How to Win at Roulette | Top 5 Best Strategies


How to Win at Roulette: Roulette is a fun game to play but being pro at it requires patience and dedication. You need to focus on the right strategies and styles of play to win big at online casino roulette tables. 

How to Win at Roulette | 5 Best Strategies to Win the Game

Roulette Winning Strategies
Best Roulette Winning Strategies

Let’s find out the best 5 Strategies on how to win at Roulette Game.

1) Roulette is a Game of Chance

No Roulette strategies or tips or tricks can provide you any mathematical benefit to winning. What it does is manage how much money you gain or lose in an event when you win or lose a bet. But to begin with, ensure that you understand the rules of roulette thoroughly. Make sure you are familiar with the different terms, variations of the roulette wheel, types of bets, probabilities, and payouts.


2) Choose the Right Betting Sites

The key to winning more and more frequently in roulette is to set the game right before you begin playing, during your gameplay, and knowing the right betting strategies.

To begin with, choose the right betting sites. They are important for you to have enjoyable and safe gameplay. Check the reviews thoroughly before choosing the roulette site to play. It is because you are going to put real money on the platform, so it has to be robust and to the highest standard. Next, check out the welcome or sign-up bonus on these platforms. The higher the sign-up bonus, the more advantage, and perks you will have to begin with on the platform. However, this should not come at the cost of the safety and integrity of the platform.

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3) Get A Feel of The Game First

This is a basic rule that even the most experienced roulette players follow. In the case of offline casinos, once you have identified the roulette wheel you want to bet on, first get the feel of it by just watching over a couple of spins.

This time will help you learn more about the table and the other players present at the table.

It is also important to play with the right people, to have good and positive gameplay. Therefore, avoid people who look and behave too aggressively, who bet excessively, who are too loud, and who seem to be consuming excessive amounts of alcohol. These are signs that there may be tifts and fights at the roulette table eventually and the outcome may not be positive.

Monitor the gameplay at the table to even understand if there is no rigging or bias on the roulette wheel. After all, you are putting your real money on it. 

4) Practice Roulette Online With Free Money

If you are a beginner at the game of roulette, this is the best way to get started. Many roulette platforms and applications have a free play option wherein you can try out the game without betting on real money. Through this, you can get familiar with the structure of the table, the bets, payouts, the wheel, and even know of a live dealer works (in case you choose to play with one, online). 

Check out the top websites offering free roulette games. Open an account in them for free and get started. 

5) Understand the Roulette Variations

It is very important as choosing the right roulette wheel will give you the right benefits for your bets. 

A rule of thumb – Never choose the American roulette wheel, always opt for the European wheel

The difference between the two is the order of numbers on the wheel. Further, the American wheel has an additional slot as ‘00’ along with a single zero slot which even the European wheel has. 

Although the payout for the numbers and colors on both versions are similar, the chances of winning differ. There is more chance for your number to land on the European wheel than the American wheel due to the presence of an extra pocket on the latter. 

The house edge of the American wheel is way higher than the European wheel. Therefore, it is an obvious choice to choose the European wheel no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced player. 


If you are wondering how to win at roulette, understand the game thoroughly, practice it well and be smart with your bankroll. Remember to play the game responsibly, that is, invest only that much amount of money that you would not mind losing and do not bring emotions to the table. Play the game for the fun and entertainment it provides. All the best!

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