Is Lightning Roulette Rigged?


Is Lightning Roulette Rigged? : You know that familiar feeling when you play online casino games like you are putting in all your money, you are on a winning or losing streak and suddenly your fortunes change. This scenario is common for all online casino players and they may have experienced multiple times in their life. Sometimes, it might make you throw into doubt whether the online casino platforms are rigged?

Is Lightning Roulette Rigged?

If you browse through various online platforms like Reddit, you might see a lot of online players claiming the platform they play on is rigged. Some of them are convinced that online casinos are programmed in a way to make them lose. If you are new to gambling yourself, you might be convinced of these opinions. 

Lightning Roulette
Is Lightning Roulette Rigged?

But in reality, online casinos are not supposed to be rigged. Of course, there are few scam websites that players must avoid. The vast majority of online roulette platforms, especially the most famous ones, are not rigged. They have a certain reputation in their field and have valid gaming licenses.


Use of Random Number Generators 

They are computer algorithms that provide millions of random numbers every second. Every number is associated with a particular game outcome. In the case of roulette, each number determines the value of the ball landing on a wheel spin. The probability of every number falling through the spin is equal.

Also, casinos do not control the random number generators. Third-party service providers are responsible for controlling and managing them. Therefore, you can expect that the online casinos that use sophisticated random number generators are not rigged.

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Betting Licenses Online

The second thing you must consider in your research for online casinos is the licenses they have. Some licenses may not be worth that much, but some are important to have. Read about different online casino licenses issued locally in the place you stay and even those that are issued on an international level. If the online casino bears a license from either the UK or Malta, there is a good chance the casino is legit. 

It is because these two countries have gambling as an important portion of their revenue. They cannot afford to lose their credibility through online rigging, therefore, they have strong rules for keeping online gambling fair.

If you play a Microgaming game of roulette or game by any provider of roulette, you can be sure that the games are not rigged. You can even speak to experienced gamblers about this. 

Our Live Games Rigged?

You might wonder if the live wheel on offline casino games can be rigged. Of course, there could be some scam casinos that have rigged equipment and provide unfair gaming to players. But the legit ones like Evolution Gaming will not be rigged for sure. They also have licenses from UK and Malta and they have become one of the leading providers only because of their honest gameplay. 

The live dealer games are less likely to be rigged than electronic games. There are plenty of players who watch the game at any given time, and we can see what the dealers are doing. It is harder to fix a live game as compared to an invisible algorithm. But usually, neither of the two are rigged or fixed in any way, at least not the reputed ones. 

Some of the legit offline roulette firms are: 

  • Evolution Gaming 
  • Authentic Gaming 
  • NetEnt 
  • Playtech
  • Microgaming 
  • Extreme Live Gaming 
  • Ezugi 

The best way is to check reviews of offline casinos, even if they are not the ones provided here. Talk to players who regularly play at the casino. Go through their website and see what all licenses they have. You can also gauge their credibility by the general reputation they have in the region in which it is located. 

Then What About House-Edges?

Yes, this is one legal and legit way of the casino having an advantage over the players. It is not fixing or cheating in any way, but it is a way for casinos to make money for their business. Some versions of roulette have more house edge than the others. The higher the house edge of the particular game, the harder will it be for you to make profits through the game. 

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