Indian archer Deepika Kumari finishes at 9th spot with 663 points


Tokyo 2020 Olympics Archery highlights, Day 1 – Deepika 9th; Pravin, Atanu outside top-30 in the individual ranking

As the Indian events started today at the Tokyo Olympics 2021, the Women’s Individual Ranking round in archery was the first Indian event with Deepika Kumari as the Indian representative.

Deepika finished on the 9th position at the women’s individual recurve event with 663 points in total. In the first half of the event, Deepika was in the 4th position with 334 points however, she slipped onto the 9th position with a score of 663 by the end of the 12th round.

Deepika finished the event with 663 points in total while a 20-year-old Korean archer, An San topped the qualification round with an Olympic record score of 680 points.


The previous Olympic record score in the individual ranking round was held by Ukraine’s Lina Gerasymenko with 673 points way back in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

The world record of 692 points is held by Kang Chae Wong, she finished at 3rd position with 675 points.

After the event, Deepika said, “I feel my performance was good as well as bad. It was in between I would say.”

Deepika further added, “I want to show my best performance here and I will show that in my next rounds,” she vowed to come back stronger in the upcoming archery events.

Now, Deepika will be facing Bhutan’s Karma in the round-of-64 at the Tokyo Olympics’ individual women’s archery event on Wednesday, July 28th. She will also be competing in a mixed team event along with Atanu Das on July 24th.

Deepika also spoke about the COVID-19 protocols during the events. She said earlier they just had to focus on the games but now they also have to keep in mind the COVID-19 protocols. Speaking about the no-fans situation, Deepika said that this might be an advantage as there will be no crowd distractions.

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