higher ranking wins the game. 
Terms and Rules of Teen Patti

rules of teen patti card game

Ante: Usually called ‘entry fee’, this is the equal amount all players are forced to place in the pot before dealing begins.

Chaal: This term can be used for both ‘Call’ and ‘Raise’. Although ‘Call’ refers to when you match the current stake, while ‘Raise’ refers to when you increase the stake, they are both referred to as ‘Chaal’. 

Blind: When a player plays ‘Blind’, it means the player didn’t check his/her cards before betting. This player can continue to play this way till anytime it pleases him/her. Immediately the player looks at their cards, they become seen.

Seen: A player playing seen looks at his/her card before betting. Below are the rules guiding playing seen or blind.

  • Taking into consideration that ‘current stake’ refers to the bet placed by the last player before you. When playing blind, if a player before you is ‘seen’, you get to bet the current stake or half of it. However, if the player before you is playing ‘blind’ also, you either bet the current stake or double it. 
  • When playing ‘seen’, if the player before you is ‘seen’ also, you must bet the current stake or double the stake. If the player before you is ‘blind’, you must at least double the current stake or quadruple it. 

Sideshow: This is a side bet between two players separate from other players. In a sideshow (also known as backshow or compromise), you can ask the player before you for a sideshow if he/she is playing ‘seen’. The player can reject or accept the sideshow. If accepted, both of you compare cards in private and the player who has the lower hand is forced to fold. However, if the hands are equal, then you are compelled to fold. 

Show: Also called showdown happens when there are only two players left in the game. One of the players then requests a show, making both players open their cards to be seen by everyone. Below are the rules guiding a showdown.

If you are playing blind, to request a show, you have to pay the current stake if the other player is also blind. However, if the other player is playing seen, you pay only half of the current stake. 

If you are playing seen, to request a show, you must pay the current stake if the player is seen. However, if the other player is playing blind, you must pay double the current stake.

Facts about Teen Patti;
  • Teen Patti originated from India.
  • Often played during the Diwali celebration.
  • Can be played by 3 or more people. Preferably 4 – 10.
  • There’s no stipulated time for Teen Patti, can be played till there’s a winner.


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