How to Win Roulette at Every Spin?

How to Win Roulette at Every Spin
How to Win Roulette at Every Spin

How to Win Roulette at Every Spin? | Royal Palace

About the game

Roulette is a casino game said to have been inspired by the Italian game of Biribi and is considered as among the world’s oldest and most popular gambling games to play for. Unlike others, this game is more about one’s luck, where there is an element of skill that can be applied to win big at the game. However, there are some game strategies suggested by its expert players and works best at securing the win at every spin made out in the game of Roulette. 

How to Win Roulette at Every Spin
How to Win Roulette at Every Spin

Online Roulette Tips for Beginners

For the beginners or newbies at the game of Roulette, we are here to guide you with the basics of the game, which you are willing to play and win real prizes for. Every game or gambling game has variants associated with it, and so is Roulette. Majorly there are three in operation, European, American, and French. Being a hugely popular game of the kind Roulette is, you will be much pleased to hear that, relatively if compared to other games online for gambling, it is much easier and quicker to learn. 

Lets us tell you the main framework about how this game is played?

  • In the very first step, you have to place your bets by moving the roulette chips on the bets of your choice. The dealer will do the same for you if you are playing on a live version. 
  • After clicking on “Spin,” the wheel with pockets will start spinning around, and the pocket, into which the ball lands over finally, is going to determine your victory at the game. 
  • The layout of the Roulette wheel might differ in each of the variants; general rules and framework remain the same, but a few changes might occur there. 

There are also different options for putting on a bet like Straight, split, street, square, six-line, colors, Dozens, Highs/lows, odd/even, and columns. 

Here we come to the main topic and give you some tips to win Roulette at every spin.

How to Win Roulette at Every Spin
How to Win Roulette at Every Spin

Tips to win Roulette at every spin

Although the game has minimal effect on the skill factor and is mostly about luck, we are here to guide you with some tips that we have gathered after discussing with the experts involved. 

  • For making out most of the spins, it is advised for the players to opt for the European or French variant of the game. 
  • It is advised to prefer betting on the outside than inside. 
  • Experiments are encouraged with the combination bets for bigger payouts. 
  • Play first for free, and try practicing more and more to become well versed with the vocabulary of the game, the same rules, and the variant of the game you are playing. 
  • Study the table properly and do make grips with the rules. 
  • “What’s due” number prompts must be ignored. 
  • Players are suggested to play for smaller bets despite going after larger bets to play the game for a longer time. 
  • Focus is the most important in gambling games as they require all your determination and concentration to apply strategies that work for you, claiming victory at the same game. Therefore, regular breaks are necessary. 
  • A player should always go to very reputable and trustworthy sites as there is a chance of scams with all the money deals and transactions. 
  • Always go for setting your limits for betting earlier, and never wager out of excitement or a feeling of vengeance you can’t afford in a game involving gambling, and thus should play safe and secure. 
How to Win Roulette at Every Spin
How to Win Roulette at Every Spin

Also, many experts do suggest other beginners or players who are not very advanced or experienced with a few of the strategies like- 

  • Martingale strategy 

This strategy involves making only even money bets. Every time a player loses, they double the bet they first made. If you are lucky, then using the martingale strategy is always going to benefit you, and you might never lose all your entire bankroll. Moreover, it is also perilous, as doubling the bets could increase your loss if you do not prove lucky at the next spin. 

  • D’Alembert Strategy 

This strategy is very similar to the above, that is, the Martingale strategy. This strategy also emphasizes increasing the wager as the player loses the spin. However, it is a low-risk strategy compared to the Martingale strategy, which works on even bets or doubling bet strategy after every loss at the spin is followed. 

  • Labouchere 

In this system, players have to decide about the amount of money they want to win and change depending on the winning or losing at spins concerned. While the system does not enable you to predict the future, it, at the same time, eliminates the losses you could then have made in the future. 

  • Fibonacci

The name has been derived from a special sequence, and thus this is one strategy that sees the player at it placing bets according to the same Fibonacci mathematical sequence. If the player wins, they will jump on for the following number in the same sequence. But, if it does not happen, they have to take two steps back in the same sequence. 

How to Win Roulette at Every Spin
How to Win Roulette at Every Spin


As we further conclude the topic, we have known quite a lot about the gambling game of Roulette, its origins, and other stuff like that as part of the article’s introduction. Concerning the topic, there is the suggestion to play the game only when a particular player has much practice and strategies that could help them win at every spin. As Roulette is a game, which is much more about luck than the skill factor, it is your luck or the player’s luck that is ultimately going to bring him the victory. However, as many experts at the game have already claimed for being the stars of the game, advise people to adopt strategies like Martingale and Fibonacci. These strategies do not ensure victory at the game but could be a possible way to apply one’s skill which, with the help of luck, make them earn much more or lose much less from their bankroll. 

For beginners, we would form our side like to suggest more practice, and that too should be done after taking a big dig at the vocabularies concerned and used, along with the rules of the specific variant they will be playing. For a chance of winning at each spin, a player should play the European or French roulette variants as the tips above are risky. Also, winning at each spin in the American Roulette is next to impossible because of its table layout. 

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