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How to Win at Roulette Strategy? Best Roulette Guide


How to Win at Roulette Strategy: Out of all the games in gambling, it would not be wrong to call Roulette one of the most exciting if not the most exciting games. While there are millions of players around the world, some professional and many amateurs, not many understand the mathematical base behind the game. 

Of course, like any other live casino game, roulette always favors the casino, no matter how you are performing on that particular day. Many players thus believe that the wheel in the casino is rigged, but that is definitely not the truth given the strong regulations for casinos in some countries. 

So, how can you win at roulette then? Well, in the long run, it will not be possible for you to beat the house. However, you can use the different roulette strategies to control the bet money you spend on the game. These strategies do not increase your chances of landing on a particular bet as the game is entirely based on chance. 

How to Win at Roulette Strategy? Here’s How

How to Win at Roulette Strategy
How to Win at Roulette Strategy

Choosing the Right Roulette Strategy

Before deciding on what strategy to use, make sure you are completely aware of the roulette rules. You can test your knowledge and skills through free-to-play roulette games which are offered mostly online. These games do not use real money, so you can play more confidently. 

Every strategy has its own advantages and disadvantages and no matter how many numbers you bet on, the betting house edge remains the same at 2.7% (for the European Roulette version). 

The best strategy for you is subjective. What works for others may not work for you. There are a lot of personal factors, your budget, and the amount of risk you want to take, that goes into choosing the ideal roulette strategy. The more bankroll you have, the more experimentations and aggressiveness you can show with the strategy. 

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Best Roulette Strategies Explained: How to Win At Roulette Strategy

Let’s see the specific roulette strategies and how they work in practice. 

  • Martingale Strategy

It is one of the most commonly used roulette strategies in the world. It applies to other forms of gambling games as well. In this strategy, you must win on even bets such as red/black or odd/even.

Every time you lose your bet, you double your bets. The concept behind this is that if you do end up winning at some point, you might earn your lost money back along with a small profit. But the strategy is extremely risky. If you are having a bad day at the table, you might end up losing your bankroll faster than you can imagine, or even reach the maximum betting limit on the table. 

  • Reverse Martingale Strategy

Every time you lose, you go to the start of the sequence but every time you win the bet, you double the betting amount in the next spin. The remaining pre-conditions remain the same as the Martingale strategy. For players who oppose and disagree with the effectiveness of the Martingale strategy often employ this strategy because they are betting on big wins (and less variance). 

  • Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

It is a basic strategy that is based on the Fibonacci series that enables you to win more if you are on a winning streak. Here you do not double the bets but go according to the numbers in the Fibonacci sequence. In the sequence, every number (except the first two), is the sum of the previous two numbers. If you win, you go to the next number in the sequence and bet that amount, and if you lose, you go back to the start of the sequence. 

  • Steady Betting Strategy

The problem with a lot of roulette players is that they become too greedy. But the successful players prefer to have a stead betting strategy, repeating the same bet over more spins and maybe slightly increase the bet if you are on a winning streak. This is safe to play strategy and you will have a good chance to win some profits at the end of the day. 

These are some of the best betting strategies for roulette. As mentioned earlier, choose the one that works for you as there is no single defined formula for winning at roulette. More importantly, play responsibly. Do not overspend your bankroll and take emotions out of the table when you play the game of roulette. 

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